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  1. Me too its pretty good stuff. But once again i'm disappointed, as so far it seems yet again 2H falls behind DW, even for big hits as all of your Special Attacks hit with both equipped weapons and with how ArmPen works now the Estoc is only useful on the absolutely hardest of hard targets as there are more than a few ways to reliably drop armor a few points. 2H just needs something else added to it, even just applying Dazed or Hobbled on Crit or something.
  2. The big advantage to Dual Wielding pistols is the alpha strike where both guns are fired. So they're nice on any flavor of Stealth Assassin since both shots apply to the bonus sneak attack damage, and its reportedly broken with Black Jack spam. Otherwise a single pistol is the Superior choice as you can use the Modal ability to get -50% reload, while only losing 3ACC. +12ACC bonus for 1H, -15ACC for the Modal nets -3ACC. You CAN get a faster reload on Dual Pistols if you take the Modal ability as well, but it only ends up being like a 0.4sec to 0.5sec improvement in reload, due to diminishing returns, at the cost of now -27ACC... which is really -39ACC overall since you could've had +12ACC from using a single pistol.
  3. I don't care for her voice, and it would've been nice to have an option to toggle narration. Even if I did like the narrartor's voice, its still weird hearing 3rd person narration in-between the character dialogue, they're almost talking over each other. And simply muting the VO sound means you wont hear anyone. Maybe they thought it would go over like a GM table top experience, but somehow it just doesn't work in this medium IMO, there is a certain human interactive experience there that just cannot be replicated in a video game.
  4. Just an FYI. Everyone dies in the bear cave if they try to rush it solo. This is an homage to old school RPGs, which had elements in them that you weren't supposed to be able to beat when you first encounter them. Even Final Fantasy games had optional bosses, that if you tried to fight them right away, would wipe the floor with your party. Anywho, I don't think Wizard is as gimp at low levels as some people like to claim. I think the major problem is too many preconcived notions of what a class "should be" instead of working with the classes as they are in PoE. Another example would be the Monk, which I will admit to being hung up on myself for a bit because a Monk is "supposed to be" a guy in cloth robes who dodges everything... but then i got over my aversion to seeing a Monk in Plate who gets hit, soaks the damage with his massive HP pool, and uses it to fuel his specials. And now everything is great. So same thing with the Wizard. There is nothing stopping you from putting leather, chain, or plate armor on your Wizard if he's feeling too squishy early on. Hell there is nothing stopping you from putting a big 2 Hander in his hands and sending him to the front lines either. And in that case suddenly those Touch spells and other short range AoEs look a lot stronger. Just make sure he's getting some Concentration and %speed from stats or gear if you wanna go the melee route. The class system in this game is very flexible, I dig it.
  5. Running a tanky monk with fists and stupid amounts of haste. Dunno why i'd waste investing in weapons. People keep forgetting that DR can only ever block 80% of the damage, max, which means depending on resist types and weapon types you may end up hitting for the same amount as fists despite having better stats on paper... except you'll be hitting much slower. Also fists got +1dmg at the top end. He just machine guns things down with strings of low damage hits that add up to him being my 2nd or 3rd source of damage inspite of the fact that I only gave him 10Might. He also has good interrupt, which synergies with the rapid fire attacks. He'd do even more damage if I took the talent that conversts wounds into bonus damage, but knocking things all over the screen is too much fun right now so I do spend those wounds enough that its not worth it. Maybe on another playthrough, with a different monk.
  6. Because the enemy likes to ignore the melee sometimes and will start nuking your glass cannons before they even cast a spell, or just teleport onto them. Because reloading 20x because you got "unlucky" for any number of reasons when your Cipher melted in 5 seconds isn't fun. Because some people would rather slog through a fight than than tip-toe kite around every fight. Because if you're playing on Hard+ your camping is limited which really limits the WTFBBQ face melting of certain classes for a fair portion of the game, and sure you can alievate that by avoiding fights, but again some people don't want to do that or to spend a lot of time running back to town for supplies/sleep, so having more rugged party members with higher Health pools is an advantage. Its all still min/maxing at the end of the day, different people just have different prefrences or objectives. And finally some people do actually RP in these games to varrying degrees and the thought of their Fighter not being able to hit the broadside of a troll's arse, and only being able to tickle it when he does hit, is unappealing.
