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  1. Probably the making of documentary if you didn't untick the dlc.
  2. You can increase the number of spell per level with items and talents. Also, high level wizards see their low level spells becomes per encounter rather than per rest. And yes, the wizard will become a dreadful machine of doom if let alone on the battlefield. His offensive spells are devastating and can't be compared to the druid. I see the druid role as support, even with his mad spells he can help keep your party alive where the wizard can't.
  3. Ultimately, if you don't bring in the devs I doubt those trackers will even matters. I'm pretty sure that they have private bugtrackers, and the tickets they open there link to the reports from this forum.
  4. I got her with a sneak attack I had to use some maelstrom scrolls to clear the minions, weakened the beast with different spells, revived my party with scrolls too. Pallegina with her high lore was a life saver
  5. Wait, one can go further down than the 15th level? Edit: Ah no, my mistake. You're talking about the sacrificial pit of the first levels...
  6. I vanquished the master below, and the combat do not end... Wasn't that kind of bug fixed already? Err, there were 3 xaurip still alive and hidden on the map, that's probably what stuck my party in combat.
  7. You can't really destroy your OS by changing your drivers. All you can break is X, and even then, you can still load the VESA drivers and still be fine.
  8. I noticed it happening during a fight against bandits. The grieving mother was in my group and while in combat, the hirelings turned hostile. I assume because of an AoE from the grieving mother? After the fight, if my group approach the hirelings walking around, they will engage them automatically even if they are friendly. Anybody else noticed that behavior? In the screenshot, the console show that my group is engaging the soul hunter once near enough. I pulled the group away. If it helps, here are: * my savegame : https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B5eYMt5jd4AdZHM0SVlNVllfNlE/view?usp=sharing * the output log : https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B5eYMt5jd4AdaFl1RlV5TWZpMGc/view?usp=sharing
  9. For the Shade / Shadow thing, sombreur can be used. It's a bit old (http://www.cnrtl.fr/definition/sombreur/substantif) but I think it would work since those creatures are lesser phantoms.
  10. A thought: try to launch the game with the proprietary drivers see if it changes anything? Before that, try a quick benchmark with glmark2 and glmark2-es2 or glxgears , the packages should be present in fedora 21's repository. Check your system logs for errors. Also try to launch others Unity/3D games to see if the issue is global or just with this game. The thing is, if you have issues with everything it is likely that your hardware is failing. Note that for your graphic card, some functions are still marked as "TODO" in the drivers wiki. Evergreen is your graphic card's family. Yet I doubt it has anything to do with your troubles. Finally, I think the last thing you can hope for is for a dev to reproduce your issue.
  11. Did you try to verify your game files, if you are running it on steam? Otherwise, it may be an issue with either the opensource drivers or your graphic card dying.
  12. yes its my foult I entered a building hit a bug and it auto saved on the bug itself and that I should keep three saves becaouse the developers screwed up ? so ur ok with paying whatever you paid for your game and keeping three saves each time you save just because the developers decided to release a buggy game ? well im not I work hard for my money and I just lost 33 hours to this 99 little bugs in the code. 99 little bugs in the code. Take one down, patch it around. 127 little bugs in the code...
  13. There is also a priest spell that prevent death, if you're in trouble. Last 20 or so seconds though.
  14. Yeah, there are areas that might be too difficult for your level, just go do something else and come back later
  15. You have differents items and spells to fight terror, use them. A priest is welcomed in that fight.
  16. Nope, it's totaly possible on normal. I sent Edér forward while the rest of my party staid behind, set up a trap and I put focus on the wizard and priest. The most annoying things are the healers, so after the wizard is down, take care of them. It is difficult, but not impossible. Use your priest to buff your people and hex the enemies. You should also consider upgrading your equipment too. It's a matter of strategy and how must damage you can sustain.
  17. So the quest only triggers if you leave through the front door? Because if you snuck in, you still have a ton of guards patrolling the main floor, so you have to exit through the sewers. Also, my favored tactic for taking out the wizards is to have my melee guys shoot them with arbalests right at the start and then switch to melee without reloading. You can't actually leave through the front door as it is locked, it will open with Kolsc as you approach it and trigger the end of the quest.
  18. I don't think it does. It'll just lock you out of some paths, like "hey I can't wear that hoodie, my only option is thus brute force". Also, people have something else on their mind to really take notice of a godlike walking around. Plus, if you follow the lore, gods can walk among mortals so your weird head is not really that impressive.
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