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  1. I've backed this game in 2012 and after my first hour, i can't express my joy. A big thank you for all the fine folks over Obsidian and fellow backers.
  2. IMHO when you create your whole party then the whole concept of companions in rpg's are thrown out of the window. I don't like it, never liked it.
  3. Since your trouble seems to be focused and fixated on armor an weapons breaking, i need to urge that it's not a confirmed feature nor was a similar mechanic in BG or PT games so it probably won't be in P:E. Critical Hits by nature are there to offer dynamc challenges/rewards in combat. Sometimes this could depend on your partys equipment, sometimes it's your positioning choice of your characters in combat . It offers a certain level of exitement to combat since unexpected events could unfold , and if these mechanics are balanced those moments will be remembered fondly.
  4. I honestly don't know where you have gotten the idea that this kind of effects will happen all the time or that your enemies will fall faster than Felix Baumgartner. The consensus is, that critical hits and miss situations shouldn't happen often unless you're character is specialising in this direction (like rogues/duelist characters) or your char is equipped with gear that really doesn't fit him/her. I am quite sure that combat in P:E will not be like Diablo. Why? Because this is not a Hack&Slash type dungeon crawler and everybody wants tactical and suprising combat which probably means people or creatures here won't die in seconds unless they are facing a vastly overpowered foe.
  5. I think PE can only benefit from deep melee mechanics. In infinity games magic combat was very deep but melee combat was dull and under utilized.
  6. A forgotten god who wants to be worshipped again? And since he/she is powerless he/she doesn't need to be a jerk, actally could be friendly.
  7. If it adds something to the story then i'm all for it but if it's just a gimmick then it should be left out and the resources should used somewhere else.
  8. Then they would lose their abilities since Good is not allowed for Shar worshippers and Evil is not allowed for Torm worshippers. Then I would boot them from my party for being useless. In theory perhaps, But in Throne of Bhaal you could, in fact, change Viconia's Alignment to non-evil, and she becomes more powerful as a result. (her turn undead power actually destroys undead now, instead of just charming them) In any event, I'm not sure I agree with the notion that you should gather "alignment-compatable" companions in BG2. If you do, you'll miss out on some of the best banter exchanges in the game. The Minsc vs. Edwin banters are priceless. Mazzy vs. Edwin will leave you in stiches. Keldorn vs. Korgan banters are hilarious. You'll miss all that stuff if you just use an "all good" or "all evil" party. Yes, BG2 was more fun when you had to balance the tension between different minded party members. I also had the impression that you had more dialogs that way.
  9. http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/61000-critical-hits-misses-and-additional-effects/
  10. i liked BG2 but it's not my best rpg experience. For those who didn't played it please beware , here be spoilers! I especially not get the part with " Irenicus is the best written villain ever!" vibe. He is just an elf who lost his immortality and in order to get it back and take revenge wants to destroy the tree of life. The only parts i liked with Irenicus are the dream sequences when he talks about life and power but thats it. I think while terrible named the king of shadows from NWN2 was a far more complex villain but since he did not offered us his insight or thoughts like Irenicus he feels very dull. For someone who doesn't explore his background he comes certainly short compared to the chatty Irenicus. In all the games about FR i think MoTB offered the best villain with the betrayer. So i hope P:E takes this lesson and finds some clever way for us to understand the mind of our "villain" or whatever is behind all of this stuff that's happening to us. At least they should give him/her/it the oppurtunity to explain him/herself. So back to BG2... The NPC's their variety and interactions are the best part about BG2. Battling mages was very challenging but not because that the encounters were thoughtful or the enemy was smart or something. It was challenging because those mages had all their defense up the moment combat initiated. I always found it silly that an enemy mage could rise his defenses instantly while your petty lvl18 mage needed at least two turns for it. Deep combat looks different folks, that's not it. Melee or ranged combat was nothing special.
  11. It certainly wouldn't harm to study our modern views about the soul but i always thought it's more appropriate to focus on our ancient views than the modern ones. (The war of the ideologies era is certainly interesting too) . it fits the setting more.
  12. While it's becoming clear that souls will play a major part of the plot. It makes sense to make some research how our view of souls have shifted through the early stages of philosophy. i found this great link about the ancient theories of soul . To see our perception shifting through some trade-off between life and dead to the three aspect view from Plato was quite interesting.
  13. I'm all in for an arachnophobia option in the game so that players who don't like spiders can replace them with uhmm.. i don't know giant rats maybe? And if the person has also musophobia well then... Kistrel would weave a shirt for ya!
  14. I've made this mindmap to summarize the discussion so far. And i have thought about how to make the critical hit mechanic deeper. Like the factor of weapon type, armor type ...etc. The result is like this, hop you guys like it!
  15. Wow I never believed that the 3.5 million goal was reachable . Now we're talking about the next goal ! by the way I hope the two cities will be inspired from " A tale of two cities "
  16. While it would be awesome to reach that goal i'm not having my hopes high. Even 3 million seems like a dream to me.
  17. Eagerly awaiting the screenshot while polishing my +5 Holy Avenger. Will be fun to see this forum on fire.
  18. Both variants, point buying and dice rolling have their advanteges and disadvanteges. 1) Point Buying: -doesn't have the "Roll again to get better stats" routine. -Easier to balance the game. Because as a developer you know the maximum amount of skillpoints the user gets. If you also limit the max. points a skill can have, the easier it gets to balance the game. -Being very good at one thing (STR for example) will lead to being very bad at another thing or being medicore at everything else. This is a kind of balance. But ultimately it limits character creation options in favor of balancing. 2) Dice Rolling: -The amounts of skill points you get will depent don the roll -It offers the possibility to create a truly powerful character which could lead to balancing problems -Offers more variety to character generation from truly overpowering to laughably whimsy. I'm not favoring any of those. They both have their perks. so ultimately it will depend on how the devs want to create the game and how free they let the user be in creating a character.
  19. Resistances are great. It adds to combat variance. immunities on the other hand are annoying. I mean when Aerie yells for the tenth time "My weapon has no effect!" i was just striving to finish the encounter to shut her up . Those memories are still vibrant and i don't want to experience this kind of thing anytime soon.
  20. I think the main question is, how would having a dynamic economy serve story-telling purposes. RPGs ( not action RPGs) aim to tell a story. Crossroads keep was very well implemented and very detailed because it was part of the story. Unless there is similar angle in P:E i hope Obsidian doesn't spent resources on something that really doesn't adds to the story . When i go to a shop in an RPG it can have to goals, 1-) I want to sell junk or my inventory is full 2-) I want to buy something in order to upgrade my gear so i become more powerfull. So a system where merchants have unlimited amount of gold makes sure these become not much of a hassle. Otherwise i don't see much point in having dynamic economy where i have to run around to find a merchant with enough gold, which really doesn't sounds fun at all.
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