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  1. Game was stuck after Alt-Tabbing so I thought I'd note what I've seen so far. I'm able to start the game through character creation without spending any attribute points. I can't leave the Level Up menu without actually leveling up. Can't open the menu and just exit. In the Options Menu the bottom item in a list will be overlayed with the fade effect even when scrolled all the way to the bottom. See Fade.jpg attachement. When talking to an NPC, if you keep your mouse on the NPC then their name/title covers their speech bubble. See Speech.jpg. Cumulative attachment size too big so I'll upload this in a moment. When changing submenus in the Options Menu the submenu titles will alternate appearing and dissappearing as you change submenus. See Submenu.jpg. Was playing in full screen mode and Alt+Tabbed out, and when I tried to go back into the game it would bring up the top of the game window as if it were in windowed mode, but nothing else. I could still see my desktop. Checked Task Manager and the game was still running fine, and I could still hear the music and background sounds. I'm unable to reproduce this issue now, so unfortunately no screenshot, but I do have the output_log.txt attached. Nothing that isn't too obvious so far, but I thought I'd report them nonetheless. output_log.txt
  2. I definitely am. I usually start over after sinking a few hours into an RPG anyway, because of the whole gaining knowledge about the game mechanics thing.
  3. I just wanted to post that I upped my donation to the $50 mark, but I don't have enough to keep up with the $8 I originally added for the Order. So, I suppose I'm resigning my title.
  4. This. If this was a suggestion about improving another player's experience, sure. My way of playing the game isn't better than anyone else's. But these forums are about design. And what that implies goes without saying. I, personally, believe that save scumming can (and did) lead to bad design. And I believe this was the case in the Infinity Engine games. It cuts 'unnecessary' features quicker than Bethesda can 'balance' (read, cut major chunks) their games. You may disagree with me, which you're entitled to, but saying that people should play however they like isn't much of a argument and does not include 'playstyles' that end up negating the quality of game mechanics. Save scumming doesn't automatically mean bad design. In addition to the fact that not having it wont automatically mean there wont be any bad designs in a game, nor does it necessarily discourage someone from implementing a badly designed part of the game. The only good alternative is quit to save, but that doesn't help when your game crashes or the power goes out and you've been playing all day without quitting. I think auto saves wouldn't really fix the issue either, it just adds another layer of tedium to people who want to savescum and are going to savescum. And I don't believe the mentality that if people want to savescum with the Quit to Save and Auto Save system then they should deal with it because I don't think you shouldn't punish your players, at least like that, anyway. Edit: Wow, I really need to pay attention to how many pages a thread has before replying.
  5. I actually have a 13 button mouse. I'm fortunate enough to also have said mouse capable of using macros so I can bind whatever I want to any button, even when a game only supports a 3 or 5 button mouse. I realize this isn't an automatic with every mouse that has a ton of buttons, so what I'm saying is higher button mouse support would be a good way to go about it. Granted, I don't know if that's possible within the Unity Engine, but rev that engine as much as it can take!
  6. I think the major point is that no one is purchasing a product. And rewards are an effective way to increase the amount of a donation or to cause someone on the fence about donating to decide to do so, but to think that offering rewards to people in a certain way hurts the amount of donations seems odd. The mentality that you're purchasing a product is a bit different from what is actually happening in the Kickstarter process. So thoughts like reward tiers harming the chances of donations or higher donations is just strange to me. Rewards can only really help donations. I can't imagine there are many people who want to donate to PE, but decided not to because they thought the rewards tiers were unfair. And I can't really imagine there are many people who were willing to donate more, but because the rewards for higher tiers are unfairly better they are unwilling to do so. It seems like the opposite would happen if that were true and there would be a lot more higher donations. I'm also not sure offering the game at a lower price than normal is necessary. Yes, games sell vastly more in a steam sale than when they were higher price, but keep in mind that Steam doesn't do 50% or higher off sales unless a game has been out for months if not a year or so. Which means that the majority of people that were willing to buy the game at full price have already done so and deciding to lower it for a sale can only help make more money. Though I'd be surprised to see the final product higher than 40, I wouldn't really blame them. The market is more than willing to spend $60 for a 10-15 hour game with low replay value. A thought which is also pretty strange to me, to be honest, but economically it doesn't really make sense to offer a lower price unless they think their bang for their buck will be higher with a smaller price. It's not really greed unless you consider business inherently greedy, though I know the opinion isn't really uncommon.
