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  1. Thanks for the great replies. If the Witcher 2 realy cost "only" 8M to develop then this project should be doable on the 2.5 by swapping 3D/combat work for scenario. Also it seems like a game like the Witcher 2 could be funded in part by Kickstarter.
  2. I am just curious about the business model and what assumptions are being made about the total cost of development and earnings estimate. I have jumped in on all the new wRPG kickstarters but I know very little about how much real game development costs. I just think it's a neat idea to be able to help games you like get developed. The mainstream industry and the mainstream gaming publications always talk about how AAA games cost 100+ M to develop, how they are a dying breed, etc. Kingdom of Amalur probably sold over 1M copies but was a huge failure. The creative content in that game
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