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  1. I checked this. They're not supposed to be in the beginning locker, but in the captain's cabin locker when you take possession of the repaired ship, so you can't have them until you finished the main quest in Port Maje. This is the same behaviour as in earlier game versions - I checked this with an old savegame file.
  2. Hmm... I don't miss the fight because at this point I'm usually quite fed up with combat, but I did think Ukaizo was strangely empty when I got there, and the ending underwhelming because you can't do anything but watch events unfold. Another meaningful encounter, preferably only optionally violent, would probably have helped.
  3. Perhaps it doesn't technically start a romance, but the description is indicative of one. At the very least, if I tell her she's addle-brained the scene shouldn't end with holding hands like, at the least, very close friends.
  4. Now this is *really* annoying. I'm forced into a romance track with Xoti. Description: There is a conversation with Xoti that starts with the description: "Xoti sways on her feet....". It's about her having nightmares again, part of her questline. The problem is: there is no way out of this conversation that doesn't include a romantic exchange. In particular, regardless of what you say in earlier conversation nodes - even if you're really rude and call her addle-brained, you try to hook her up with Edér, or your reputation is less than maximized - you eventually end up at her line "And every soul looks so ripe" with three answering options, one of which is an investigation which takes you back to this point, and two make you implicitly agree with her religious worldview (which is almost as annoying in itself) and take you along a path that inevitably ends with "Carefully, she slips her hand into yours. Your fingers easily entwine". The only way to avoid this is not to start this conversation at all, which of course means you can't advance her quest. Grr..... I'm reasonably sure that this did not happen in my first playthrough which was pre-3.0. I think there should be a fourth, neutral line to the abovementioned conversation node that takes you to "is there anything we can do to alleviate your nightmares" without going through the romantic exchange. As an addendum, you can call her addle-brained in that conversation, and not only will the romance track start regardless, but you'll also suffer no reputation hit from being rude to her. This is the first game I *started* post-3.0-update. The previous playthrough got the update around the end after all companion quests had been done.
  5. For the record, I'm also having this problem. This is unpleasant because it's game-crashing bug, You can only get out of it by using the task manager to abort the game process.
  6. My game just updated from to and now I can find it easily in a location I had searched very carefullyy before. So this might've been a bug, or my PE 22 character wasn't close enough to detect it before, purely by accident. It's dead centre near the northern wall of the central chamber.
  7. i think someone posted a guide to the reddit (/projecteternity) I read these two guides: https://gameplay.tips/guides/3095-pillars-of-eternity-2.html This one says Temple of Berath go right and up, which makes no sense so I assumed it refers to the Hanging Sepulchres like the other guide and the journal text. Regardless of the map, I am, in fact, missing it on either map, so either there's a bug or it's not as obvious as the guide assumes. http://www.neoseeker.com/pillars-of-eternity-ii-deadfire-seeker-slayer-survivor/tasks/Hunts This one says Hanging Sepulchres, north end. Looked across the three possible locations at the upper edge of the map, found nothing. In case it's hidden, I have one character with Perception 22 (using items and food) so detection shouldn't be an issue.
  8. I'm playing SSS right now and I'm hunting artifacts. I got the other two of the first set of three easily, but this thing eludes me. The description points me toward the Hanging Sepulchres, and by now I must've gone over this map as well as Berath's and Gaun's Temple pixel by pixel without finding anything interactable. NPCs also don't have any new lines. So where is the !&%$ Matron's Skull?? Am I overlooking something super-obvious? BTW, I did fight a gul rush there, but that was before SSS was out.
  9. I don't know whether there was any new patch since June, but I just ran into this bug as well. It clearly hasn't been fixed.
  10. I recommend starting on Easy until you have learned the systems. My first game was on Easy and I didn't consider it easy at all at the time. Then I did another playthrough on Normal, and found it actually easy. The amount of useful stuff you don't know about when you start the game for the first time is rather astonishing. The learning curve isn't necessarily steep, but it is very long.
  11. HI everyone, I'd like a solution to the follolwing problem: I have Durance's quest with the following stages (reversed journal sequence): (1) Spend time travelling with Durance (done) (2) Discuss your vision with Durance (done) (3) Continue to get to know Durance (done) (4) Find out from Durance what the fading symbols mean (done) (5) Talk to Durance about Woedica (active) (6) Continue to journey with Durance (done) The thing is, I can't speak with Durance about Woedica. Speaking with Durance, both the options to talk about Magran and the region remain white, but there aren't any options in those trees left I didn't explore. I tried resting several times, in inns and wilderness, but the options remain the same. I think this may have been triggered by a "wrong" event sequence, since I did The Council of Stars before the sidequest Cinders of Faith, and both trigger dialogue with Durance that affect his quest. Is there anything I can do? There isn't anything left to do in the main game except jumping into the pit
  12. About the names, here's how I see it: (1) Names and titles have cultural baggage, and using the same names and titles as, for instance, at a certain time and place in real-world history transfers that cultural baggage to the fictional world. Which is fine if that's what you want, otherwise it's detrimental to the setting's identity. So using invented names for things that don't work like similar things in real-world cultures is often a necessity. (2) Descriptive names are intrinsically problematic. Many real-world locations have them but they work only because we've grown up with them. If you sit back and think about what they mean, quite often they'd appear just as silly as some of the descriptive names used in some fantasy settings. For that reason, alien-sounding names are a necessity for some fantasy settings, especially if you want to emphasize that it actually *is* a fantastic setting where important things work differently than in the real world, rather than simply the pseudo-historical underpinning for a castle opera. In fact, rather frequently within PoE the invented names aren't alien enough to dispense with the cultural baggage they're carrying. Some examples have been mentioned. Yes, it takes time and effort to get an impression of the world if so much of the lore is expressed in alien terms, but that - deciphering the world - is part of what makes fantasy settings interesting. The other side of this is of course, that if something is familiar and works the same way in the fictional world, most of the time there's no harm in using a term people know. In those cases, using alien terms just feels pretentious, and slightly changing terms just to sound a little foreign can come across as worldbuilding incompetence. Overall, I observe that the right balance was not always found but all in all things work for me. @guguma: You can't reasonably expect people to adapt to your culture if your're travelling in the domain of their's.
