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  1. Yes, my question was simple but your answers were great! It's important that we talk about these things. Thanks everybody!
  2. Do you want billion things to do in game when there might be occasional boredom included... or do you want less but better and more meaningful things to do? I don't have much spare time so I vote for shorter gameplay where every moment feels like gold.
  3. If cheats make some people happy then why not. Less virus infected machines when people don't need to download ****ty malware cheatengines.
  4. I think there should be lots of recruitment options. You should be able to gain permanent allies but also be able to use mercenaries. It's fun when party is dynamic and some would join your party only for brief period of time. It would be nice to see that some members have agendas that they want to pursue. Like when party gets rich enough some might want to split gold and be on their way. If you say no they might become hostile. Also not all party members might get along so you should choose carefully who you recruit.
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