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  1. Started my 4th playthrough now, this time as Anjali. Ive now managed to unlock the "I can do this blindfolded" achievement when I defeated Rajani, I think the difficulty setting has an affect on this as I am playing it on normal difficulty whereas when I played as Katerina and Reinhart, I was playing on easy. I'd had already played through on hard as Lucas on my first playthrough, which was very tough. I must correct myself on the first point, Its not the achievement for amassing 100,000 gold I dont hav but its the one for selling 100,000 gold worth of gear. Ive had the deed for this on all playthroughs but achievement doesnt seem to want to unlock. Looking at that list of quests, the "Uncovering the Past" doesnt sound familiar, maybe I have been mising that one, although I dont recall seeing the icon on the mini map signaling an available quest. Shall have to keep an eye out for it on this playthrough.
  2. Hey guys when are you guys gonna get round to throwing another patch at Dungeon Siege III for the X360. Ive played through the game 3 times now (Lucas, Katerina and Reinhart) and I still can't get 3 achievements to unlock. The first one is the achievement for having amassed over 100,000 gold in your wallet, I've even had over 200,000 gold and it still didn't unlock. The 2nd achievement is the one for defeating a boss with starter equipement. Ive tried this with various bosses; Rajani, Swampbog Boss even the final boss and it still didnt unlock. Ive tried with and without the dlc rings, playing as Reinhart or Katerina and even with both characters wearing starter equipement and it still wont unlock. The 3rd achievement that wont unlock is the big one, complete all main story quests and side quests in the game. After completing this game 3 times it should have unlocked by now but ive noticed with the quest where you have to close the tunnels in Glitterdelve mine then go back and speak with the Queen. Ive noticed that after completing the quest it has the "Talk to the Queen" objective listed twice, one checked with a green sphere for completed and one checked with an orange sphere for uncompleted and I think it is this that stopping the achievement from unlocking.
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