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  1. I appreciate the novelty of your idea, but please no. Personally I would rather the designers be able to set up elaborate questlines etc in an area they can define.
  2. I think the entire score should be performed by a Peruvian flute band.
  3. I understand the hesitancy behind not wanting to push players into factions, but IMO it's silly to have political and social maneuvering that is not tied in some way to various groups/sects/factions. I hope there is political & social depth to the game, and that our actions and decisions can have consequences beyond time to level up. =)
  4. I think my post got buried in the previous thread. Pledge was upped, please add me as: Dread Pirate of the Obsidian Order Thanks. =)
  5. Op... you suffer a common misconception about arrows vs plate armor. Nothing in life is ever so simple, and an arrow vs plate or even chain armor isn't either. First, there are MANY different kinds of arrow. There are specialized arrows designed to penetrate chain, and arrows designed to inflict blunt force trauma to plate. Some plate armor was susceptible to joint penetration. Some, such as thin low grade iron plate, could be penetrated by arrow or crossbow with little difficulty. Steel plate provided a far greater challenge, and an expertly designed and manufactured component of steel plate stood up fairly well against arrows and bolts alike. On top of that, remember that arrows that are fired in an arc do not hit their target straight on, and both plate and chain is far more likely to shrug off even armor piercing bodkins in those cases. There have been many test firings of arrows vs different types of armor in laboratory settings and it takes a the right arrow under the right conditions to penetrate enough to seriously injure or kill. So... to get right to the point... bows/arrows are useful, and they can be deadly when used appropriately and under ideal circumstances, but combat - both ancient and modern - is rarely fought under ideal anything.
  6. It's a good question. To be honest, in a crpg I appreciate unlimited basic ammo. The reason being, you tend to fight a LOT more monsters over a much shorter period of time than you do in a table top setting, and the ammunition management quickly becomes a chore. That said, not enough of a chore that I spend too much time grousing about it, but it's not a FUN part of the gameplay experience to me. The table top session is a different animal and ammo management can be more easily accomplished. Special ammo (+1 or better, special damage types, etc)... limited all the way. Besides, most IE games eventually let you discover some unlimited ammo ranged weapons, so the mechanic itself wasn't apparently considered too destructive to balance.
  7. Kangaxx, man I haven't thought about that fight in a long, long time. That was brutal and I couldn't clear it until I had read a few strategies.
  8. Yeah, because not wanting to put some kind of PC straight jacket on a dev team, so that they can make their own aesthetic decisions (whatever they may be) about their own game means I want chainmail bikinis. Your logic is impeccable. Personally I prefer the familiarity of medieval armor. I like the martial look. But if it means people like you will toss and turn sleeplessly at night, I seriously hope OE goes for the chainmail bikini thing. Really, I'm all in at this point. Chainmail bikinis, you have my vote!
  9. Plate armor is not a uniform mode of protection. Greek and Roman cuirasses ended well short of the navel. With similar length undergarment it would easily expose a midriff, and that's real armor that was used by thousands of real soldiers in antiquity. Now, they didn't actually expose their midriffs (that I'm aware of), and women were never a part of the equation... but...
  10. Nobody is actually arguing for boob mail, but what's clear as day is many of the people "in the middle" are actually defending the prudish notion that there is NEVER a moment when a design team "goes sexy" that works, is appropriate, or in any way OK. Many excellent games, both crpg and tabletop of days past, have made art decisions that stray from "is this armor 100% functional" in order to convey an artistic, stylistic look of a different sort. What is infantile and ridiculous is the assertion that people wanting to preserve the art team's capacity to do their jobs without having to worry about what a bunch of "functionality prudes" think, is somehow infantile and ridiculous. lol
  11. I can't remember exactly where, I think maybe the Kickstarter comment stream, but Feargus said he and the team would be very interested in pursuing a table top component to the IP if it was successful.
  12. I get your overall point but really, you don't want dramatic outcomes from story choices? No dramatic outcomes? Are we interested in playing this as a fantasy game of high adventure, or a fantasy life simulator? Is the entire POINT of these kinds of games not "dramatic outcomes"? Also, you want to be able to predict everything? Really? No need for talented writers then.
  13. I am hoping that the choice system has some significant long game consequences. The fact that OE made Alpha Protocol, and that they apparently love that game, gives me hope that the type of branching story-line system that was so central to that game might have some (at least limited) application in PE.
  14. Fortunately there are many outstanding universal systems that are routinely modified to meet the needs of a particular setting. Popular IP's commonly select the most suitable pre-made RPG system and modify it to their needs these days. It's not like 20-30 years ago when every new game was exactly that, a very new game.
  15. In light of other threads, my female warriors will specialize in barbed boob spikes.
  16. So what have we seen here. A group of people who vomit at the sight of a bit of boob. Who apparently think PS:T was uninspiring and dull. Who apparently think a fantasy roleplaying game is an appropriate place to wage their slice of the culture war. I don't care one way or another, OE could go full on Frazetta naked-Conan in chosen art style and I'd play their game. They could go full on Norman-Amish androgynous warrior universe and I'd play their game. But, because of all of this fake outrage, I'm SERIOUSLY hoping that in this original setting, clothing of any type has not been invented and all you culture warriors have dozens of hours of both male and female butts and boobs to look forward to. That would be your just rewards for mucking up this fantasy-inspired landscape, with your modern PC sensibilities.
  17. I didn't realize so many old school RPG aficionados had so many problems with old school RPG's. lol
  18. And I'll just add, I hope that OE takes more character model/portrait inspiration from the likes of Frazetta (especially Frazetta), Vallejo, Royo, and Brom, than a bunch of forum culture warriors that want to turn this computer roleplaying game into a cultural battleground. Ugh.
  19. My gaming spirit dies a little bit on the inside whenever I read things like, "If I see side boob in a game I immediately uninstall and quietly cry in a corner." The fact that this conversation even needs to be had makes ME want to quietly cry in a corner. I trust the devs to create a world that is textually and visually interesting, based upon what artistically inspires them. Attractive people and alluring clothing can be a component of that equation. I'd rather not play in an Amish inspired fantasy setting, thanks.
  20. Since a not insignificant percentage of OE's Kickstarter funds aren't going to be available for development (Various fees, funding the prize patrol, etc), it's probably smart to NOT divert time, energy, and money to major side projects like coop/mp. I'd much prefer that time, energy, and money be (wisely) invested in core gameplay instead. If the final product is rock solid and OE has a new hit franchise on their hands then maybe PE2 or whatnot can have coop. But please, not this one. Too risky.
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