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  1. +1 to fix the camera. Very hard on my wife playing Katarina and I'm playing Lucas.
  2. That makes more sense, some very poor wording in my opinion, but I understand now. Thanks
  3. She can activate hers, but on Graceful Repose it says "The Benefits of Graceful Repose are applied to the party when the ability is empowered". It most definitely does not. Nor is there any mention on getting to a certain mastery level to invoke party healing, it says this from the start. Yes PC user here, forgot to mention that, sorry.
  4. So my wife and I are trying to enjoy a very very different Dungeon Siege than we are used to. My question is: I am playing as Lucas and she is playing as Katarina. I am the host and she joins. I am able to heal using Graceful Repose which states that it heals the entire party. Katarina never heals on her own. Are we doing something wrong? Katarina has her own passive heal ability, but it never invokes. Thanks for the help
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