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  1. Engagement stuck out at me in that review. The author was mentioning how bad it is and that one tank can engage an entire mob of enemies all by himself and get AoO on any of them that happen to break away. I agree -- that's pretty bad. However, I'm reminded of a game in which you sword fight against enemies. Against one of them it's pretty easy to parry attacks. However, the more that come the harder it is to defend will be spending a good deal more time blocking blows than dishing any out. You'd only be able to take a stab at an enemy once in awhile when you spot an opening -- and
  2. Best solution: Make a toggle button in the options that permits/forbids prebuffing. In this way people who are absolutely unable to prevent themselves can toggle it off so they can be forced to resist temptation. Of course, what would stop them from becoming frustrated and turning the prebuffs back on? Simple. Once it is toggled off, it will become a permanent setting until the game is reinstalled. Totally serious here. No, I mean it! Really, really, serious! You think I'm kidding?
  3. I can't speak for others, but when I saw this thread and the date it was posted on, I was fairly certain it was a joke. Sure, I could be wrong... but I could also be right.
  4. Pre-buffing, if one were to imagine that world to be real, might make perfect sense for some fights, but for others not so much. It would be meta-knowledge. For instance, how many times in the BG or BG2 games did one end up fighting someone and had no forewarning? Sometimes someone who appears friendly isn't, sometimes it's an ambush, etc. For those, it would be using meta knowledge to pre-buff, yet, the ability to prebuff is still there. I admit that I, not being that great at usage of spells and abilities, would sometimes prebuff after having to load. Meta knowledge? Yup! But for me
  5. This is probably why line of sight is so short; it makes the areas seem larger. On the flip side, I'd say that the fact characters run all the time rather than walk (as in IE games) makes the maps seem smaller, so it probably offsets the line of sight thing.
  6. Someone could always make a mod to put the poem back in, take a screenshot of it, and send it to the person who complained.
  7. Maybe you aren't understanding the context. Perhaps she isn't referring to the attack not working and being unable to injure or kill her opponent but rather she's just hitting things in a futile attempt to relieve stress. And it's not working. Just trying to dig into the psychology of the PC is all.
  8. I'm beginning to believe that all developers of games like these need to add a couple of new difficulty levels. The first would be the "What's an RPG?" level. It would be for people like me when I first played BG2 and had no clue what I was doing or how AD&D worked or what spell did what. Sure, I picked up on it eventually, but on normal difficulty just the first couple of levels were insanely difficult for someone who was completely lost. The second extra difficulty level would be "One hit and you're dead." Seriously, based on the accounts some people give of their games they som
  9. In regard to subpar stats on NPCs, that was actually some of the fun in BG2 (and BG1). Why would you want every NPC to be completely optimized? They are in there for their personalities, stories, and all that other stuff. Besides, it's actually a challege to get through a game with characters that are less than perfect. In BG2, Minsc certainly wasn't the best fighter (though he had his perks), but I bet nearly everyone would take him because he was Minsc. Khalid in BG1 was one that seemed to be either love or hate with the players, but he was pretty subpar as far as stats were concer
  10. That reminds me of the exclamation from BG2: "My weapon has no effect!" That phrase sure annoyed me back when I first played the game before I understood the effects of certain spells, resistances, and counter spells (still don't understand them all!) and I had no clue how to make the weapon have an effect. I think the annoyance was more from being unable to beat the enemy rather than hearing the words.
  11. I have the game, but I'm just waiting. I don't have much time right now and with the bugs, I figure waiting another two weeks isn't going to kill me -- in fact, it will probably save me time, both from loading because of possible bugs and from extra downloading. If you're unsure of the game, just do the same. Give it a few weeks, keep an eye on the forum, and see how the bug fixes go. When they've got the patch out, buy the game. It's certainly not going to disappear from the market.
  12. Some people mentioned Shadowrun: Dragonfall. I played that game (and enjoyed it) but it was laced with profanity. It wasn't just one or two characters, but quite a few of them did it. The fact that they included it wasn't surprising or unexpected, but in certain instances I believe it was highly overdone. Once the effect is there why just keep piling it on? It's like they had a minimum number of words to write and added some in there to get the count up. Reminds me of how I'd add useless sentences (but quite elaborate ones) in reports to help me get to the required words. Persona
  13. Interesting concept that I'm sure nobody will implement. Is this an April Fool's joke?
  14. I'd add my vote in for the walking option. One thing I liked about NWN2 was that you could click "search" mode and the character would walk. Drakensang 2 (not sure about 1) had a sheathe weapon toggle which was nice. As far as walking/running, it could have been used to add further strategy to combat since running would probably make one a little more difficult to hit with ranged weapons, but less aware of hand-to-hand attacks. That would be a whole lot more coding, so I wouldn't expect it, but it would be an interesting idea to implement in a game.
