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  1. Magic makes armors obsolete. The lack of realism in the fantasy settings is the only thing that has allowed mundane amors to coexist with magic. Usually they just add magic stuff to the standard medieval setting, *something*, profit!! Yes. Considering how powerful magic actually is, guns like the ones obsidian wants to implement simply do not matter that much. If you have "the magic" in your party. I think they will figure out ways to deal with guns through magic. Which, I say it again, makes this actually really exciting!
  2. I know the rest of your post goes on to more or less say something entirely different, but this stuck out to me. Because, as I've already pointed out, that's not really true. Even barring the fact that we still use body armor (though it's made of ceramics and kevlar instead of steel), metallic body armor didn't disappear with guns. Plate armor, in fact, only really came into popular use after the invention of guns. So no, guns didn't make armor immediately obsolete - they simply changed the design of armor. Didn't know that, I did some reading on wikipedia (The german article ab
  3. Oh I love this, a Gypsy Wagon, it's not possible to edit the poll, is it?
  4. Ok, I thought about this for a bit, and I changed my mind a after that. The main problem people have with guns is: They are too powerful. They completely changed everything on the battlefield. Armor became obsolete ... and so on. Now, what does Project Eternity have that the medieval world didn't? Yes, exactly right: Magic. Now what can magic do to stop a gun? Many things, for example: 1. A gun cannot fire when it is wet - cast a water spell (you have to be quick of course) 2. What stops a bullet? - Sand - cast sand armor 3. Does the mechanic work when its rusty? N
  5. Wow it looks very cool. If they decide not to implement it, l'll sure do it in a mod! I'd love to do the animation and this video is an excellent sample for it.
  6. So it probably would be something like the single-shot wheellock gun in this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=P8q4DicVBws
  7. Yeah, whats the point of speculating in a forum that is called "Project Eternity Speculation & Discussion".
  8. Having firearms in the game is the only thing that curbs my enthusiasm at the moment ..
  9. In the video, you can see even more of those sketches. The variety in the video does not even show all of the sketches that our artist did. She tried out a variety of styles and levels of dress. It's a high-level, low-detail pass on character ideas. Does that mean there will be muskets in the game, or is it all just a terrible, terrible mistake?
  10. Or we could have both! If you want traditional, let your companions live, if you want oddball, let them come back "odd" :D
  11. Given that souls play a major role in this game, your dead companions could come back in some kind of soul-bound way to an object, animal, spirit, undead, or even mind. I want my goblin-like herb-mixer remain in a talking voodo skull for example. Or your healer comes back as a ghost, the thief accompanies you as your shadow, the figther's soul in a weapon, the druid in an owl, the monk as a ghoul and so forth. In what form would you like to see a companion return to the world of the living?
  12. Yes, please add tons of these text rewards, obsidian!
  13. I'd love to finally let go of windows ... I really hope this reaches the 2.2m goal!
  14. Well that sounds to me like a plot device, something intended to advance the story. What I find more interesting is actually the opposite - Something which is not tied to my characters class and story. The more the player is outside of his "natural habitat", the more interesting things can happen.
  15. For me personally, I think the inn is the choice I like most. One of the advantages of this would be an easy and funny way to add sidequests and character development!
  16. Please make it possible to easily add or modify animations. This is often very hard to do - yet animations can enhance the games feel immensely - so please don't hardcode anything! Ideally we should be able to add or mod animation without the hassle of going trough 3 different converters, scripts, tools whatever. Maybe just a blender plugin? I'm not asking for a mod tools, just no restricted, hardcoded mess. I hope one of your devs sees this!
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