  13. In my experience, somewhere between 4 and 7 party members, an RPG tends to lose its focus on the individual characters and becomes more of a squad-level game. My personal favorite, in tabletop and video rpgs alike, is a party size of 5. Having said that, in BG etc.. I minimized party size in the early game in order to gain the early levels faster. I haven't paid attention to the way xp are distributed in PoE but I've just started and had no opportunity to go beyond 4 so far. If total xp is distributed between the party members, that's a very, very strong incentive to go with 4.
  14. Well....if class only determines how you fight, not who you are, then every non-combat aspect of character customization should be completely independent from class. Is it? I see how this approach gives you more freedom to roleplay different kinds of cahracters, so I agree it might be a good way to do things, but it will make some instances of class-specific restrictions even less tolerable than before. For instance, mage robes... the damned things have been in almost every game, and nowhere do they make the least bit of sense for an adventuring mage. If PoE will let my mage wear a sensible outfit, then I'll know they thought this "class is only about how you fight" through to the end... @Elerond: Thanks for the links. That was a long time ago. Those design goals do look good I wonder how much crafting will affect the game though. Recently all the games I played that had a crafting system made it more or less irrelevant, in order to not disadvantage those players who don't want to bother with it.
  15. I hope this is correct. I haven't memorized all the information but the impression I had before the class updates was that plot-related events could often be handled without combat. Then came the class updates, which said that the rogue is the undisputed dps master and failed to mention any stealth aspects, then the wizard who is listed with only combat spells. It is off-putting... I think it is high time to reveal some non-combat skills. If they're all class-independent, it makes sense not to mention them in class updates, but it skews the picture unfavorably for people with my preference.
  16. When I saw the recent class information, I was not amused. It appears that as every class is presented, all we get to see is various kinds of doing damage to enemies. The rogues is the dps master, the wizard the aoe master,te warrior the tank etc.. While that's a necessity, and some of the spell concepts are rather cool, this exclusive focus on combat is also quite boring. Where is the subtlely, the stealth, abilities that facilitate less violent interaction with npcs? What about players who want to avoid combat if possible, who want to talk their opponents down, or avoid them altogether? If I am in a dungeon I know I can expect hordes of monsters, and I'll be glad for all those nifty spells listed in the recent update. But in a city I want more options. I want to become invisible and bypass enemies, I want abilities to convince people, various ways of avoiding combat altogether. I'd like to know if PoE will facilitate a less combat-oriented playstyle. The class updates have been extremely disappointing in that regard.
  17. Are there new stretch goals now, or are there not? Or are they still in discussion? I would hate to miss them...
  18. Tbh, I haven't the slightest idea what kind of message is supposed to appear here. Can anyone give me a broad outline about what's appropriate and not?
  19. 8 and 11 if they reach stretch goals (11 classes in total) 8 is already pretty good. I wouldn't mind more companions for an expansion, but I think making the game world bigger is more desirable at the moment. Nonetheless, I would help fund new stretch goals as long as new areas are in the mix.
  20. About the original question: No, I would not want to sacrifice Megadungeon levels for wilderness areas. Even if I thought breaking the stretch goal promise was justifiable, I don't find wilderness areas that interesting. My priorities go city > dungeon > wilderness However, I would possibly back a Kickstarter project "PE Wilderness Add-On", since I like big worlds in games as a rule.
  21. Just here to say I have the same problem with some of the dropdown menus. I would also ask for a 50% increase in the maximum text length of the description fields.
  22. This is the attitude I'd like to roleplay: Any really existing god is indistinguishable from a wizard with world-shattering powers. Beings can have more or less power. That power may be inherent to them or not. However, nothing ever "is" a god because godhood is not an intrinsic attribute but one conferred by worshipers. There can never be an intrinsic moral authority of any being over another. If a being acquires the power to judge me based on its morals without my consent, I may be powerless to change that but I certainly don't have any obligation to accede. Powers may exist but it's we who make them gods. I choose not to help in making them gods. Because for all I know, they may be nothing more than wizards with world-shattering powers, and while they may deserve my respect, or my fear, I see no reason to worship them.
  23. Level scaling is the bane of every game featuring exploration as a major motivation. It's the reason for my not buying quite a few games before there were mods out to remove it. There are games where it works (didn't have a problem with it in Mass Effect), but in general I'd say kill it with fire! I want to have that sense of achievement I get from finally being able to enter the cave of the dragon, or any other area where knowledgeable NPCs told me to keep away from because its inhabitants would make mincemeat out of me. I also want that sense of accomplishment when revisiting an area and being able to cut a swath through the "small fry" or maybe even see the would-be enemies running away in panic when I approach (that's a new one btw, never seen that in a game).
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