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  1. I am no dev but I would trade 48 Armor / 100 Block for 78 Stamina anytime :D...after this when you active a healing spell the HP regen would be enormous. Formulas? Go back to Diablo II where formulas actually count when building a character. In Dungeon Siege III it's not worth to waste time on this stuff...
  2. I did not watch the beta movies from the internet but all I can say from the info Blizzard posted is that Diablo III has too much influence from Warcraft franchise. From skill names to the WoW inventory and all the mindless crafting, plus what's the big deal with that AH? Diablo series are not mmorpgs, AH was developed in order to reduce the lag in towns mainly. In all mmorpgs that don't have an AH you will be welcomed by a mass of shops in most towns. This creates lag, overall it's not good...but Diablo is something else not WoW. o.O the real money AH is very clever...lots of winnings for Blizzard and in my opinion is a game breaker. Despite all this you cannot compare Dungeon Siege III with Diablo III, there should be in the same category but when you play them their 100% different.
  3. Indeed...Attack value increases damage dealt by regular attacks, while Will increases damage dealt by skills therefor Will>Attack. The only time I use regular attacks is when I need to recharge some mana, apart from that skills are the real deal. If you like Dungeon Siege III, do a test by creating the same character you have now and focus on Will/Stamina...Will is for damage of course and Stamina is for HP regen. All the HP regen skills notes that over 30 seconds you will receive 50% of your current HP back, therefor the more HP you have the better regen as well. I played mainly Lucas so I didn't have to worry that much about Agility but as far as I remember most of the "end-game" items will provide Agility/Will on 2H Swords and Stamina/Agility on the rest of armors. o.O and with Lucas you will have a decent Attack value if you pump some skills in that Talent that converts some of your Will into Attack, but I say again regular attacks are good only for recharging mana and you will do that in the 1H Stance because of the higher attack speed.
  4. Indeed, a lot of info is missing in this game...this is the reason I kinda hate Dungeon Siege III. But I hope that the upcoming DLC will solve this issues. o.O the info you are looking for can be delivered only by developers.
  5. This game isn't hard...not even of Hardcore. The difference between Casual/Normal/Hardcore is just that monsters have higher damage output and i believe, not sure...HP/Def. But in terms of character build everything is simple...Will>everything, period. The higher Will value you have the higher the skill damage output will be. This game pushes you to go glass cannon "build" because 99% of other things are useless...and still even without a pure Will build you stand a chance. Now I'm trying a build on Lucas, Doom build...and compared to my previous one it's lol, but still I didn't encounter any major issues. My only problem was in Stonebridge vs. robots range attack. Even with 20% Armor buff I would still receive 350-380 damage/light shot or what ever... Dungeon Siege III is a casual RPG that you play for decisions stuff and story, nothing more, nothing less.
  6. The AI is pretty bad...but when you get to the end-game ( having all skills ) they will start using the most "powerful" ones. Katarina for example likes to spam Call of Hunt + the hail of bullets, whatever the name is and she will knock-back on dual stance. Now I'm on my 2nd play trough and i chose to stick with Anjali and 99% of the time never uses Pillar of Fire/Spear. If the game would not allow you to have all the skills learned maybe you would be able to create some kind of build.
  7. Not giving mod tools to the community does not ruin the market. Look at Microsoft with it's Windows...the community asked for the source code since the release of this OS and still they got nothing...while Linux is basically a community based OS and ofc it's much more reliable and secure, but a lot more people are using Windows ( because of various reasons, anyway this is another discussion ) In my opinion needing to mod a game equals that the game is crap and you should have not bought it in the first place. If I'm wasting a large amount of hours moding/polishing a game that I payed for it's not worth the trouble. If you start a franchise you need to pump new titles and expansion packs regularly so the community won't get bored. Take a look at Diablo series...1996 Diablo I / 1999 Diablo II / 2001 Diablo II LoD as you can see the gap between them is small and yet in such a small time they managed to make a completely new game. Just check Diablo II vs. Diablo II LoD, after 2 years they added 2 classes, new area, new gfx/resolution, changed the game mechanics 100%, tons of items and so many things to do. Indeed even in 2011 if you want a true action rpg/dungeon crawler you look at Diablo. Even Diablo has some mods but they popped up after so many years and look at your precious "Oblivion" such an "uber" game that NEEDS to be played with mods because otherwise the game experience is crap. Overall while I am paying someone for a service I expect them to do that service 100% and not just 50-60% and the rest is up to me because I have the tools...sounds kinda lol to me.
