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  1. Found him...but, whats the Deal about him? Might be an Obsidian insider? at 41:55 https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=roK1wzOLT-k#t=2516
  2. They Mentioned the "special Friend" Pumpkin the Kwarg in an Interview, but where is he? I didn't find him neither in the Game, nor with Google. So...where is he? The Orange Tabby Cat should also be next to him.
  3. I prefer fast Patchs without Notes, then Patch-Notes without Patch.
  4. Same here. Such a great Game. It's sad that we mostly hear the Bad Things and read the whinning Threads. I love it. Close to BG2, and yet better then BG1.
  5. Well, so it is only 6gb total Download. Thats what i wanted to hear. I don't mind about the Disk Space. It can take 1tb+. Just my awesome 235.9kb/s Download speed is cracking Thx m8. So, just one more night after all that years :D
  6. Hey, i would like to know if 6gb on Steam is the overall Download Size, or only one Part? I have a very, very slow Internet Connection and would like to play tomorow. I read anywhere something like 30gb+...well, that would take the whole Weekend for me :/
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