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  1. Such as? In crpgs, I only remember ever seeing vancian or mana/cooldown based magic, and I didn't like either system very much. What I refuse to believe is an either/or mentality like: "We can't have tactical use of a large assortment of spells if it isn't done with memorization" My personal best shot, which took about 30 minutes to think of, is what I tried to describe as an exhaustion based system. http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/60261-how-should-magic-work/ I like to believe that Obsidian could do great things with this system, and it lends itself splendidly to a diversified character progression.
  2. I find it difficult to believe that rpg magic systems can be classified into "vancian" and "lazy, boring, underpowered waste of time" While I guess we all want an interesting and tactical experience, my view is that there are superior alternatives to memorization type magic systems for PC games.
  3. A bad tutorial does all these things, while a good one might leave one of the most lasting impressions of the game. (First thought that comes to mind is Bastion) I'm absolutely in favor of a well done tutorial, that becomes optional as soon as you have a savegame further down the road.
  4. Berk, jinx, cutter, dead-book... I love these words However, the cant permeated society and was ubiquitous in any stage and setting of the game. If the devs have the love, time and inclination to do it well, I'd definitely like to see a proper lingo for PE. Nevertheless, there's no shortcut with language. Anything else than full commitment will feel awkward.
  5. ok, ok... I get it, longbows are the ****...
  6. I'd rather not have the scarce resources of the project split in this way. For replay value I'd rather have several ways for the story to unfold.
  7. Would be cool, although I would consider it work time, not free time Since the main reason anyone posts here is the desire for own ideas to be included in the project, I strongly agree that face-time with the devs would go a long way towards satisfying the need of the forum community.
  8. I would love to play an archer, but I have yet to find a cRPG that makes long-range combat sufficiently "meaty". What do I mean? Impact of missiles should mean more than HP damage. I'm thinking as a minimum bracing animations, the regaining of balance by taking a step back. After a couple of hits, the target should look like a pincushion. I dislike vanishing arrows! I also dislike moderate damage dealing, rapid firing archers. That's boring. Arrows should be lethal to unarmored targets, but next to useless against plate armor and shields (that's what crossbows are for). At the same time, archers are dead meat in melee combat. To sum up, having an archer in the party should not feel like a permanent AoE DoT spell.
  9. I try to be pragmatic when considering what is possible with a $2mil budget. By far the most appealing option is lots and lots of 2d art, especially pencil sketches. Those looked incredibly good in BG, and a talented artist can churn out half a dozen in an hour. Items, weapons, spells, NPCs and even locations can all have their own mini-portraits. If these visual cues are given, the 3d model should be indistinct enough to allow the inner eye to complete the job.
  10. Great thoughts! I especially find your request for a detail limit interesting. Considering the budget constraint, I too would greatly prefer a pencil sketch and a short description for each weapon to super-detailed models. I also would prefer quick, fluid and varied (combat) animations with "blocky" character models to more detailed characters performing only a couple of animations day in and day out.
  11. Since people are enthusiastic about powerful, battle changing spells with long casting times, I'm thinking counter-magic would be an interesting specialization for mage characters. After identifying the type of spell cast by the enemy mage by watching the casting animation, the counter-mage needs to performs the appropriate counter spell. If this is done quickly enough, the enemy's casting attempt fails, or even backfires.
  12. Most of the time, I think explicitly showing brutality or its aftermath has much less impact than leaving it to the player's imagination. Setting the stage, then leaving it to the inner eye, so to speak. Uncovering the horror through dialogue or innuendo, observing the effects and psychological scars - this is the kind of presentation I'd like to see. I don't want to see lots of it, but what there is should definitely be told without sugarcoating. I'd love to see something surreal. Btw., consuming small amounts of the deceased is a funeral rite that actually exists. As soon as you read up on the motivations behind it, it's actually not horrible at all.
  13. I dunno. It's not like we're talking about food, or a basic necessity. Paying a low price for an old game is quite alright. Somehow it means it's still worth something. I'm talking $3.5-5. Piracy is so easy, that anyone who wants the game for free will get it without any hassle anyway. Developing country citizens with broadband access (usually $20-60 a month) have the money for this kind of investment. Aside from "honest pay for honest work", I feel that paying a token appreciation makes you cherish the game a little more.
  14. A second kickstarter way down the road of development, when the devs say they could do some cool stuff with more time (=money)
  15. I favor an exhaustion based casting system without cooldowns or mana pools. Basically, mages are able to cast as many spells as they want. However, each spell tires the caster. The same number of spells cast rapidly tire more than if cast at an even pace. Effects of exhaustion are cumulative: Spell failure chances increase, spells are less effective, defense is decreased, etc... In general, overall performance suffers. Therefore, the tactical option of nuking is available at a hefty price, (E.g. two high level spells in rapid succession at a boss fight, and the caster collapses) while being an unreasonable course of action in regular battles. Spells stay scant resources, but don't feel artificial in a way that "I have 3 fireballs and one confuse per day" does. Exhaustion empties to a semi-useful 75% on its own even during exploration, but can only be dropped to 0% by rare items, or by resting in a friendly area. (Btw, that's the reason I don't call it stamina/fatigue, as those normally regenerate to 100% on their own) I wouldn't limit this to spells, I'd actually like to see the same trade-offs for physical abilities.
