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  1. Hi all, is there a place where the meanings of all the attributes of a weapon or any other item are listed? for example, doom, chaos, etc.
  2. what do you mean there is no map in DS3? what's the little thing on the top right of the screen?
  3. so there is no point in reloading my last saved game when I die? I should just wait untill my companion brings me back to life? A buff is a power, usually from a defensive spell, that provides a benefit to your character. Such as the healing spells that provide healing over time. That is a buff. You lose the effect until it is next cast.
  4. i've asked this question in another thread, but i still don't understand. what are buffs? and do you lose them permanently?
  5. hi all, when your hero dies your your companion brings you back to life, are you the same as before? ie: the same level, hit points, etc?
  6. hi all, i read about buffs on the internet for this game. the manual makes no mention of these. what are they?
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