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  1. While I'm unsure it would fit with the setting (minimal resurrection magic and all), I've always loved the idea of a god of death who in order to communicate with his priests had to bring them to death's door. If they wanted to communicate with him, they'd have to near fatally injure themselves. If he wanted to speak to them? Well, let's just say that his head priest has been struck by lightning over twenty times, hit by a runaway carriage at least a half dozen, trampled by an angry mob twice, and attacked by an amorous yeti once.
  2. I want helping out people in-game to make a difference. So you saved the merchant's life? He gave you an old enchanted helmet, right? But after that he sells to you at the same rate, and he still charges you fifty gold to see his special stock every time. I want him to be genuinely grateful. You saved the elven town? I want them to be available as allies when I face the final battle. And speaking of final battles... I want a final battle that has a horde. Mountains of bad guys. Adamantine golems, and big nasty demons everywhere. Sure, if you're stealth specced, you may be able to sneak past them, but they're there and they're scary. I don't know if the last two would fit in PE, but they're some of my favorite heroic fantasy tropes.
  3. There was a kingdom in Eberon (D&D world), I want to say it was Karnath, but it's been a while since I've played... Anyway, they were big on necromancy. How big? The average soldier took pride in knowing that if he died on the battlefield, he'd be able to help defend his brethren and nation after his death as well as before. Is it really evil if you have consent (and not just consent, but requests)?
  4. If I wanted to play a game with a billion thing to do that I didn't care about, I'd be playing Skyrim. Please, Obsidian, make events in the game that I can care about, not generic quests issued by generic npcs for generic dungeons. Really hope this didn't triple post. Kid got a hold of keyboard.
  5. The day (literally the day) after the kickstarter came out (and I put in my twenty bucks) we discovered that oops, we were about 2 grand in debt with the credit card. It was cheese's fault (long story). So yeah, I wish I could have upgraded a bit, nabbed the expansion pack, cloth map, etc, but for now me and my kids are just shy of living on raman. I'd rather keep the house than fund too much.
  6. The rogue can be much more than that. The rogue can be the face of the party. The laughing scoundrel who can peel the skivvies off a maiden at a glance from thirty yards away. He can schmooze with the merchants and get the party the information they need. Sure, stealing and traps are all and well for dungeons, but sometimes in town different skills are needed. Look at it this way. In the A-Team, Mr. T was the fighter. Murdoc was the mage. Face was the rogue. Without the rogue's work, the rest of the team wouldn't be able to function. Heck, half the time without him they wouldn't be able to find work. Either way, I argue "screw the D&D standards." You don't need backstab if you have witty remarks that can embarrass and harass the enemy to reduce their combat capabilities. While some of this might fall traditionally to the bard, I think it's something very different. Rogues wouldn't collect lore, nor play instruments. They'd just be very good at communicating with people.
  7. Sometimes in games I like playing "what if" games. You know, little experiments. "What if I really can take this red dragon on? Sure, I know it's a bad idea, but I'm curious. I get one shotted? That's about what I expected. Time to load." Games that constantly autosave prevent me from doing this. I find restrictions like this annoying. If someone wants to save scum, I don't see why they can't. The only person they're taking the fun away from is themself. That's the beauty of a single player game.
