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  1. Just as notice. My order (scheduled for 15th to 17th April, arrived 22nd April) still has status "shipping soon" So the package may be delivered to you any day.
  2. My box finally arrived today. The Box is huge and 90% of it is filled with air. I hope the box for gamediscs fills the void.
  3. I was promised delivery from 15th to 17th, see a few sites before. Still no package, no Tracking number and no explanation, excuse or notice from obsidian/paradox. I am disappointed to a degree I think I wont support another obsidian project over kickstarter.
  4. Finally got my confirmation as well. Location: Germany Esitmated Delivery: April 15th to 17th ( + 5 Days from now) No tracking number included, sent by "Royal Mail International Standard" Perfectly placed at the start of my new semester.
  5. That's great. So I can lean back and wait patiently
  6. Hi, I made a support request early on Sunday about exchanging the boxed edition in my pledge order (97L1MAFLXXC7L) with an collectors edition. As the 22th is approaching I am about to get worried. I am willing to provide the missing 70$ in any way most convenient for you. Could you please take a look at this and calm my mind?
  7. Yes we definitely need a "cheat" console. The one in Baldurs Gate was useful in many ways. First I think that, in a single player game, people who like to cheat should be able to cheat. Use an option in an ini file for who have difficulty to keep themself from using it. Second it gives developers much freedom. Mod creators can test changes in their scripts without exiting the game, users who experienced a bug, for example a missed trigger, can fix this. An example: http://www.gamebanshee.com/forums/threads/viconia-romance-not-starting.84120/ Fun Cheats like the cow in BG provide fun, s
  8. I can't support this idea, but I welcome little gimmicks. For example in the old Sierra game "Loom" the was a little but significant scene which appeared only on the hardest difficulty level. It didn't change anything in gameplay though.
  9. There is a big difference between MMOs and RPG multiplayer. I had much fun playing Baldurs Gate with a friend. We played mostly in one room, everybody could control the NPCs he liked (and decide in dialogues with them). Conversation choices and combat tactics where discussed and all together it was an awesome experience. It works well, you just need better teamwork. I like the idea of an additional Kickstarter for multiplayer, but I guess its to late now. Implementing it later on is nearly impossible, the amount of work is more than double that of adding it right away.
  10. Same for me. It would like to comment on "You'd be surprised..." as I have good programming experience and did design (very little) multiplayer games and wrote the networking for some robots playing a game of "mensch ärgere dich nicht" on a special build game field. So I think I can somehow estimate the amount of work which will be needed to do this. Of course in a company like obisdian I have to add management costs and other factors into it, but the numbers still stay resonable. Anyway, I have to get sleep, so I wont bother for now as the decision has been made. Here is an comment D
  11. Also if you move/shake a hourglass the sand sticks together and runs slower into the bottom half. Edit: puzzles are great too
  12. I hope Project Eternity features some nice riddles like the Baldurs Gate series did. Little ones like "I have two heads but one body. The more I stand still, the faster I run" and big ones which involve quite an amount of thinking. They can be integrated in various ways into the game. A chest containing an Elvish sword of great antiquity which can only be opened by solving the riddle on the paper you found in the desk or an statue which guards the entrance to an mysterious cave. Off course difficult riddles shouldn't hinder the game progress but maybe open up some fascinating side qu
  13. I really hope they will look into implementing it. With the huge amount of money already raised and no need to spend it on advertisements I dont think it will harm the quality of the game. A simple multiplayer like in Baldurs Gate doesn't require a huge amount of development time. No need to target the game at multiple players. Just the possibility for multiple players to experience the single player campaign together by synchronizing their game states over network. Edit: There is no sense in adding multiplayer as DLC. I has to be done right away. As a developer myself I know it drives y
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