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  1. I am not getting prompted to press right on the stick. Not at all there is no prompt on the screen. I have no way of taking a video to show you this but that is what is happening. I press A to start the vacuum, then press left to move it over to the left. I wait and wait for the prompt but no prompt and Randy screams "Get it off" and then he dies. I press right when he's screaming and he still dies. Nothing works. I've watched your video you linked to and it shows prompts but I'm not getting those.
  2. I've made it to the last part of the abortion but I'm not getting prompted to move the vacuum and Randy still dies.
  3. Well it's not working for mine. When in that QTE I get killed over and over and over again. Any other time in the game my controller works fine. In other games I own the controller works fine. So it has to be the QTE itself. There is no other explanation.
  4. I've tried to complete this 20 times. I am on the Xbox 360. I get into the room where Randy is dressed up like a woman. The two Men in suits come in and I'm forced to do a abortion. This is where the QTE comes in and it's broken. The first time it starts to fail is when I have to inject him, it fails to register my pressing down on the left analog stick two to three times. I've even been killed by the men for failing this due to the game failing to register my controller option. I've tried this with 2 other controllers with the same result so it's not my controller. If I get past that I have to put the metal rod into Randy's behind and then move my analog stick in a counter clockwise direction. The game fails to completely register the movement of my analog stick. Again I've tried this with 2 other controllers and still it won't register. All I ever get is "Ooh that's cold" from Randy and then after a minute he starts to bleed I get shot. I've reloaded from earlier saves, I've reloaded from checkpoints. I'm still getting killed. This is a major bug in the game. I've went online and looked at video's of this being done and completed successfully but those video's are of the PC version. I've only gotten the prompt from Randy saying that's as wide as he goes and then he still bleeds and I get killed. I never get the prompt to go to the next step and I haven't ever gotten the "that's as wide as I go" dialogue after the first and only time. So this is a major game breaking bug on the Xbox 360 that needs to be addressed immediately. I cannot progress past this point in the game.
  5. Respecing is inside of the DLC itself. You can access the DLC after completing the Grand Chapterhouse quest and opening the portal to bring Odo and Martin to the Grand Chapterhouse. As for builds, those are of personal preference. A purely human build is for up close and personal combat, while a purely flame build is for long range attacks. The best I've seen and come across personally is a combo build. Pick a few talents from the flame form and a few talents from the human build and specialize in those talents alone. The human build is for the up close and personal combat when monsters get too close and you can't get away. The flame build is of course for long range attacks. As for lucas, build him up to be a tank. Take skills that enhance his defensive capabilities. This way he can soak damage and stay alive longer. It's the best build for him while he is your companion and you are using a weaker character like Anjali, the mage guy and the gun girl as your main avatar in the game.
  6. I don't know. I was hoping for one for the 360 version as well. A lot of us are unhappy with the camera angle stuff especially during the MP part of the game.
  7. I would have gotten this but it's only for the PC version of the game. Which sucked.
  8. I think you have to recover your gamertag and earn them again. Why would I need to recover my GT when any other game and any other DLC achievements unlock and add to my gamer score just fine? No other game I've played does this.
  9. Still having my achievements for the DLC not affect my gamer score on the 360 version of the DLC. I have them unlocked but no joy.
  10. DLC achievements are not affecting my gamer score on the xbox 360. I've unlocked them but my gamer score for the game remains at 810. I know the DLC total score is of 250. I unlocked all of the achievements for the game but they do not reflect it in my gamer score. I beat the game initially on casual difficulty before the DLC came out. I got a few of the co-op online achievements as well. Giving me a total of 810. When I defeated the DLC I got all 250 points but instead of having the gamer score reflect it by going up to 1060, it's staying at 810. This is a major glitch in the game itself.
  11. They are not sustained. They take up 2 orbs to activate and the remaining 2-3 orbs as well. They are a major one time use thing until you rebuild your orbs back up to at least 2. Healing is good especially against the final boss of the DLC. Reminded me of the boss fight against Jeyne when you have to defeat all those waves of enemies in the tower. This boss fight is just as bad as that. Anyhow the healing ability was very very useful in that final battle.
  12. The DLC isn't a post game DLC. The endgame autosave happens after you defeat Jeyne in her tower and then take the lift all the way down to the portal thing where you go through and have to cross over back to the chapter house. That is where you get the endgame auto save. Any save you create after you get to the chapter house pretty much nulls and voids your ability to play it if you are trying to play it near the end of the game. However as others have said you can play the DLC after you get to Stonebridge on a fresh play through and clearing out the chapter house. I hope this helps.