  8. Steam does a decent job of keeping everything updated, which can be convenient, but the DRM issue can come up at unexpected times. Say your steam account gets hacked. It'll take you a few days to be able to play your games again. Say you bought something with your credit card and a family member freezes payment without you realizing. Instead of just taking that game away (which they definitely should do), they freeze your account. Once again, it'll take at least a few days to get things straightened out. Then there's support. If a game has trouble playing? Ask the manufacturer. Steam cannot help you. You ask for a refund because the game won't work? Sometimes they'll let you, but expect that to take a few days. Long story short, Steam is very convenient until things screw up. Then expect to have days to weeks where you can't play a single one of your games. Steam really needs to up their customer service. GoG, on the other hand... Nothing short of my computer breaking down keeps me from playing the games I've purchased from GoG. They guarantee their games will run on win 7. I've had to spend hours getting games from Steam to work the way I want. I spent three hours trying to get Horde to work, and the last time I tried it required me to restart my computer in safe mode to get it functioning (not joking here). Not so much the case with anything I've bought on GoG. If you want to buy a game that is steam only (like skyrim), I recommend buying it through Amazon. Unlike steam, Amazon actually has good customer service (they responded within an hour) and amazon will actually help with game issues, which steam itself will not. tl;dr: Steam's customer service sucks, GoG is more convenient, buy games that activate on steam only through amazon.com
  9. If it sells a million units at release I could see them releasing it for consoles, but until that happens, I just don't see it. Keep in mind, the game will require a decent computer to run, but they're not claiming it needs to be completely top end. I wouldn't be surprised if in the end a console could run a decent version of it, with enough work. Sure, everyone would complain about the controls, but it's not too bad because there's a pause option. Worst case scenario, you go with a USB mouse and keyboard. So much extra money is required for liscensing, testing development, etc etc, but that's not the main reason it won't spread to consoles. The main reason it won't spread to consoles is that it's not a mainstream game, and odds are against there being enough demand for it on consoles. Most of the people who want this have PCs. If it sells well over a million copies all bets are off, but let's be honest. This is a game whose fans will passionately love it, but those fans will be a minority of gamers.
  10. I like regional scaling if done without breaking immersion. Big nasty bandits don't show up near the Imperial capitol because it's frequently patrolled. But man, if you head out to the wilds you can get curb stomped. Level scaling is okay if they do it very subtly, but it's hard to pull off. BG II did level scaling pretty good, imo. I like my random encounters to be fairly random, but not completely crazy. I also like the idea of having random encounters that aren't necessarily fights. Remember the caravans and whatnot you could run into in fallout?
  11. Yeah, I wish funding wasn't limited to one month, just because right now we're kinda in debt what with things in the house breaking down. I'd love to give them money as I have it, but I can understand them wanting to stick to a bit more predictable fund raising.
  12. Compare BGI and II to NWN. NWN had mod tools, but its campaign kinda sucked. I'd like mod tools if they sacrifice NOTHING to get them. Good story and gameplay is the most important thing to me. I mean, even if they don't introduce modding tools, you know someone's going to weidu something up.
  13. C'mon, no references of Aerosmth's "Hole in my soul"? No "souljer" jokes? As for a real name... Broken The Endless Professor Boddfluid or: How I learned to stop worrying and love the soul ...Let's just say that I'm not the one that usually named our D&D campaigns.
  14. Physical Adept: a maic user (it sounded like many characters were going to do this, what with all the soul stuff) who uses his magic to make himself more physically powerful. So your sword is the size of cloud's? That's okay, 'cause you can now bench press a small car. You can also take a bullet to the face.
  15. My main concern is that if unused characters stay at level 1, you'll have no incentive to EVER use them. I don't want to necessarily be able to switch toons at the drop of a hat ala KOTOR, but I would like the ability to switch to a new character if I just ran across them. And if I try out that new character for a dungeon and see that they really don't mix well with my team, I want the chance to swap them out after that dungeon. I'd like it if I wasn't punished too horribly much for doing this.
  16. Remember the old games where you could do things like out-talk the villain, but only if you maxxed your speech and science? I don't mind min/maxing if you actually have to sacrifice something meaningful to achieve it.
  17. I don't mind SOME inventory tetris... but c'mon, this is a game about exploration. You need plenty of space to hold the two dozen halberds that the gnolls you just killed dropped. I can understand that you don't want me packratting everything I ever found ala fallout 2, but don't restrict me like Resident Evil 4. That was more annoying than anything. It didn't make for hard decisions, it made for tons of herb combining and a lot of skipped ammo. I'd prefer something like ye old planescape/bg. Some spare inventory, but not unlimited. Heck, it'd also be nice if there were some hidden goodies like BGII's bags of holding. ESPECIALLY for missile weapons. It was annoying when you could only have stacks of 20 arrows, and I really don't think it helped immersion.