  8. Hmm both Dashing Knight build and what I used is about having a very high chance to score a critical hit. So Doom is +critical damage while Will is +damage...but from what i "tested" pumping Will ends up dealing higher damage on critical hits. Overall either the game mechanics are like this, Will>Doom in terms of critical damage or Doom works only with regular attacks. And Sannom "So yeah, for that particular build, going for Will over Doom seems like a better choice" when do you think it's best to go with Doom over Will?
  9. I like this build, actually my Lucas is a Dash based but kinda different then yours. Now I have a question for you, because the game doesn't support NewGame+ or something like that I didn't had the chance to experiment builds. At some point I stacked some Doom but for it didn't seem like a big difference. I tend to think that Lucas is drawing a lot of damage from Will...in my opinion Will>Doom and mostly because of the first Talent. Some % of Will is converted into Attack DPS. Overall Doom vs. Will witch one is better? In your opinion ofc as I say ed the game does not allow me to go back and kill some monsters/bosses. Cheers !
  10. So...we will be able to re-spec characters but there is no NewGame+ option...what's the purpose? Anyway this is just a rumor, but i hope one day Obsidian will reveal some major updates for this game. At this point it's dead, forgotten!
  11. ShadowSchyte Diablo has a very rich background story for the characters and enemies! In the game manual you can find everything you ever want to know about the Great War, Lesser Evils, Prime Evils, Archangels, classes with their "leaders"...and on top of that more then 50% of the items you can find in-game have their names as well. Bul-Katos dual sword set-> Bul-Katos was the leader of the Barbarians, Arkain Valor-> you can read his story in Diablo I when you first find the armor, Barthuc's Claw-> a great warrior who fought in the Great Wars if i remember correctly. Bottom line is that the information is there in-game and on paper, but if you are not a fan you will have no clue about this details. And the background story in Dungeon Siege III is pretty poor and forgettable...on top of that you are comparing Dungeon Siege III with some 2D game made 11 years ago, now this is poor. The thing is even after 11 years 200k+ people are still playing that game, while in a few months this game will be forgotten because it lacks game-play for an ARPG/Dungeon Crawler. Dungeon Siege III has a very nice Combat System but content zero and the map is just some corridors while Diablo has random generated maps. o.O after you finish every ACT you get to watch a Cinematic!
  12. Very good that Obsidian added key binding but my major problem is New Game+! I bought the game on 17th and after 3-4 days i finished the game, after that it's just dust on that Blu-Ray. In a Dungeon Crawler you must have the ability to create a new game with your character and kill monsters, level up and of course get better items. This "feature" is missing therefore there is no point in playing this game. This is not an Adventure game geez...In White Knight Chronicles you are able to make the campaine again with your high level character and on top of that you have tons of side missions that can be played solo or multi player and because of that you can find new, better items, level up more. Even FFXIII in all that linearity you still have an open area ( Grand Pulse ) where you have 63 side quests. What i am saying is that all RPGs have post game content and not via DLC. I play RPGs because i like to collect items and try different builds but Dungeon Siege III does not allow me to do anything of that, just like Dragon Age 2 ( re-play the game so you can chose different options in dialogs, pretty lame imo ). Check the bloody internet and see the definition of this genre! Just learn from the best, Diablo II a game made 11 years ago and still battle.net has 200k+ active users. Since version 1.07 till 1.13 you got tons of new items, crafting recipes and unique online items, all for free. Dungeon Siege III at this stage fails badly as an Dungeon Crawler therefor it will be forgotten very soon because you don't have why to go in-game. And there is no comparative between Hardcore difficulty from Dungeon Siege III and Diablo II, i would really like to see how many legit players made it to Baal on Hell HC single player. And not mention all the variables from Diablo ( resistance, life/mana leach, damage reduction, faster hit recovery, chance to block, attack rating, Deadly Strike, Crushing Blow, Open Wounds, Damage to Demons/Undead and many many many other things + the random stats on the charms, you cannot find 2 identical characters)