  13. I'm having problems having the achievements affect my gamer score on my Xbox 360. I went into into the DLC near the end of one of my play throughs just before I get to the chapter house where I have to go so I can face Jeyne one last time and face the old creator god. I got all the achievements unlocked but it's not affecting my gamer score at all. Before I started the DLC I had a gamer score for this game of 810. By unlocking all the DLC achievements I should have had a gamer score total of 1060 for this game. This isn't right. The DLC was fun but what's the point of including achievements if they don't add to your over all gamer score?
  14. Yeah I'm on the 360, I'd love a 360 version of the code.
  15. If you play Dragon age or Dragon age 2. They have the ability to switch to various party members without messing up narration. However I doubt that it will be implemented this late since the game is already out. I could be done but I'm no programmer or developer so I'm not sure how difficult it would be to implement in a patch.
  16. Point. Missing it. The point is that you are dropping in on THEIR game. Meaning you are dropping in and taking the place of their companion character. As such you do NOT get to have the save on your machine because you aren't importing your own character into their game. That is the point and why it won't and does not need to be fixed. Why would you want to have a save of a companion character on your console that cannot be used? It makes no sense. Also as I stated there is NO disproportionate item drops. All drops are the same. All money goes into a group wallet, bank, whatever it's referred to. All items go into a group backpack. There is NO disproportionate item drops I state again. So you are missing the point of my first two explanations. Seriously if you cannot grasp the concept that YOU are dropping in on someone else's game then you really need to wake up and figure it out. That is why there is no save state on your machine. Also if you cannot grasp the concept about all loot going into one bag, all money go into one place again you need to wake up and figure it out. There is no issue of loot drops because it all goes into one place. As for dungeon siege 4, we don't know if there will be another one or not. Not until Square Enix or Obsidian say other wise.
  17. Yeah I hope they fix the camera issue. It's a pain in the rear. I mean even Fable 3 with their online co-op feature fixed that issue. Fable 2 had this same issue but never got fixed. Hoping for a fix here for DS3 for online or even couch co-op.
  18. To use the healing power you need to trigger it. If on a PS3 or Xbox 360 you need to use the left trigger located underneath the left bumper button. Once using that you need to press the x or square button depending on the system to activate the healing power. If on a PC I suggest consulting the PC manual to figure it out. To activate the group healing power first you need to master a certain characters healing power. This is done by using it 150 times in game. Once mastered, you can activate the group effect but it can only be activated by doing it in a certain way. On the 360 it's hold down left trigger, hold down right trigger, then press x button On PC it's probably different. Oh your wife can activate her own healing power while playing Katarina the same way you do in the game. Hope this helps.
  19. The save for the client on your friends computer is because when you drop in you are playing one of the 3 companions to their main companion. When you leave their game they still have your character in their game fighting along side the but only controlled by the AI instead of a human being. So they won't be getting rid of that feature. As for disproportionate item drops. That is untrue. Everything that is dropped goes into the group inventory. So if your friend who is playing DS3 as say Anjali and you are playing as Lucas, if your friend picks up a sword meant for Lucas, you still have access to it from the item equip screen or the item menu. There is no disproportionate item drop. As for the shared camera. That is annoying as hell because if you are trying to dodge around the screen and avoid being killed but someone is playing a melee character and in the thick of it you get pulled to them automatically and either end up taking lots of damage or dying. I hope they fix the camera issue. The other two issues won't be fixed because they aren't needed to be fixed.
  20. I have a question. If I play the game on casual up until the final boss fight and then switch to hardcore will I be able to earn the hardcore achievement or do I have to play on Hardcore from beginning to end? Reason for this question is I'm having a very hard time getting through the game on Hardcore and would like to know if it is possible to play on one setting until the final battle and then switch over to hardcore for the end of the game.
  21. I got the game guide when I got the game. Helped me get this achievement right off the bat first play through. Not sure what quests you are missing but the game guide tells all. Hope you figure it out.
  22. i'm on a 360 so the zoom out feature on the radar/mini map is the down button on the d-pad. Simple and effective. Also if you highlight a quest in your quest menu then exit out of the menu and then press up on the d-pad a golden trail leads you where ever you need to go.
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