  7. I have a source, though it's dated back two years so no doubt the cost has increased. http://www.wired.com/gamelife/2010/01/game-budgets/
  8. I tend to think money doesn't get annoying unless there's nothing to spend money on, so as long as there are always meaningful things to buy, I wont mind either way. Potions, scrolls, ammo, armor/weapon repairs, materials for crafting. I tend to want to consider what I need to spend my money on, though. As for investments, if Obsidian could find a good way to handle them then I'm all for that, but most times it usually ends up with the player having way too much money for them to know what to do with. Which is semi-realistic considering once someone owns enough property in real life they'll have more money they can ever spend, but that doesn't really make an interesting or fun mechanic for a game. Basically, a deep and intricate economy system isn't really something I'm pining for from this game, but I wouldn't feel like it were an unnecessary distraction if it were implemented.
  9. Done! I'm Matthew Patterson - Obsidian Order. Though, could my forum one be "Imaginative Lad of the Obsidian Order"? Unfortunately, I couldn't put it all in my username with the 40 character limit.
  10. I completely agree. I love rolling stats in the IE games. Also, rolling stats allows players to have optimised or gimped characters as they see fit. Point buy based on different points, such as 10 for low powered, 15 for standard, 20 for high powered, 25 for heroic. Even something along the lines of not requiring the player to spend all ability points before continuing. I'd prefer something like this because it accomplishes the same thing and doesn't require me to sit at my computer for 30 minutes and roll the dice over and over if I want a particularly high or low powered character.
  11. You can actually experience the IE games in higher resolutions. GoG actually has a guide on their website for Planescape: Torment. And the resolution mod, I believe, works on all IE games. I say this as someone that played through BG1 & 2 for the first time a couple years ago. That's definitely something to spread around to anyone wanting to experience the games for the first time, or even just play through them again in a higher resolution. Definitely something to do if you're trying to stave off Project Eternity hunger pangs.
  12. To go onto a pseudo-tangent, the actual reason behind the need for preparation is that you cast the majority of the spell during your preparation time and when you use it later in the day, you perform the final components (verbal, somatic, material, whatever) of the spell and it is cast. I actually take the opposite perspective and think that sorcerers were great for handling combat for damage and control for general purposes but, wizards were the one's that were great for a variety of tactical reasons. I think the main discrepancy on this is that typically, I'd assume that adventurers would get as much information about where they're going as possible before heading there, which allows the wizard to prepare relevant spells. Sure, there will be times when there are unknowns and a sorcerer is great for those if they know the spells they need. For the actual thread topic, I trust Obsidian will do what they think fits with the setting and the overall gameplay theme that they're going for.
  13. Agreed, some form of Glibness spell. Or some form of Grease spell. Or fill their lungs with water/food.
  14. I think it's important to realize that while we obviously have some input into the game as far as suggestions, Obsidian has a vision for what they want to do with the game and we can't, and really shouldn't, expect them to change anything based on a popular opinion in their forums. I just fear a lot of people think everything about this game is up for debate and will be upset when the end result is nothing like what they suggested.
  15. There are much better ways to handle inventory management. If it were going to go that route then it should be easy to manage to reduce as much tedium from the process as possible while still giving a satisfying amount of immersion. I enjoy money weight for immersion rather than inventory management, so I'd go with trading for higher value currency as long as it isn't a huge hassle to do so. Possibly going more towards the Fallout barter system route of having low weight, high value items (drugs and ammo) become how you make big purchases with actual currency just being used to round off the edges of a trade. Edit: Essentially, what Luckmann suggested.
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