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  1. I think the point about international markets is stronger tho. You can't have a unrestricted digital product that sells for a reasonable price all round the world. If you sell at a first world prices globaly you lock out poorer countries (which will just pirate anyway). If you sell it cheaply in those countries with out restriction first worlders will just buy from there cheaply. If you restrict it to enforce the price differential you are into the relams of DRM which just promotes the 'Pirated product is superior so pirate it' crowd. All of this is unneccessary if you a) achieve funding (
  2. I think you are missing the point. I'm paying for it (and would be paying more if there were any higher tier download only options) its other people who would be getting something for free. I've already covered the idea that consumers need to evolve (or self select) for this model to not feel riped off that they paid for something that other got for free (even tho is is exactly what happens with legitimate sales verus piracy). I backed this game as a simple transaction. A amount of money equivelent to a game moderately priced game for a game in the future since the current terms of the
  3. Piracy is so easy is a reason not to do it, its a major reason for it. I suppose what I'd ultimately want to see is money gathered up front for projects which will be free and open source. People still get what they want (perhaps much more specificaly want the want), companies get paid, a companies reputation is important and piracy is a non issue. Consumers would need to adjust a little to not begrude paying for something that others get for free but I'm already there (at least if I can pay a reasonable commodity type price like I can with project eternity and other kickstarter games)
  4. Would anyone else like to see a comitment to release the game in future under a royalty free license? I'm not talking about day one, more 3-5 years down the line. The pro's I think that a commitment of this kind shows that a company 'gets' kickstarter and the sentiments behind it an understands how to give back more than just a product. Obsidain gets a burst of cheap promotion and goodwill when the release happens much the same way as when Bethesda released its old elder scrolls games. Obviously the soon its done the more of each happens. It allows people to legititmately do something t
  5. While there are many good and more original ideas i'm all for a Planescape 2. As a previous poster pointed out it can't be Torment 2 but it could be Planescape 2. You guys have the experience of a successfull modern update of an old isometric game in New Vegas and I can see in my head how cool it would be to wander round Sigil in modern era first or third person. I know that even a wildly successful fund raising campaign may not give you a budget to consider a full 3d top flight style development so ye olde iso style might be a necessary restriction to fit the eventual budget. In t
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