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  1. I absolutely despise achievements which sole purpose is to applaud the player for picking a lock or opening a door, and other such nonsense, and I wholeheartedly believe they are a waste of developer time. That being said I acknowledge the fact that there are games out there that get achievements right, but I do not believe there's a place for them in PE. And I'm actually quite concerned to see that the Steam version will feature achievements but the GOG version won't. Which probably means the Steam version will get a bunch of junk achievements.
  2. For everyone saying no; he's not asking Obsidian to implement a copy of how Spellmaking worked in The Elder Scrolls where it was intentionally made broken, as was Alchemy and Enchanting, and thus could be exploited for your hearts content. OP. Perhaps it was a mistake to mention Elder Scrolls Yes for spellmaking in PE! or PE2.
  3. I think the Drakensang series had a pretty decent soundtrack, ranging from merry fantasy to dark and brooding. It's worth a watch.
  4. You should really post this in general discussion as it will, sadly, get more attention there than it ever will here.
  5. Romance as it was done in Baldur's Gate 2 and, to a degree, Neverwinter Nights 2 is all that I really need, or want, from a video game 'romance'. I strongly dislike the course Bioware took with Mass Effect and Dragon Age..
  6. In Obsidian's defense, I'd say Okku from Mask of the Betrayer was a pretty awesome companion. Other than that, I agree with you.
  7. I hope they implement this system, or atleast something like it: http://www.pocketplane.net/virtue Basically, you have a reputation and a virtue meter. Reputation is what the other people think of you, and virtue represents the morals of the party. So you could be a psychotic killer but still be a respected member of society because nobody knows about it. I promise if they go for a karma system I'll fart in a balloon and send it to their HQ.
  8. Because we want this game to be fun, not just for us, but for everyone. And while we can't prevent people from ruining their own game (as they are allowed to do), If it's within the power of the game designers to encourage players to play the game in a way that will be more enjoyable for them, why shouldn't they? Wait, so you're telling us that you know better than we do about what is best for us when it comes to having fun? "NO! You're having fun the WRONG WAY! Do this instead you quick saving philistine!" Are you out of your ****ing mind? I think sometimes the devs do know better, yes. Study after study shows that people are really bad at determining what will make them happy. If a player intends to save whenever the game gets a little challenging, then yes, I think I know better, I think the devs know better and they would be well within their rights to protect the integrity of their game and save people from themselves. The problem lies in that there is no clear solution which only works against the exploiting of features, but doesn't punish players who are using features the way they're intended. So you and your little protégé knows what's best for everyone? how cute. What an utterly useless thread, sadly one of many on this particular forum.
  9. Just have a gore/violance slider, it's the easiest solution and thus the best.
  10. I chose the Druid, then I remembered I'm supposed to play as a Dwarf.. Pikel Bouldershoulder, anyone? yes, I think I shall play as a Dwarven Druid.
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