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  1. I am officially requesting technical support in terms of where are my physical goods. I pledged at the $100 level and should have received a box and DVDs. I did receive my shirt. There has been limited communication in terms of the continued delays, so at this point I need to hear directly from Obsidian what is going on and when I can expect my DVDs/Box. Thanks.
  2. I have not received my box or DVDs yet either. Seriously, I am about to go postal.
  3. Guys, I will admit that I am at a loss for where my physical goods are at as well. I received my shirt and card, but not the discs or box. Was there an update that was supposed to address that? If so, could you please share what the latest news is? Thanks. FYI, I am at the $100 physical tier.
  4. People really need to learn patience is a virtue. Unfortunately, most of the Millennial generation has been raised to only understand NOW! NOW! I MUST HAVE IT NOWWWWWWW! Oh, and that they are all unique snow-flakes. LOL.
  5. Honestly, I expected up to a year delay... and I am fine with that. I expect the same thing with Star Citizen. The scope creep that occurred as a result of the game far exceeding its original backer target funding is going to make for a much better game, but that game will take a lot longer to complete. I will be here patiently waiting.
  6. . I wanted to second the UI scaling request. I want to run the game at 2560 x 1600 (and am very pleased you are supporting this), but don't want to have to squint to read the small text or user interface buttons.
  7. Well, this thread was more useful then I thought it would be. Someone up above mentioned that they changed the level to Normal for a fight. I would not have thought that the XBOX version would have allowed you to change difficulty in an already started game due to achievements and such, but it actually did let us reduce the difficulty to Casual. Even on casual it was a challenge (which is rather surprising because I guarentee you no "casual" Bejeweled playing individual would have had a hope on that fight). It did however cut us enough slack to complete the fight after a few more tries. We then proceeded on without too much difficulty and beat the game tonight. I have not had this much challenge in a game in awhile. Note, after you die, the game reverts back to Normal difficulty, so you have to keep setting it back to Casual upon restart. Not sure what the deal with that is.
  8. My wife and I have now tried for 4 hours, about 20 tries, on the first Jayne Kassender battle in the Spire on Normal difficulty and have our asses handed to uss every single time. The best we have been able to do is to get Chakti down to 50%. I am rather pissed off at this game and the developers over this. I am playing the fighter guy, and my wife is playing the fire girl. We are pretty much stuck having to start the game completely over again at this point which I refuse to do as I don't have the patience for that crap. 1. It is absolutely impossible to pick a person back up if they die because they get surrounded by the little guys that do 500 damage a pop. Rediculously overpowered for grunts. 2. If a person dies, the other person usually gets stuck trying to go in a circle around Jayne because of the craptacular camera / restricution that both characteres have to be on the screen a the same time - even when one is DEAD! How stupid is that. 3. You can't adjust difficulty without starting all over again. 4. My character sucks ass. Maybe I built it wrong, but I even followed the strategy guide's recommendations. Oh well, selling this game back to Gamestop tommorrow. At least I can screw the devlopers over another new sale since they have screwed me.
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