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  1. I don't like a massive classical orchestra as much as a decent solo track. Often times when a battle is imminent, a huge orchestra plays epic music - that's not so much my cup of tea, but I don't mind it if its well done. I'd rather like to hear the drums of war and very deep sounding war horns (I don't actually know what these are called)
  2. Live musicians with instruments from the medieval era? Anyways, I hope 4m is possible!
  3. You should make inns the place to hire (create) companions. Adventurer's Hall feels kinda artificial.
  4. The concept art is of good quality and the artist surely has talent, but what she draws lacks a certain power/charisma. Forton is probably supposed to look hardened, but his head looks like the one of a sad old woman.
  5. Those are live musicians without a doubt, and of course, it sounds great. That's what we call "source music" in the audio field. Meaning, it isn't a sound track superimposed over the presented material, but rather it comes from an actual source from within the scene (radios and bands are a good example of that). I agree, it would be great to have. I can tell you this is a subject that's come up several times over many projects at Obsidian and people are usually receptive to it. It just needs to make sense in the world of PE... I see, that means you could sneak yourself in as a
  6. There needs to be tavern music in PE similar to the ones you listed. It doesn't sound perfect but that's the point of it. A music of ragged tavern musicians and drunken bards. It immediatly conjures an immersing atmosphere.
  7. Not that I am in favor of chainmail-bikini (well, maybe I am.. ) but cadegund's full plate armor is not actually practical for traveling. How long is she gonna last in the blazing sun on an 8 hour march? Unless you are some kind of super-mutant, I doubt anyone could last more than an hour in that thing.
  8. Who cares what it is? What it is, is the entire point! And that’s Kickstarter, not a warehouse. You pledge a sum because you want to see this game made, you don’t pay to get copies of the game in bulk. Think it over: every digital copy you receive you’ll pass on to friends and relatives because you have no use for five PE serial numbers. That’s fine, there’s nothing wrong with that but of course it’s a ‘loss’: those are five or ten copies that go to (otherwise) prospective buyers. To give more free digital copies is economically unfavourable for Obsidian. Digital, so no loss – really
  9. Obsidian marketing people just failed hard here, that's my point.
  10. Why so few? Its digital, after all - no loss. I saw a couple of fan-rpg sites trying to raise funds for a $1,000 - $5,000 reward. Those high level rewards would be perfect for communities and fansites to raise funds, yet obsidian is obviously blind to the issue. They should have planned for this from the start.
  11. Justin, as I understand there will prabably be several soundtracks for different settings, could you make one like in Diablo 1 tristram with just the guitar? Sometimes it is so fitting just to hear a single instrument (or very few). Nothing too fancy, yet sets the mood perfectly! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q2evIg-aYw8
  12. A simple cooldown system might make sense with the souls concept, but it's rather unimaginative. I hope they figure out something new, maybe a combination of the two, or even a third ingredient.
  13. The stretch goal I want to see is: Hire some decent extra writers who flesh out every little thing that exists in the project eternity world.
  14. Mega dungeon sounds kinda lame, especially if you add levels for no other reason than it beeing a mega dungeon. The way it is presented in kickstarter, it comes across as a cheap dungeon hackfest. No thank you.
  15. Well, I don't want to be surrounded by yes-men and bootlickers. My ideal band of travellers would consist of a fool, a joker, a nutcase, a freak and a prisoner (with stockholm syndrome). Of course they would all respect you in some way, but it would be in no way an all harmonious party. Too bad there are only seven companions to choose from, so these - in my opinion way more interesting characters - will most likely not be considered by the devs.
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