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  1. I don't know. I was hoping for one for the 360 version as well. A lot of us are unhappy with the camera angle stuff especially during the MP part of the game.
  2. I would have gotten this but it's only for the PC version of the game. Which sucked.
  3. I think you have to recover your gamertag and earn them again. Why would I need to recover my GT when any other game and any other DLC achievements unlock and add to my gamer score just fine? No other game I've played does this.
  4. Still having my achievements for the DLC not affect my gamer score on the 360 version of the DLC. I have them unlocked but no joy.
  5. They are not sustained. They take up 2 orbs to activate and the remaining 2-3 orbs as well. They are a major one time use thing until you rebuild your orbs back up to at least 2. Healing is good especially against the final boss of the DLC. Reminded me of the boss fight against Jeyne when you have to defeat all those waves of enemies in the tower. This boss fight is just as bad as that. Anyhow the healing ability was very very useful in that final battle.
  6. The DLC isn't a post game DLC. The endgame autosave happens after you defeat Jeyne in her tower and then take the lift all the way down to the portal thing where you go through and have to cross over back to the chapter house. That is where you get the endgame auto save. Any save you create after you get to the chapter house pretty much nulls and voids your ability to play it if you are trying to play it near the end of the game. However as others have said you can play the DLC after you get to Stonebridge on a fresh play through and clearing out the chapter house. I hope this help
  7. I'm having problems having the achievements affect my gamer score on my Xbox 360. I went into into the DLC near the end of one of my play throughs just before I get to the chapter house where I have to go so I can face Jeyne one last time and face the old creator god. I got all the achievements unlocked but it's not affecting my gamer score at all. Before I started the DLC I had a gamer score for this game of 810. By unlocking all the DLC achievements I should have had a gamer score total of 1060 for this game. This isn't right. The DLC was fun but what's the point of including achieve
  8. Yeah I'm on the 360, I'd love a 360 version of the code.
  9. If you play Dragon age or Dragon age 2. They have the ability to switch to various party members without messing up narration. However I doubt that it will be implemented this late since the game is already out. I could be done but I'm no programmer or developer so I'm not sure how difficult it would be to implement in a patch.
  10. Point. Missing it. The point is that you are dropping in on THEIR game. Meaning you are dropping in and taking the place of their companion character. As such you do NOT get to have the save on your machine because you aren't importing your own character into their game. That is the point and why it won't and does not need to be fixed. Why would you want to have a save of a companion character on your console that cannot be used? It makes no sense. Also as I stated there is NO disproportionate item drops. All drops are the same. All money goes into a group wallet, bank, whatever it
  11. Yeah I hope they fix the camera issue. It's a pain in the rear. I mean even Fable 3 with their online co-op feature fixed that issue. Fable 2 had this same issue but never got fixed. Hoping for a fix here for DS3 for online or even couch co-op.
  12. To use the healing power you need to trigger it. If on a PS3 or Xbox 360 you need to use the left trigger located underneath the left bumper button. Once using that you need to press the x or square button depending on the system to activate the healing power. If on a PC I suggest consulting the PC manual to figure it out. To activate the group healing power first you need to master a certain characters healing power. This is done by using it 150 times in game. Once mastered, you can activate the group effect but it can only be activated by doing it in a certain way. On the 360 it'
  13. The save for the client on your friends computer is because when you drop in you are playing one of the 3 companions to their main companion. When you leave their game they still have your character in their game fighting along side the but only controlled by the AI instead of a human being. So they won't be getting rid of that feature. As for disproportionate item drops. That is untrue. Everything that is dropped goes into the group inventory. So if your friend who is playing DS3 as say Anjali and you are playing as Lucas, if your friend picks up a sword meant for Lucas, you still have ac
  14. I have a question. If I play the game on casual up until the final boss fight and then switch to hardcore will I be able to earn the hardcore achievement or do I have to play on Hardcore from beginning to end? Reason for this question is I'm having a very hard time getting through the game on Hardcore and would like to know if it is possible to play on one setting until the final battle and then switch over to hardcore for the end of the game.
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