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  1. I searched a bit, but I can't find a satisfactory answer: is the season pass included in the Elite Collector edition?
  2. So, basically we could aim at 10 (maybe 11, if Hyman Hardy's location was not counted before) refined ingots?
  3. I feel that those NPCs should be static in their stats and class, after all is like asking a GM to change a character he made up because you don't like it - getting a mod seems the solution for your problem, as for me I'm happy to be able to choose between flat NPCs I can roll and NPC crafted to have a story and quest attached to them. I really don't see a reason for your disappointment...
  4. I completely disagree; maybe you would prefer watching a movie, if those points you mention (non- isometric view, ful voice, etc) or play DA. The game is what was clearly going to be!
  5. I think that complaining about a 30$ expansion for a videogame is truly the definition of "first-world problem". Besides, I don't recall expansions costing much less than the main games (look at Bethesda's DLCs for Fallout 3 - btw, what a waste of money, and how much was that?)
  6. I found that trying to boost both the ranger and the pet through level ups makes them both weak (obviously) - I thought that investing on the pet paid off better than spending points on the ranger, but as I mentioned that would work in a full group. A solo ranger would probably suffer too much...
  7. The last I played, Druid was the class that suffered the most for me in terms of incoming damage... Disclaimer: I like building my characters in a functional way, but I also like to put in some flavour, which means I don't like to min/max stats and so on; granted, that makes things a bit harder in early stages of the game, still it's just a matter of perseverance and every obstacle can be overcome. I had a good experience with Rangers so far, especially combining them with Cyphers and Priests. I haven't tried to solo the game on any class, though, so I can't really make a class by class comparison. Oh well, just my two cents, I guess.
  8. On gog.com I don't see any news regarding PoE yet, so I guess we'll just have to wait for a rel date...
  9. I can't wait, too bad I'll have to wait for gog... What I heard so far seems really interesting, big hopes guys!
  10. Well action-queuing sounds cool; also, I'm glad to hear that those beetles are off the charts. As for combat being too similar to IE, that's just my opinion, I get that it was a great selling point for most people. Just saying...
  11. I know, I know, this is probably getting old - but still. Is there no way at all that the combat system can become less annoying than it is now? What I mean to say is that it's too similar to the combat in BG and IWD: frantic, hiccupy, and very random. I know a lot of people would argue that strategy is needed, prebuffing, counterspelling, etc, but I still can't wrap my head around the fact that it doesn't look and feel any different from the old system, with all the aforementioned flaws. I remember IWD was a continuous haste-rest cycle for me, to the point that it felt more like a chore than a game, and from what I'm seeing, the "learning curve" (difficulty at low levels) in PoE is in the same ballpark. Also, there isn't much strategy to be had, when a 6-man party is getting minced by a single stone beetle, which apparently shrugs off spells, knockdown attempts and some type of damage (although I like to think that this is a beta related issue). I'm not saying a complete turn-based system would be the ideal solution, but something along the lines of KotOR II would be great, IMO. At least that combat system gave the time to organize and queue actions in a way that would make the flow of the battle a little more pleasant, while still being a RT with pauses combat system.
  12. My biggest issue is with the fixed camera angle, personally I believe that is what makes combat absolutely unintelligible...
  13. Hello "Mr. Elitist". Everyone are entitled to their opinion. And of course an opinion is subjective... duh. If the developers think that the feedback is crap then they can say so. You are not in any position to judge if his/hers opinions are too narrow to be of any use. I don't understand why you are trying to bash on other people? An opinion can also be informed and take account of objective circumstances, lest you make a fool of yourself. To each his own, I guess. If you think you can say whatever passes through your brain and then call it opinion, you're obviously free to do so, and I'm free to consider your point of view less useful than others.
  14. Ok, for the people who want a "copy" of Baldur's Gate 1 or 2, I have a suggestion: install and play BG 1 & 2. PoE was meant from the beginning to be a 'spiritual successor' of the Infinity Engine games, which included BG 1 & 2, IWD 1 & 2, Planescape. If you prefer BG and think you're entitled to have a game more similar to BG than those other games, you are deluded and your point is too subjective and too narrow to be of any use to the discussion.
  15. I personally don't care for "single kill XP", but I can see why some people might find it necessary; still, an open, story-driven RPG probably should give equal chances to each play style to level up, no matter the path the player chooses. I don't see how this is such a big issue anyway, if the game is balanced, it's balanced, it doesn't really matter where the XP comes from. Unless, of course, killing re-spawnable enemies is just a quick way to level up and "break the game", as it were, but I guess that would be pretty self explanatory, right? A player that has no interest in story, roleplay, atmosphere and immersion will simply waste hours repeating the menial job of killing rats, wolves, and ogres. My point is, this group of people are NOT the target of "Pillars of Eternity", and their opinion is, I'm afraid, irrelevant.
  16. I certainly hope they stay as far away from Baldur's Gate as possible.
  17. Even with that, moving the block with the keyboard is painful as hell; I never have problems +finding+ the passwords, I have problems selecting them!
  18. I'd like something like FO 1/2 and maybe some exhaustion mechanic.
  19. Well, the Chosen One/Hero stereotype seems to be the most feared feature of RPGs; so a Playable Character like the one in ToEE should be good, considering we have Tim Cain, we could hope for that!
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