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  1. But doing what? Moving everywhere at walking speed? I'm playing on an old rig, and a good amount of my playtime is spent on loading screens and quicksaving. (Almost at 80 hours of play, and currently in Twin Elms, almost finished Caed Nua.)
  2. Got a solution, better than nothing but still a little messy. The price to pay is the deactivation of further Steam Achievements for your savegame : activating the cheat modes does that. To get the quest working somehow, get back inside Lle a Rheman, activate your console (usually ~ , otherwise you can set up the console key in your game control configuration screen) and type iroll20s : this will activate the cheat commands. Then, type in : additem quest_item_bronze_weapons 1 This will add the items to your stash. When you get out, a delegation of Crucible Knight should greet y
  3. Got the same problem as everyone up there. Got locked out from Doemenel's and the Knights' path. Basically stuck. Have a workaround been found?
  4. I'm quite overwhelmed, thus far. The game is a real joy to play. -Keeping in mind that this comes from a guy who didn't like D&D system that much, the combat and character customization are very satisfying. Allow to experiment without committing your characters to a single playstyle, in part thanks to the fact that Weapon Specialization include a wide range of weapons, instead of one type. As well as modal fighting style. -The non-binary "alignment system" goes well with the game mature treatment of a non-manichean storytelling. -Despite my initial reservations on what I heard durin
  5. Just as I hoped, with its implications of collective un/consciousness, the chanter concept is Jungian as heck. I am joy.
  6. Anything that pops during play because you've awesomely slain whatthousandth enemy, or because you have simply reached a milestone during your play is absolutely horrible. I'm not that much an immersion fan, but this kind of pop-up makes me feel insulted. It's just as if I was reading a book in the subway, reading a particularly well-done characterization or development, only to get interrupted by a random stranger giving me a lollipop because I just finished the 100th page. Even a non-invasive page at the end of the book which'd describe all my achievements while reading (REACHED 50th PAG
  7. Sounds like a canine variant of a leucrotta from AD&D. As a DM, that was always a fun one to use on the players. Shiii... It *is* close to a Leucrotta. I started with the idea of a hyena which - instead of laughing disturbingly - would cry and whine to lure preys into thinking there's a human suffering out there. I crossed it with a mynah and worked from there. Shiii...² : it is actually an even older myth : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leucrotta So much for the collective unconscious.
  8. Myhenah : Solitary lupine predator of considerable weight, the Myhenah often hunts near small human settlements where it waits for solitary preys. It has the unique ability to mimicry human speech up to the tone, words and voice. Because it learned to use this unique ability to lure out humans, it usually prefers children or teenagers as its first victim. Once it finds a reckless prey straying too far from the settlement, it usually disables him before torturing him long enough to enrich its vocabulary and vocal knowledge. After this, it usually prowls around the village for two or th
  9. PS:T, Shin Megami Tensei III : Nocturne, Shadow of the Colossus, Star Control 2, amongst others. There are other games I'm hesitating to put there, like Alpha Centauri, Dragon Quarter, FFVII, Dark Souls, Battle Isle 2, Kotor 2, 9 hours, 9 doors, 9 persons. When I look this list, the only line I can draw between them is how memorable they are for me (memory being heavily influenced by emotions.) All those game are doing something special, and they aren't doing it in a superficial way. Whether it's gameplay, story, presentation, there is something the designers did and didn't stop at the fi
  10. People joining the PC must have a pretty solid reason for doing so. The reason should rarely be dependent on the PC's personality or identity, because it would cheapen both the NPC's motivation and ability to make choice for him/herself. On some touchy and critical matters, it's important that they voice their disapproval, but it would be even more relevant if instead from speaking, they acted. There's this "Pulp Fantasy" RPG trope that the player is some kind of God descending on earth, and that every companion is a good or bad-willing witness of everything the player does, seldom doing anyth
  11. My voice also goes for a limited number of slot for maintaining buff spells. As for the Stamina cost, I'd favor a temporary penalty to Max Stamina, depending on the quality of the buff spell. Since the goal is to stop bothering casting buff spells again and again, let the mage cast it once and decide when to scrap it in favor of something else, or generally improve its durability by limiting the amount of spells he's maintaining.
  12. The patrol and migration ideas are very good. Overall, the possibility that some patrols or reinforcements can sneak up on you while you're already fighting another enemy group is interesting and gives more weight to scouting, sneaking and preventive trap laying.
  13. Finishing moves are pure fluff and doesn't add anything to the game except for some "WOWTHAT'SOBEAUTIFULLYBRUTALI'MCRYING" effect. Even if I liked very much the special death animations of Fallout 1&2, I could go without. From my point of view, good sound design can easily provide the satisfying feeling of brutality that goes with a critical hit/kill.
  14. Jasede mentioned Krondor's riddle chests where you have to scrolls a limited amount of letters to answer of the riddle. If I'm correct, the amount of possible letter for each slot was limited to 4, which solves or at least reduce the mistakes one could do by typing the answer. On top of that, they were purely optional but provided a nice distraction to the game itself, while still being consistent with the setting and gameplay. Also, I think that language is a non-issue. Even when I was a young Internetless unhappy non-english speaker, I would pick up a dictionary and translate the words w
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