  7. I forgot to mention another important thing for the Pally, epscially if you want to be an effective hybrid, that you might have overlooked. Make sure you follow your Order's Code of Conduct. Faith and Conviction gives you a BIG, "Free" Defensive boost for doing so (This is why I can still feel tanky with only 11Per and 11Res while running around with a 2 Hander). And if you stray too far from the path you'll actually get a NEGATIVE Defense penalty (for free!).
  8. Make a Bleak Walker or Fire Pally. Grab an Estoc. Grab appropriate DPS talents, buff up your Flames of Devotion. 18Mig, 10Con, 16Dex, 11Per, 12Int, 11Res. Slap on some heavy armor. I happen to be a Death God-Like, so that gives 20% damage against anything under 25% HP. I use a Monk as the Main Tank, Bleak Walker Pally as the Off Tank Hybrid, playing on Hard its working well enough so far. Rest of the party is Cipher, Chanter, Priest, Druid. Many buffs+debuffs.
  9. Ah good to know. Must be what happened with the Shadows as well, I had thought maybe the ones that were summoned by Shades didn't give XP while the first few I encountered as "regular mobs" did.
  10. Whats the deal with this? At first I thought it was just summoned mobs (like the shadows shades summon) but now i'm seeing it where i'll find a wolf for example, kill it, get xp, walk 10ft and fight another wolf, kill it, and get no XP.
  11. Ice Shards of Doom that can turn 90* around a corner and pelt your ranged Cipher in the face.
  12. Well the lore does say God-Like are often killed on sight, no? So I fail to see how this breaks anyone's immersion. Sure, looking at the game for the first time you probably assumed, like I did, that they were killed because of their ugly faces... but as we now know they are actually killed because they're born with treasure!
  13. I think what OP meant to type was... Developer Meeting: "Hey guys did anyone finish that XP chart so we can track, compare, and predict player XP gains based on various playstyles so we can try to avoid people rapidly out leveling the content and reaching max lv halfway through the game?" "Ain't nobody got time for that! :DDD" "Ayyy lmao!" But in all seriousness, this always happens in every RPG. Which is why you'd think by now it would be standard for these games to come with a 10-100% XP slider option. It would make things so much better for so many people who love the game, love the content, but also want to keep the challenge entact throughout the entire course of the game. Plus its just silly to imagine that killing 1,000,000 Kobolds will make you powerful enough to slay a Dragon.
  14. Well these are the lv 1 stats i went with, i'll bump this in the near future and post my experiences. I went with 18Con since i'm playing on Hard and I'm not expecting to be able to Camp my way through Health Damage, and I do intend to use the Monk as the Main Tank of the group. 10Mi 18Con 15Dex 15Per 10Int 10Res
  15. Looked around I cannot find anything anywhere that shows what the interrupt strength of a Monk's fists are. Let alone if this value increases as the Monk's Fist damage increases. Also generally speaking how good is Interrupt rating in practice? My thought was to make a fast attacking, tanky, disruptive Monk with 15 or so Perception. My thinking is that given the 1-100 dice roll battles that take place for Interrupts (and I'm assuming the +Interrupt or +concentration numbers from stats is just a flat value added to those rolls) that you would be better off relying on standard CC to disrupt the enemy, but on the other hand an Unarmed Monk should have rediculusly fast attack speed, which means many dice rolls + law of averages = we could RNG our way to a "reliable" disruption during a fight. Has anyone else tried a build like this? Was it actually effective, or were you left underwhelmed and wishing you had just dumped those points into Might?
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