  18. At least you can skip candlekeep. You're only there for 20 minutes if you choose to be there. Otherwise 1 minute and you're off. Sorry, I can't type with a kid on me.
  19. It sounds promising. Insert fifty unlikely demands here, including cameos, fourth wall-breaking jokes, and pizza deliveries. But yeah, more or less what I was hoping for. Why no small developers (read: indie programmers) seem to have projects like this going on is beyond me.
  20. Do you know what that sound is, highness? Those are the shrieking eels. If you don't believe me, just wait. They always grow louder when they're about the feed on human flesh. My only problem with the really weird spells in in their capacity to change the theme of the game. It doesn't matter if the big bad boss killed your parents, wife, and kids, if you kill him by turning his head into an umbrella the game ends up goofy.
  21. Please don't use jump scares. They get boring quickly. But subtle horror works great. The dreams of the little eyeless girl who stands above their sleeping forms smiling, the town where everyone is just slightly off, the mirror in which your reflection just might be smirking at you, but you're not sure. Those things that make the hair rise on the back of your neck. The problem with any sort of horror that tends to work for me is that it's hard to isolate, gameplay wise. It takes buildup, and if done too often it loses its effect. Vampire:The Masquerade:Bloodlines:too many colons attempted to have a great deal of horror hidden in its humor and violence. The hotel scared me. Most of the rest of the "horror" segments, in my opinion, didn't work very well. The pacing was off, the segments would be too short or too obvious, or there would be puzzles that would ruin the immersion. Take, for instance, the ruined hospital. You see everyone getting dragged downward in their recordings, and things are a bit interesting. But then you have to try to get down there. You begin to wonder how someone could have stacked that many wheelchairs that perfectly to block all of the doors. You then spend the next five minutes trying to figure out how to get to the bottom of it all to confront the mysterious figure that grabbed all of the people. After confronting her, you find all of those wheelchairs and tables and whatnot have mysteriously disappeared so that you don't have to go through the long, annoying, twisting way to get out. The puzzle solving (as well as environmental changes for no good reason) detracted from the immersion, so there was no real feeling of horror there. Then again, I tend to think differently from many others, and I only paid twenty bucks into this game, so I wouldn't blame the developers if they'd rather go with a more popular approach.
  22. You forgot how in the first chapter of NWN you had to go to the four sections of Neverwinter and gather the four rare creatures required to cure the plague. But yeah, Bioware loves their standard fantasy. Blackisle, Troika, and Obsidian tend(ed) to do a great job of deconstructing fantasy. I wish they'd do dragon age 3. Bioware tried to pull an Obsidian, and it almost worked... I tend to look at it this way. Bioware tells great stories. Obsidian creates more believable worlds. Lastly, (10 year old spoilers) @MonteCarlo: Play Kotor 2 with the restored content patch. You ARE the threat to the galaxy that the jedi have to unite to oppose. I just played that part this morning.
  23. I vote for at least one character like Kreia. A female character who isn't automatically a sex symbol. I'm all for romances, but when every character is a sensitive but not whiny, caring but not wimpy, strong but not domineering, it starts to feel like a bad romance novel. And it only gets worse when there are five characters just throwing themselves at you, like sex crazed sluts (Anders, I'm looking at you). I'm fine with characters being gay/lesbian/whatever, but it seems that bisexual is quickly becoming another term for "person who sleeps with anyone they can as often as possible" in gaming romances. Edited for harsh language, apparently. So yeah, have romances. Don't make them cookie cutter. Feel free to add drama. But don't make it a "well, I flirted with her, so shortly before the last battle she'll put out for me" scenario. WIthout naming other developers, some seem to believe that love is only useful if it culminates in sex, and then it ends.
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