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  1. it's a two year old toshiba with a single nvidia graphics card. i suspect it's just a lack of optimization more than anything else. i'll wait an update or two and see what happens. both my mac and the tosh are laptops, but the mac is far beefier (no option on that, was a school purchase, would vastly prefer having spent the money on a PC).
  2. thanks for the tip on that. so... it loaded eventually. but there's so much lag with everything... like more than a minute to load a change between races, or from pressing a button, that it took me forever to even make a character. i was hoping it was just menu lag... but in game it's actually worse. so even though i got it loaded, it's completely unplayable for me until it comes out on mac or is optimized a lot more. it's so bad i can literally BARELY move the screen around. oh well. it looks pretty, and the little bit of the writing i've gotten to see is interesting as well.
  3. i waited ten minutes and nothing. i'll try it again i guess, and just let it sit there until it does something. if it does something.
  4. so i get into the game, noticed a few of the same things as other people (color blind on by default, it didn't save my button updates, etc). so the first time i got in, i was going with 1600x900 resolution. hit new game after looking over the options, and it plays the brief little intro thing where the view pans upwards... and then goes to a black screen. there is still audio as i can hear birds twittering and some music (which i'm assuming is the character creation screen), but i can't see anything, can't click on anything, nada. so i figured i'd try on a different resolution, same thing. tri
  5. being in the middle of writing something myself... i suspect he's gotten a fair amount done on it, but it isn't like you can just wave your hand and have a book written. or just sit down all at once and have it done either. it takes time, and a lot more effort than those who don't write would ever suspect. he also has the WL2 one that was actually a prior commitment to this one... so he's writing more than one at a time as well... complicates matters just a smidge.
  6. thanks, that's the info i was trying to find out (but hadn't heard back from anyone before this). i'll do so now.
  7. apparently you didn't pay attention to what i said at all... so hey. whateves. and summons more than once saved my tail in IW2, they weren't the early ones mind, but after about fifth level they were more than useful. elemental swarm anyone?
  8. all i know is i watched him do it. i never once said it was easy in the slightest, but it was one of his fav things to do. he used a half-orc paladin that worked... surprisingly well, dwarves druid, aasmir fighter, moon elvish wizard (if he wanted a "super party" he'd use a crow), wild elf sorcerer, then either a dwarven monk, a cleric or a ranger. the wizard is basically the key to the whole thing, you use magic missile, so you have a kite pretty much period, and using stealth is also kinda a key factor. it takes being extremely micro-managing of EVERY single action, movement, and pausing
  9. my brother took a level 1 party through to the ice palace before stopping. basically it took luring a single goblin away from the others, killing, resting, and basically getting an instant level from that. basically it was patience and playing EXTREMELY carefully. i watched him do it. it was kinda silly.
  10. could you give an example of what you mean, and why it constitutes that then?
  11. Ah, ok - never played AP (nor the WItcher 2) but wasn't the choice there a good thing? Didn't know people were bashing it. Being forced to replay the game if you want the full story is never a good thing. but in real life we NEVER get the full story. and... you are getting the full story, the story you helped create. if you decide you want to go with different decisions, you aren't getting another side of the same story, it's a different story all together because your actions are different, therefore the following chain of actions is different. so... i really don't see what you're
  12. i dunno, i think that romance one would be considering the way it was done.
  13. we won't be able to see it simply because it's going directly to obsidian through their own site now. we'd have to get the info directly from them. it'd be nice to know the current "final" tally though.
  14. i'll think on this and see if i can come up with something decent. really nice offer squeaky. i have to say i love the first romance poem. that was really well done.
  15. ok, i guess this is the place for this. i had to register another account (trimaj) to get my backer page to actually work. for some reason it wanted the same name here as i had on kickstarter. as a result of that, i suspect that both of my badges (one for the 250 tier) and the green k are not showing up on this account. i won't really know if they're on the other one either until it gets a post approved, but that is where i suspect that they are. basically i'm wondering if i could get them switched to this account, since it's the one that has my obsidian order title, and the one i orig
  16. hey everyone, how's it going? been a while. lol. that would be amusing lefphys, i have to say. *looks to the side* hrrm... it would seem that my badges are under the wrong account... one which should be posting momentarily since i just noticed i was in the wrong account. methinks i'll have to talk to a mod about this.
  17. oh yea. hi everyone. i'm truster/tristan from the comments section. been there since within a few hours of this thing starting up (literally, i remember not being able to access obsidian's homepage or the forums. it was funny), and i'm one of the earlier obsidian order members. if you have questions about things, i'll be happy to help you in whatever capacity i can. as for who i am i'm a writer who is going to school for art right now. currently working on a novel with a friend of mine who i met on another forum. not really got much else to say. if you wanna know more about me ask and you
  18. you should have gotten an e-mail explaining why the payment wasn't processed. so either follow those steps, or as was said before do it through paypal while it's still available. hope you get it figured out.
  19. yes, that is the correct sequence of actions. EDIT i think he meant after they'd have normally closed it down.
  20. @ commissarmega yea, that should work fine. just need to make sure it's the exact same amount is all.
  21. @ stoibs yes, you would that donate your own amount button. and yes, that's generally how they figure out what exactly you're doing.
  22. It's still partially their fault. It's not unreasonable to poke at them every now and then about this. it's only their fault if they're the ones handling the quality assurance. if they aren't, and it's the publisher doing it, then it's on the publisher. Almost every game development company has publishers. I'm sure they all to deal. yes, and in most of those cases the publisher is the one doing the QA. why do you think we're seeing so many day 1 patches now?
  23. latest paypal number is 41k, so we're already over 2.6 million in total. which is really awesome. also, i'm going to ask feargus if darren has figured anything about what i explained tomorrow. figured give them a little more time to get that figured out. of course they may include it in an update as well, but either way hopefully the information gets out. @ wirdjos definitely understandable. i might try to as well, but i really doubt i'll be able to make it to the next tier. sadly.
  24. something i can tell you is this: feargus specifically said that more money = more store. it's really that simple. and at the point they are at with this, they are building the world which means they have to get the mechanics sorted out, and the lore for why those mechanics are the way they are. they are literally at the very beginning of this game. they have a story concept, but can't really start fleshing it out yet because they don't have a world to flesh it out in yet. this isn't something they've been working on for months already because if they couldn't get the funding that would have b
  25. thanks. and not really, if they do what wasteland 2 did. they basically made a site so that you could link your paypal e-mail with your kickstarter one under a single account, and it's really easy to upgrade your pledge that way. i've already done it twice with wasteland.
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