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  1. I ran into this issue after shutting down the soul machine in Heritage Hill. Now whenever I travel to Copper Lane, the game crashes and doesn't load the area right after the loading screen goes away. No matter where I come from this keeps happening. I've checked my file integrity and it still happens. I'd upload my log files and stuff like that but the forum keeps telling me I can't upload it.
  2. Right now, no its just PS3, PC, and 360. The new delay could be for adding ports for them but its anyone's guess so don't get your hopes up too high.
  3. Edair better keep that ridiculously huge flail or else I will be disappointed.
  4. The mega-dungeon is only one level away from having as many as the original Diablo had. The floor size may not end being the same but that's still pretty nuts that we might end up having essentially a game within in a game.
  5. Obsidian is probably going to make them a lot better than I can but my speculation is that they would be like benevolent Deep Ones, an amphibious race of fish/frog people. Piggybacking off some other posters ideas, they are descended from a mighty aquatic empire that was destroyed many years ago. They could be the oldest race in the region, having been there long before the explorers came, and they worship the gods of the sea and the powerful beasts that dwell beneath its depths. They are a peaceful race, though powerful and mysterious enough where none would want to attack them. Due to their ancestors' downfall they always kept to themselves and don't interfere into the affairs of other nations, worried that the same fate could be fall upon if they grow too ambitious. They have a strong oral tradition which makes their chanters the strongest among the races in the regions and they have their own ancient tongue that tends to frighten and bewilder the other nations due its alien nature.
  6. I'm going to for a build that's different from the canon party members. Really way too early to say for sure because of that, but an Aumua Paladin, sounds like it could be cool.
  7. Yeah, supporting the sentiment of the roster being more than enough.
  8. It would be nice if the ending(s) give a decisive conclusion to your character and any successive games focus on new protagonists in different locations. After all Dyrwood is only a region in a much larger world and Obsidian should definitely take advantage of that.
  9. I was drawn in just by the fact that it was an Obsidian game. Alpha Protocol is one of my favorite games of all time, Planescape was also fantastic aside from the poor combat, and New Vegas was real good too. I honestly found Fallout 1 and 2's combat unbearable to the point where I never got very far in either. Never played the Baldur's Gates or Icewind Dales and I really don't have any drive to. I have a copy of KOTOR 2 I need to play though and I've heard great things about NW2: Mask of the Betrayer so I'll probably check that out someday, even if I just read a Let's Play.
  10. Personally I'd like the most if it was like New Vegas and just have no player-centric romances, I'd much rather have just have a team full of best bros. Because even Planescape felt awkward with its romance because Annah acted like my NO was leading her on the whole time and thought Grace was competition for NO's affections or something even though he explicitly stated that he only saw her and Grace as friends. (Being friends with Grace was all good though, she was my favorite character because of it.) Not to say I doubt Obsidian's skill at doing a good job at a possible player romance and it would be nice to see a well done one, but all the creepy fan stuff that it usually entails just makes me jaded to the idea.
  11. Having voice-acting only in party interaction and major cut-scenes like Planescape did is indeed the best way to go. It would be even better if they had as great VAs as the old Infinity Engine and Fallout games had.
  12. Not really. I already donated a lot, $140 plus $20 expansion add-on. I was thinking of getting the disc soundtrack add-on too but decided against it.
  13. Keep in mind that making physical rewards cost money so they can't get too crazy by putting too many rewards in one tier lest they blow all their Kickstarter money which happened to the Star Control one if I'm not mistaken. I'm happy with my $140 tier, a lot of nice stuff.
  14. Could you there be something akin to the perks in Alpha Protocol? Because I think it was a great way of not making combat pointless in a game where only completing missions give you EXP.
  15. Wow. I mean. Wow. I mean more in the sense of abusing the rest system or something similar. Less gaming of the system.
  16. I like that healing magic is rare because its a simple yet unique take on fantasy magic, also having necromancy being neutral instead of instantly being baby-eating evil. Also I like the stamina/health system, that's a nice way to do it and makes it less gamey.
  17. Everyone knows monks don't need any sthinkin' armor, the power of fisticuffs allows one to be immune to sissy bullets.
  18. The screenshot looks beautiful and those last two stretch goals sound real nice. I'm hoping we get them all. Also Hammer of God is a pretty rad name for a fantasy nuke.
  19. Think less as a pre-order and more as an incentive to donate more to have a better base game made. That base game will hopefully then sell more, allowing them to fund the expansion with those more traditional revenues. And as a reward for your faith in them you will then get a copy of the expansion that your pledge allowed them to work their way to. That's the way I view it anyway. This. The expansion pack is probably going to come out regardless, this is a just an incentive to help fund the base game. And now that it was brought to my attention, I like the idea of making the expansion pack download an add-on. I'd probably go for that and it would be more fair to physical tier people or digital tier that don't want to go that high and/or already backed Wasteland 2.
  20. Would it be possible for a physical $165 tier? Because I would gladly throw in an extra $25 for Wasteland 2 and the expansion pack downloads, but I don't want to give up my collector's box and the like. $250 is just too high for me otherwise.
  21. I prefered the Ouroborus, it fit thematically and looked cool. New one isn't bad, just real bland in comparison.
  22. Pistols + Tech Aptitude + Martial Arts Assault Rifles as secondary weapon. It's quite satisfying drop-kicking people in the face and chain-shotting everything to oblivion.
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