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  1. lol what are you guys talking about? There is no producer here.. They bought the IP from Bitcomposer and they were offered a publisher deal. They rejected and said they will go via kickstarter. No publisher that way. Why would they need to go via kickstarter if there was a publisher?
  2. Really man? How can you say the campaign sucked? I know that's an opinion but from the second act on the game is pure gold.. I'm playing it right now (again) which should be a testimony to it's brilliance. Also Come one man Aribeth? Fing awesome character! Not to mention the expansion packs..
  3. I just don't want them to say something like there was not enough funding etc.. Not only are we paying for the development but there will also be sales from this game. So I would really like it if they really considered this.. Else I might pull my pledge since the game made it's goal.. And even if I don't pull my pledge I'd be more then willing to double the amount if they add mod tools as a stretch goal.. P.S don't forget were talking about Unity here.. It's super easy to make mod tools for Unity..
  4. I think mod tools make the game 1000 times better.. Just look at say JA2 the community is still going strong on that game and I think it's more then a decade old!
  5. Well I think I speak for a large portion of the community when I say that we really really really really really really want mod tools as a stretch goal! Thoughts?
  6. Doungen Kepper!!!! 3!!!!! Please you have to make another Doungen Kepper! I demand you make another one! Lol thanks!
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