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  1. When I first met Icantha I attacked and killed her (thinking I had to do that to save captives) she immediately respawned and I got the "she shows only minor scratches from the fight" and then she immediately became hostile. This time when I killed her she didn't get back up. Now I've finished the tower and I have to talk to her for the password but everytime I enter she attacks me again. Once killed the screen fades as if loading a cutscene but when it fades back in she's just gone.
  2. This is why I didn't like them dropping the weight limit for loot. Its far too easy to game the system and end up with near infinite money. Hell I only pick up fine or above equipment to sell and I currently have 16k. At level 5.
  3. The game isn't the hardest, as I'm sure the thousand or so threads calling it easy may show, so don't let the idea that your hero is sub optimum cause you to reroll or restart. My hero is utter crap stats wise but I've managed to muddle through on hard with the campaign NPCs. Cipher is probably closest to what you want. Though they are also notoriously OP. Their spells are as strong as a wizard, they don't need to worry about resting or spell limits and they are much more viable for melee builds.
  4. They're completely different games. They're not even the same genre to me. That said personally I prefer the Etrian Odyssey series to Grimrock. The DS was made for that game. Either way Pillars wins out of the three.
  5. You'll know when you've had his dream. Waking up to see him sitting at the campfire. Then waking up. I got mine at level 5 camping near Dyrford just after first unlocking Defiance Bay.
  6. My understanding was it healed a flat percentage of Stamina for all allies. Edit: according to the wiki it is affected by might http://pillarsofeternity.gamepedia.com/Silver_Tide
  7. You are definitely missing DLC This is my list of DLC from the $60 tier Presumably the Wurm is the backer item whilst the pig is a preorder item. Go to your order page (where you got your original code) and see if there is a seperate code for Bonus Content or something. While you're there what edition is your order listed as? For example mine is Pillars of Eternity - Kickstarter Championship Edition
  8. I backed for $60 (+$10 for Prima Guide) and have the black dragon pet. Make sure you have all DLC downloaded and try starting a new game. He should appear as an item in your inventory along with the ring Gaen's Blessing.
  9. I just wish they'd stick to one damn thread. The front page of general right now has 7 seperate threads dedicated to haters.
  10. My guess is the growth of console gaming at the time. Publishers believed that to make a splash on consoles you needed pretty graphics and 2D isometric was never going to cut it. Certainly I can understand EA not wanting to spend millions of dollars and three years only to release a game that looked worse (because of the original Xbox texture/resolution limit) than modded Baldur's Gate.
  11. Are you sure you aren't thinking of Sanitarium? It had a very similar style to that
  12. Grieving Mother is Avellone doing his "cryptic old woman" thing again. Only this time she's hot. So I very much approve Durance is just great. With some wonderful nuanced twisty writing. Asking him "Is that why you walk with a staff?" was one of the better pieces of writing I've seen so far. I like characters who are hard to understand. Much more interesting than the standard "Kooky comic relief" , "Tsundere love interest" and "Inoffensively bland soldier" archetypes you get in Bioware.
  13. This is what I was thinking of. I haven't used it myself because winners don't use respecs. https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/68141-savegame-editor/ Good stuff. Keep us posted if any decisions are made.
  14. This is a first edition RPG. Of course its systems are going to be horribly unbalanced. Look at how long it took D&D to get to which ever edition is your favourite. Generally I like the system, I like that each point in each attribute has an immediate practical effect for every class. I like that it is based on real time rather than some esoteric turn based system cludged into real time. I like the seperate per rest/per encounter system. I like that every class has a ton of active abilities and feats unlike in old D&D where fighters just had one action they'd repeat every turn. But yes. There is plenty of room for improvement in PoE 2.0.
  15. I imagine the Eternity add on or the sequel is going to do some serious retconning with mechanics. My guess they'll give godlikes a Drow style level penalty
  16. Found my old DA:O portrait I think she adequately conveys the exact amount of gravitas that game warranted.
  17. This is the whole reason I play Paladin in PnP rgps. A good DM can make you feel like utter crap when playing the hero. Arresting the woman stealing crucial medicine for her brother, letting the hostage die so you can catch the villain, killing the likable chaotic good vampire.
  18. I'm not normally one to praise Dragon Age but their custom portrait system was great. Spent 60 hours with a crosseyed, off center pigtailed dwarf facing the wrong direction on a neon pink background and could not be happier.
  19. It's to de-incentivise fighting. Make diplomatic/sneaking options equal to fighting in terms of xp gain. Though fighting does still get you more cash.
  20. I adore the idea of per rest abilities/spells. The idea of carefully building my spell book, planning out what I'm most likely to face is one of my favourite parts of PnP rpgs. Likewise the tension of deciding whether to cast that level 4 room clearing fireball or to save it for the big bad. It is honestly one of the biggest things I miss from the IE days. Something that has been largely forgotten in favour of cooldowns. However, just like in the IE games the execution is too exploitable. Too many dungeons let you just run back to surface, rest, then return right back where you started. Meaning you can just spam per rest abilities so long as you don't mind running through five loading screens to the nearest inn after every fight. This is at its worst in the Endless Paths where the "inn" is right outside the short cut. What should be a long hard fought epic quest becomes a chain of disconnected fights broken up by back tracking. My suggestion is an extension of the camping supply system. You can rest a limited number of times in the dungeon and nothing will change. However, if you rest outside the dungeon, the dungeon will partially respawn with appropriate monsters/encounters. A bandit fort will get reinforcements, wild animals will wander in to caves, the animancer will revive those ghasts you killed etc. The idea is to force the party to push onwards and learn to pace themselves rather than exploiting the system. Because leaving means having to fight your way back in rather than just running through an empty echoing hall. Large dungeons such as Endless Paths would have check points of a sort, secret exits where the party could leave to the inn and would be able to reenter at the mid point or bonus camping supplies dotted along on the path. Are there any games that have implemented a similar system?
  21. ... no actually I don't. But I do remember when games were released with bugs that weren't solved until a re-release a decade later. Edit: and I didn't realise there was third page of replies including someone making my exact comment. So it turns out it is in fact me who is the chump.
  22. I think we should decide now whether or not PoE modding gets its own sub forum on here. Before any mod tools release and any mods get swamped under all the discussions in General. We already have a couple mods appearing over the hill (IE mod, Companion Respec mod) So anyone in favour/opposed?
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