  16. I'd like - always available spells - no mana - no resting while exploring - casting times - cumulative exhaustion from casting When mages get fatigued, their overall effectiveness (spells do less damage, mages become more vulnerable etc.) decreases. This happens with each spell they cast. Only rare items or a good night's sleep regenerates the exhaustion. The same should be true for physical characters and their abilities. When using abilities, they get tired and more vulnerable to attacks.
  17. I'm against scaling when it's done bad. (Oblivion) However, spawning enemies within a bell curve of equipment quality and strength is good. A totally unscaled game is linear to some degree, since there is always just one area that's right for you at a certain level. I'd like to visit the swamp, the castle, and the woods in any order I chose, without one the first being insanely difficult and the last a piece of cake.
  18. While the OP definitely has several good points, I don't understand why this would make him fear disappointment at this stage. Let's assume that all his concerns are correct: - the stretch goals were invented on the fly - We've got no real information about the game because there is no information - Obsidian is hiring for the project - there is no multi-language support - we won't have detailed access to the content of the game before release - we won't even have a lot of influence on how it is done - international shipping stays expensive - the development time takes too long (which due to the monis isn't so likely after all) Obsidian has an excellent track record, which is why we funded the project in the first place. We want a high quality product, just like its predecessors. We don't need to know how they make it; we didn't in the past. A few days ago, they went public with their idea - not knowing if the goal would be met in 31 days. Certainly they were not expecting to being fully funded and fans clamoring for details after 24h. I'd say: Let them open a bottle of champagne, sit down and enjoy their success. Then they can take the time to plan what needs to be done. A serious investment of time by acclaimed professionals can after all only be expected after funding. This is were we are at the moment. Obsidian delivered in the past, I see no reason why this time should be different. If in a month there is a suspicious lack of information... Then I'd get worried too.
  19. Beginnings can be awkward or awesome. We are usually dropped into a minutely developed world, and have no idea what's going on. How to avoid awkward questions? The most beautiful beginnings I know have been from PST and FO3. In PST the method is intricately thought-out amnesia that connects on many levels to the storyline. In FO3 you are literally born into a quarantined mini-world, and later released into the larger environment. Off the bat, I can think of two ways to make things interesting in Project Eternity. Gradual awakening to the world You never saw the world as it truly was. Blurred and unintelligible, many things you saw stayed incomprehensible until a something cures you of... - deaf- and blindness - a curse - ... The interesting part would be the transition. First you are in a kind of special needs situation. Your surroundings don't make much sense, most of what you understand and can say is gibberish. Then your character awakens to the world around you, and together with the player takes it in for the first time. Traumatic separation of body and soul The intro shows blurred recollections of the terrible act of someone ripping your body and soul apart (sufficiently blurry to make your original race a mystery). Your soul gets damaged, yadda, yadda, you get a new body, and the main storyline can include wanting to find out who and what you were before. It would be interesting if there were racial tensions in the game, and you can't be sure what you were before. I've got my own little dream of the main character being able to exist as a disembodied soul. It can not only invade dead creatures and animate the bodies, but dominate living ones's as well. Most of the time it will reside in an avatar it constructed from different materials, one of them being the soul's "characteristic" look indistinguishable from one of the sentient races. I tried to post a blueprint of this "transient" race on page 7 of the merged "races of the world" thread, but it got buried... So, what's your take?
  20. I like games depicting deeply flawed societies fleshed out in a way so no obvious solutions to all the injustices come to mind. The rule of law - Regular egalitarian societies are boring, but introducing a prominent social contract theory into the mix would spice things up. - Separate courts of law for aristocracy and commoners are getting old. In "The Book of the New Sun" by Gene Wolfe, I liked the way society as a whole was 99% segregated. Middle age society lived in the ruins of space age society (of the same race). The few remainders of the space age society ruled all, while never interacting with the lower classes or even explaining or giving name to their technologies and motives. Language and education Incredible studies exist on how language serves as a framework for our thinking. If a ruling class were to somehow keep the "high language" for themselves, technological and socio-economical advance of the lower classes would stagnate. It wouldn't make peasants dumb, just unable to visualize and develop certain thoughts. While unlikely in the real world, the Project Eternity setting offers magic. If well done, the player character could undergo a memorable transformation from not understanding many parts of his/her world to discovering it fresh) By the way, I'd much rather have the main quest be internal (PST), instead of external (BG). Wide reaching changes for society should be incidental to choices resulting from personal development. Religion In fantasy games there is usually a good reason to be religious, because (very human) deities interact with the world. I'd rather not have that. Leave supernatural occurrences inexplicable. Let there be theories, cults and religions, but no proof. Let there be skeptics and believers, and let religion be abused as a political tool. I'd love to see unique characters, such as the Weaver from China Mi
  21. Great post, sadly not too many people had the privilege of reading it. Have a bump!
  22. don't forget the stink meter. Personal hygiene is a must, as is a toothbrush + 1.
  23. I second this. People donate money for this project, they will also donate time and expertise. I'm not sure if there are legal barriers for "free work", but maybe a working solution can be found. Fans *will* translate, and if they get dev support and recognition, they'll enjoy it all the more.
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