  15. I haven't played the game yet (or even installed it) for various reasons, but based on what I'm reading, it sounds like there's plenty of replayability. For instance, take the eight companions. If you have a party of six then you can always have five of them. That's fifty-six different combinations. True, many of them will be very similar, but you should still be able to do five playthroughs with quite a bit of variation in your party, not to mention the ability to try the game with smaller parties. Why not try going through with a party of four? I played through BG2 about 7 t
  16. Ah. Misery loves company, as they say. I've been reading around the forum and I've seen numerous mentions of 32-bit having problems. As of yet, I haven't even installed PoE because with the bugs and everything it's probably better that I wait and then install after some fixes. For one, it seems the program will crash for sure at certain areas (as you have experienced) and secondly, with a slower internet connection less downloading is much better. Unfortunately, as nearly almost everyone agrees, it's probably going to be best to just bite the bullet, scrounge up some spare change a
  17. 1. In theory, it should (32 bit). If you read the earlier posts it might help your understanding of the situation. 2. That's not my name. You may want to refer to me as TCJ. 3. XP support ended last year, sure. Unfortunately, Microsoft didn't hand me a check to pay for a new computer at that time so unlike some fortunate people, I have to save money for it. Further saving money is often slower than one would like it to be, especially with certain necessary expenses that come up. Typically transportation, a place to live, tools for work, and paying taxes are significant
  18. I have never used Linux before. It sounds tempting to try, but given dated computer I have, not only with XP, but with everything else, I think I'm going to end up trying to upgrade before the year is out rather than use another operating system to drag another few years of life out of this machine. Meanwhile, I might just see what PoE does on my current computer. Like I said, I've been wanting to upgrade for awhile now but one thing after another keeps coming up. I appreciate the advice though. Thanks!
  19. Well, your problem isn't really XP vs 7, it's everything else. Your CPU isn't even in the same generation as the minimum required which is a Core i3. I think your graphics card is actually a bit better then the minimum though. True. Hard to believe my computer was once modern.
  20. Thank you for the reply! I've been meaning to upgrade my machine for aover a year now but life keeps getting in the way in the form of monetary expenses, including major repair on my car, a new house, and a number of other expenses. Plus I just had to send the IRS a huge sum. Sometimes it's hard to do the things you want to do when alll the things that you have to do keep popping up.
  21. It's entirely possible it was 64-bit, but I couldn't say for sure. I do remember someone telling me that if I was going to get Windows 7 that I should get 64-bit, but, again, I can't remember if I actually did.
  22. For those who were asking about some system specs: Intel Pentium 4 3.2 ghz Intel P45 Chipset 4 GB RAM GeForce 9800 GT Edit: Come to think of it, I seem to recall reading that that particular chip set has problems with Windows 7 even though it should work. Other people have had the same problem. It's more, I think, a quirk of that particular chip with the OS rather than it being too dated. After all, it came out in 2008 and Windows 7 followed just one year after.
  23. I was about to update my computer a little over a year ago, but the CPU won't support Windows 7. That doesn't make a ton of sense. The CPU requirments for Windows 7 are basically any x86-compatible CPU capable of at least 1GHz. As noted earlier, if you can't run Win 7 you definitely won't be able to run PoE. Do you happen to have the CPU model number handy? Maybe it doesn't make a ton of sense, but that's what happened when I tried to install Windows 7. I checked all the system requirements on Windows 7 and my computer meeets them but 7 won't accept the chip (or that typ
  24. I was about to update my computer a little over a year ago, but the CPU won't support Windows 7. Since it wouldn't I gave my copy to a relative who wanted to update his computer. If I want to run Windows 7, I have to update the CPU. If want to do that, I have to upgrade the MB because there's only one chip, I believe, that I could find that would fit the current MB and be Windows 7 compatible, and that wasn't exactly an improvement over the old chip. If I'm going to update a computer, I might as well update it. But it takes time (to research and build) and money (whether purchasing from
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