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  1. I've seen every single south park ep multiple times, Cartman is evil allright. That's why I'm curious how that strand of the story plays out. I'll probably do a second playthrough anyhow, doing the good-guy routine
  2. Phew, turns out there was a path I hadn't explored yet. Butters is in my party so not sure about that door, but I was just thrown off by Cartman insisting on doing the catapult thing. The path I missed was the panning screen-flip just before the 4th grade classroom. I was just looking for marked exits/doors. *sigh*
  3. I have farted on the main door, and my friends have entered. Now I'm just stuck.
  4. I'm stuck on the front lobby of the school. I farted on the barrier (there's a sentence I never expected to type out) that covered the entrance, but I can't exit and Cartman only tells me to get on the catapult. As I haven't got a single savegame I can return to this predicament has made a very sad panda out of me.
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