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  1. Thank you very much for continuing your work on this great game!
  2. Indeed, thank you Obsidian and all of your workers. I know I will continue to loose myself in this game for years to come. You have exceeded my expectations and I hope you continue to reap the accolades you deserve.
  3. It was a nice poem, made me chuckle. Didn't make me want to go and attack homosexual people or view them as inferior to myself...I have a mind of my own afterall.
  4. Normally I would agree with you. . .and this time I do. I'm freaking scared man!
  5. Dialogue trees, for goodness! Sorry I'm on a Minsc frenzy tonight. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GFzWbbNO_Ic
  6. I love kitties, even when they do no, noes, they are still cute.
  7. The reward will start when I go to the character creation screen....and proceed to stay on it for three hours! Thanks Obsidian!
  8. Looks like we backed the right horse! Obsidian has never let me down before, and this time, it looks like they have exceeded my expectations. I am finally hyped.
  9. I'd buy you a Red Bull if I was there BAdler. Can't wait for release day! Thank you Obsidian! :D
  10. Thank you Obsidian! I hope you guys get a nice little vacation shortly after this comes out, it was well earned I'm sure! :D
  11. I can't live If living is without keys I can't live, I can't give GOG a code I can't live, I can't RPG anymorrrre.
  12. Dudes, I just hope they remember one general Pain telling them again and again on Kickstarter one word: Codpiece. If this game has not the Codpiece I will be forever sad.
  13. Can't wait guys! I may be moving next month so hopefully it will not get lost in the mail! In any case, can't wait to play it, time flies, feels like I just backed it! Thank you for all your hard work!
  14. I like what you have so far Obsidian, and am working hard on a time machine so I can go to release day! Anyway, I like the older UI style, it is one of the things that make this game hearken back to the past; back to the old style that we fell in love with so long ago. If it was radically different I think many people would be disappointed, it wouldn't refire those loving memories we hope to recapture. Of course we expect it to be a bit updated, more efficient if possible, but, I like where you are going. Keep up the good work!
  15. Title: The Codpiece Knight's Quest Across a Plane Never Touched by Winter, to the Gated Temple in the Dale, Guarded by Baldur "the Elemental Scapegoat" who had a Fall Out with his Evil Brother Bhaal , While Being Tormented by Ice-Wind, and Tickling a Hamster Named Boo, Along a Coast of Swords. Or "Soulfast" for short. Because I like the sound of it.
  16. YES. They should have something great under there, and a city would be awesome, however there better be a fast transport method to and from once you get down there! I personally thought they'd have some ancient dragon down at the bottom, I felt that was sorta predictable, but, well who doesn't like the thought of fighting a dragon and getting his treasure in the darkest depths of the earth? Still I like your huge city idea much better. :D
  17. What I want to see is, will we reach the 3.5 million? I think that is asking A LOT, and I think Obsidian knows it. I wonder, wouldn't it be better for them to say get 3.4 million, and not quite get the last stretch goal? Hear me out here. Might barely not reaching 3.5 make the content they will have in the game that much deeper anyways? Is it possible that we would have a higher overall quality game if we don't quite make it to 3.5 but still get close and give them a lot of extra money to throw around on what is already going to be in the game? Just a thought. So what I'm saying is lets
  18. I'd personally like another similar to the 2.2 million stretch with a new region and faction. Of course that was a $200,000 thousand stretch goal, but, I think it's worth it. They could also make a stretch goal that added more colorful and longer side-quest, not epic, but, better than fetch this, kill that, etc. That would definitely make the game better all around, and be worthy of dumping funds into. I suppose when it comes down to it, the new stretch goals should focus on making the game deeper now, more than just adding new stuff (including my dream of a new region). As much as I like
  19. Obsidian will eat their marshmallows however they like. I for one will not call the Stay Puft Police. No offense Ignatius, but marshmallows are yummy. Especially roasted marshmallows, still hot and smokin' mmmmm, mmmmm! :D
  20. I personally would like to see a game world where the females are dominant and rule in a matriarchy. This would, make the world feel a bit different then what we are used to, and I think it would be rather refreshing.
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