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  1. Thank you very much for continuing your work on this great game!
  2. Indeed, thank you Obsidian and all of your workers. I know I will continue to loose myself in this game for years to come. You have exceeded my expectations and I hope you continue to reap the accolades you deserve.
  3. It was a nice poem, made me chuckle. Didn't make me want to go and attack homosexual people or view them as inferior to myself...I have a mind of my own afterall.
  4. Normally I would agree with you. . .and this time I do. I'm freaking scared man!
  5. Dialogue trees, for goodness! Sorry I'm on a Minsc frenzy tonight. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GFzWbbNO_Ic
  6. I love kitties, even when they do no, noes, they are still cute.
  7. The reward will start when I go to the character creation screen....and proceed to stay on it for three hours! Thanks Obsidian!
  8. Looks like we backed the right horse! Obsidian has never let me down before, and this time, it looks like they have exceeded my expectations. I am finally hyped.
  9. I'd buy you a Red Bull if I was there BAdler. Can't wait for release day! Thank you Obsidian! :D
  10. Thank you Obsidian! I hope you guys get a nice little vacation shortly after this comes out, it was well earned I'm sure! :D
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