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  1. I haven't been able to reproduce the issue anymore. The game just started to run normally after a day or two. If this happens again I will send the mail with appropriate info. Thank you very much for the help!
  2. HI! I have problems running the game from Steam client on Linux. I can't seem to be able to start the game. I just get a black screen, which closes and the applications quits after a couple of minutes. Tried switching screen resolution as well as clearing all settings. No changes. It does however run, if I run the executable directly from the game directory. It does not play any of the intro FMV though. Is there a way to fix this? Thanks!
  3. Well being special doesn't have to imply ego stroking. MotB is example of this. You're special from the start and essentially you're ****ed
  4. I love this idea. I don't the enemies to be just mindless sword fodder, waiting to be killed.
  5. Expert Mode seems very interesting. However I'd prefer something that such more realistic gameplay elements like eating, sleeping, health management etc. but with all ease-of-use helpers - I'm a very absent minded person
  6. Yup. You had to do a great deal of playing around to have Mass Effect 2 in English and it only worked for the Collector's Edition for some reason. Even worse with C&C4.
  7. I like this feature, but I'd like to be scaled down. No front page stuff. You do something good, the front page is about some noble dropping her handkerchief and you get a three sentence mention just before the sports section. Unless of course you do something epic, but in that case it should be near end game. Also this idea might introduce a quite a nice feature of protecting (or not) your identity. You do something stealthily, there's just mention of the event. You do something guns blazing, your person get's more coverage.
  8. The same here, all of these games were released fully localized.
  9. You'd be surprised However I admit, localization is not the best stretch goal ever. However I think it should be there somewhere. Only 5k to go
  10. Horse Depilation Simulator 2014 Sex Lies and Fireballs Cleavage Fighters The Princess Owen in her Happy Dungeon of Jolly-Goody Doom Eternity the Project Through the clouds of Weed Yeah one of these will fit...
  11. Fanboyish opinions will follow. You have been warned! Come on! That was the most ingenious concept for cRPG ever. And it's execution was almost perfect. That idea was awesome! The fact that magic was disturbing forces that could be observed to be orderly without it. And the excerpt form a physics textbook with simple experiments that was added to the game manual... I cannot express how this single concept alone sucked me into the game. Arcanum was not only a good game because of the gameplay and plot, but ingenious because of the setting the rules that managed that world. ... I'm sorry... I just had to... I... just would like Arcanum 2 to be released some day...
  12. Community based translation can be done. But in order to have a reasonable level of quality you'd have to do it the way most Open Source projects are done. You have the core team (in this case 3-4 people), contributors and users reporting bugs. This way you can achieve a good translation. However, it will take time as it's a highly iterative process and needs good maintainer and dedicated and disciplined user base. I agree it can be done, but it's definitely not easy.
  13. I think that Obsidian in further stretch goals might give additional languages: Itallian, Russian, Portuguese and maybe Polish would seem obvious choices as they seem most widely used. Good question is how many people in Asia are interested in Project Eternity. After all the mostly used language in the world is Mandarin Chinese, also Hindi and Japanese have very many speakers.
  14. This is rather common in jRPGs. Actually I don't like the system. It makes you think about each possible battle beforehand. I usually had two slots filled with healing and some simple buffs that's it. However I think that what you propose is a good idea if coupled with the active pause which I like. This way the player has the choice: Either automate their companions, or issue orders directly.
  15. Some kind of system would actually be nice. I don't mean some ultra realistic system in which when your feet are size 42 and you wear shoes size 41, you get -1 to DEX But it IS stupid if a gnome girl can exchange armor with a human paladin.
  16. I always welcome humor especially in a dark fantasy setting. Actually one of the most fun parts of DA2 was when you chose the lighthearted dialogue options. However it's a question of good writing. No matter the setting, no matter the idea behind the plot, you need some variety. In in RPG games which have a lot of content you need A LOT of variety. So humor at some point becomes a must
  17. The problem with fan translations is that they are very uneven. Some are awesome and some are terribly, terribly bad. I don't think it would be wise to use something that unpredictable in high quality product like Project Eternity. Although I think that allowing the community to patch the game with custom translations would be a great idea.
  18. I totally agree. Many people speak English as foreign language enough to communicate but not enough to actually enjoy the game. If you ignore most widely spoken languages you loose many potential gamers. So yes localization is a business decision and most games released today are localized at least with EFIGS. Out of curiosity I checked. Apparently Polish is spoken by at least 10% of the EU. Given the fact that only the EFIGS languages are more popular I don't think you can consider it obscure. And if you're curious why I'm concerned with Europe so much, take a look here: http://forums.obsidi...-everyone-from/ To summarize this, if anybodies answer to the localization question is "learn English". I suggest they shut up and learn Esperanto.
  19. I disagree. I've seen a lot of very good translations in games. When I think about it I had the opportunity to play all IE games not in English. It all comes down to hiring someone who has experience in localizing games in the given language. And there is an abundance of such companies in Europe. I'm also surprised at the exclusion of Italian, after all EFIGS is sort of a standard. However when you think about it English, French and German are most popular foreign languages and Spanish is among the most widely spoken languages in the world. Italian after all doesn't have so many native and/or foreign speakers.
  20. This thread has been up for a couple of days now. Europe seems to have a majority constantly. It would be still interesting to see the country break up also.
  21. I'd also prefer if there were no binary choices, but multiple, implying a more shades of gray morality. However what I would like most is that choosing the ultimately right (or wrong, why not ) thing would be a big deal. Meaning it would be possible but difficult and preferably non obvious, in most of the more relevant decisions, and in some less relevant unobtainable at all.
  22. I like when there's slavery in the game. Always whether the mechanics allow it or not I play a slaver hunter then, and slaughter every-****ing-last-one-of-them.
  23. Well I'm all for the no max level philosophy However I do agree that I'd prefer that the level 1 street thug will always remain relevant. Remember the end of The Witcher saga?
  24. I always prefer when magic is a big deal. Everyone heard of it, not many have seen it. Magic could be rare in civilized parts of the world and more common in less civilized parts. In some form of wild magic, that is untamable and dangerous. With some frontier villages having strange (maybe occult) traditions.
  25. Each country has it's own set of rules. From what I know Germany has the strictest ones. Showing Nazi symbols for example is totally banned in games there.
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