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  1. Try veryfing the dlc through steam, i can do that and it says there is one error and that steam is going to fix it. But it ever happens anything, if i verify again the same problem appears.
  2. Thanks for answering, but there seems to be more than that to my problem. It should just be to load a game while in stonebridge and the DLC quest ought show in the quest list? That does not happen for me, as i mentioned before it says in steam that i have dlc 1 and that it will install and uninstall with the main game. Is that correct, should it just say dlc1? And ingame it says that there is no dlc. Perhaps im just retarded or something got really messed up.
  3. Hi! Just bought and installed the latest dlc through steam today. The question is how do i play it? there is a option where i can start via dlc, but it just starts the original game. I cannot seem to find the DLC ingame either. InGame it says that no dlc is installed. But steam has DLC listed... I went on and reinstalled the entire game but no luck there either.
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