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  1. Cheers. Probably worth making that nearest quick-save a permanent then. And crunching through a 'safe' save while I wait.
  2. I don't have the patch yet (waiting on GoG) so I may as well ask now. I have both quests but only completed Wings of Steel, I only accepted the Dozen quest (by accident to boot, heh). Does this mean I'm trapped in the loop too? Or do I have to have completed both quests?
  3. They did admittedly say there would be full party custom. Though I wasn't sure how connected to the adventure hall that was. I would say as compromise -assuming both player-made and PC-made adventurers are in the Hall- that the player made characters be the eager beavers who go for free (or cheaply, if you designed the character to be a money grubber). That said, the PC-made adventurers would have to be pretty interesting to catch my attention in that situation... so the idea isn't perfect. EDIT: In fact, have it that player-made characters go up in price after a point. Say your fir
  4. As long as you are $8 or more above your reward tier, you are welcome! Awesome. Can I be the Whippersnapper of the Obsidian Order?
  5. I don't see a problem with having to hire people at the adventuring hall. In a realistic world the majority of people -especially in a place like an adventure hall -wouldn't just go 'sure I'll come with you for free'! A few would, and should in a game like this, but I think you should pay for the top tier dudes. I would hope however there's a way to haggle, or even an alternative way to pay, be it some quick quest or certain items. Either way, flexibility = money makes sense to me.
  6. I am possibly the worst riddle solver the world has ever seen, the only ones I solve are in the vain of 'what gets wetter as you get dryer'. So on that basis, I'm rather impartial to Riddles, since they always leave me stumped. I say put them in for those who enjoy them, but I'll personally be hitting google after about ten minutes of head-scratching.
  7. I wouldn't trust Anita with anything of more substance that the degree she wipes her arse with SPEAKING AS WOMYN RATHER THAN A SEXIST MYN.
  8. It could be done... but it feels more like a horror game mechanic than a large RPG mechanic. I think it could work if it was implemented as a sort of first act, like how in Fallout you have to find a water chip in X time. So you have to 'fix' yourself before proceeding. how you chose to do so (or not) could reshuffle the game.
  9. I'm a save-scum by nature so I'd be very happy with hard to v.hard. Not doing something minor early game completely destroying you late game has always struck me as utter bollocks though. An interesting and serious consequence? Totally up for that, but not a total end game.
  10. I'd rather have new game plus than continuation. But I wouldn't mind continuation with some damn good (and extensive) end game content.
  11. Oh man if it was memorisation based you bet I would never be equipped for actual combat. Unless I could 'open' a goblins ribcage (ooooo, now that's food for thought..). I would say make the mage spells less reliable than a lockpick. I don't think anybody wants mages to take over as rouges (I'm fond of both classes). The problem currently is these days magicians end up like squishy fighters with little to no out of combat abilities to make up for it.
  12. i'd be all for this. A mage would be my first choice more often in games if I had out-of-combat abilities. Instead I often end up being a rouge so I can go everywhere I want to go.
  13. Skyrim's dragon'd me out. I'm currently sick of the buggers. That said come 2014 I might have another hankering for some good old Dragon slaying. Just so long as they're speacial and don't drop down on you every time you leave a house.
  14. You could technically say Fallout and Planescape, if you mean which games I played that got me hooked to isometric RPGs/the company. If we really focus on the kickstarter, my brain just sort of went 'Obsidian, Kickstarter' and then my money disappeared. Basically, if Obsidian pull this off, it'll be a kickstarter dream for me. It would be a perfect example of what I hoped kickstarter could do.
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