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  1. Does that mean I can't have a pretentious professor, philosopher with a handgun and a monocle as a companion?
  2. Or suck the bullet out of the gun with telekinesis!
  3. One way to solve this player-generated empty companion problem is for obsidian to provide character personality/story templates that you could attach to your companion.
  4. So you're saying people would pirate this game because they can't get ONE in game item? In this case, I call bull**** and say those people weren't going to buy the game anyways. Yes, that is what I'm saying. As soon as the game is out, people are going to torrent the "Backer version" they can't otherwise get. Who cares about one item you say? A lot of people do, even if it's only cosmetic. It's simply greed on obsidians side, they may get a little bump in the kickstarter phase, but it will hurt them in the long run.
  5. Believe me, pictures on the internet, high quality concept art, is way more effective than text updates. That's just how it is. Edit: Didn't mean to be a wise ass
  6. I don't like preorder dlc, that's exactly what it is. It is damaging to the community and fuels piracy.
  7. I say they are still stuck in old publishing habits .. kickstarter is something that needs constant exposure, not only a nuke news bomb. If there is some concept art every second dayfor example, people might stick around more and show them to other people ...
  8. Shouldn't we see some more, while kickstarter is still running? It means more money money money ...
  9. Too bad there is no "modifying animation" option. Animations are what I'm interested in ..
  10. It can buy a lot if you have the skills do it, and I'm sure obsidian does. Working with a publisher itself costs a lot of money I think, working through all the politics. They have certain demands you have to fulfill, like full voice acting by expensive well known actors, motion capturing, expensive cinematic, and they probably change their mind all the time so you have to scrap everything and start anew.
  11. I like crazy characters, they are usually the most interesting. There has to be a crazy one!
  12. I have nothing against unity, but really, not an AAA game? I'd be a tiny bit disappointed if it weren't so.
  13. Thank you for Linux support! I think unity is a good choice, but will you be able to improve the particle system in unity? Is it possible to make crispy clean particle effects rather than washed out stuff I've seen so far from unity games?
  14. Hmm, of course you will not actually rip off tattoos, you just remove them by magic or technique.
  15. Would you be in favor to a tattoos system similar to the one in Planescape: Torment? The tattoos would have an influence on your mind, body or soul.
  16. They didn't really suggest that just having a soul meant you can use magic, and in fact set up that some are simply more likely to develop supernatural ability (such as super human strenth) or something as flashy as outright magical power. It's there but it's not a definite. I agree with you! Somehow ... I think, the soul's power can just be "tapped" one way or another. There'd be different ways to approach it, willpower, meditation, logic ..
  17. You shouldn't be restricted by your class, it doesn't make any sense to me. It is an artificial barrier set by the developers. If everyone has a soul, everyone should be able to use magic.
  18. Your trapper should be able to spot a trap. What I've never seen in a game until now is that you, after you spotted them, could trigger them from a save distance with i.e. a piece of wood or a pebble. That is the most logical step to do if you are unable to circumvent or disarm them through skill. I haven't yet seen a system that I really like.
  19. Traps are either made to kill or to capture, so they should be something to be wary of. I'd like to see them as a skill to figure out how to build them out of your surroundings, rather than a pile of mechanic parts and junk that you can't possibly carry because of their weight.
  20. I think I'd cast some kind of hallucination and make his foot appear as a rat - and let him rid of this pestilence ridden vermin.
  21. Your opponent has a firearm. You are a magic user, you wear no armor. Your "magic veil" is usless agianst your opponents weapon. What spell do you cast?
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