  13. Grr i hate this word...consolification! This was invented by new generation gamers that have daddy's CC in their pocket. Ive had a lot of console in my life such as Sega Mega Drive, Game Cube, Playstation 1 and Playstation 3 but i had my fair share of Pc gaming as well. A console is more practical, you just have to buy the console and thats it while if you rely on the Pc you have to upgrade it once a year. Consoles brake but even a Pc can brake...every electronic device brakes. The Playstation 3 was released in 2006 so I'm pretty curios how well can you play games like Crysis 2 or the upcoming Battlefield 3 on a Pc with a configuration from 2006? Do this test, cry for 1 day and after that re-think. The word "consolification" was made up by ignorant people like you so you won't blame the developers for their failure, console games where on market since 80s and still that did not made developers to make crappy games in the old days...more then that if you check the internet on your beloved Pc you will find out that most of the Epic RPGs where made for consoles. Pc gaming is all about marketing, when someone release a new game Nvidia, Intel, AtI and everyone releases something and people like EA "Runs great on Intel" or "Runs great on Nvidia" make a crappy game with zomg wtf gfx so you can enjoy 5h game play, but in order to do that you need to first stop at the nearest Pc Store to buy something. I agree that Dungeon Siege III was originally made for consoles and ported to Pc but this is a marketing decision, it's all about money. As you can see an average game play duration of an RPG nowadays is 8-10 hours lol, do a little research and check the average game play duration of any RPG from <2000. Anyway this is a very delicate subject and i believe you won't comprehend much because you are an ignorant.
  14. All the above should had be already be found in-game. Am i asking too much? o.O of course my bad, in order to get this i will need to buy a dozen DLCs! Indeed this is a very constructive way of earning money. oldschool RPGs where developed for the gamers, not designed to make a bunch of money, i think this is the reason we still mention games from the 90s. If you think out of the box for a minute you would realize that this is very sad.
  15. o.O you are so off-topic. The problem is that the users are having the same problems as in the past. Let me give you a pretty recent example, Bethesada made Fallout 3, another acclaimed RPG, anyway a big issue for a lot of players was that after you finished the main quest you had no possibility to go back and complete some unfinished side quests ( let's just say that some people fixed on the main quest and left all the side quest for post-game ) well now Obsidian develops Fallout New Vegas and my surprise was that the game mechanics where the same. The community bitched like crazy and they released a patch. Conclusion: Why did Obsidian made the same mistake as Bethesada? Why does Dungeon Siege III is called a ARPG/Dungeon Crawler but has 6-8 game-play hours with no New Game+ mechanics or the possibility to go back and level up/loot items? Why did Obsidian tried to make a mixture of dungeon crawler and the dialog choices hyped by Dragon Age/Mass Effect. ARPG/Dungeon Crawler games is all about level up/loot/customization and tons of game-play hours, if you don't like this then go play something else but the fans of this franchise expected a superior version of Dungeon Siege I/II. Search the internet for all the types of RPG and chose what you like. Overall we buy the game, we give them money and in this harsh days every mistake should be taxable. What i am trying to say is that if no one, and i mean no one would buy the next product of Obsidian....well trust me that the next title will be mind blowing. And i am not only talking about Obsidian but in general...devs got lazy, half developed games and finished trough DLC, such a shame that so many gamers felt for this marketing trick. Major companies use high-end tech in order to make us buy high-end hardware products ( major money here ) and the rest just use the name of old good franchises. Why should i read/watch previews and interviews when the company can develop a proper Demo and release it 1 week before the official lunch and based on that users decide if the game is worth buying. I don't know what to say but we gave too much power to communities like Gamespot/IGN and so on...scores/rank/grades on those sites have their price in my opinion therefor everything is non-factor. It's all about good PR and marketing decisions but the ones who suffer are us. Everyone of of them wining money, we lose some...
  16. Consolized ****, excuse my language but...i say this again, stop making excuses for bad development and hide after this word. A lot of great RPG games where on consoles/arcade and still back in the good old days people developed some insane games. 6-7-10 hours of game-play for an Action RPG/Dungeon Crawler? That so, so basic map? Check TES Daggerfall and you will see that to cross the entire map from one point to another it will take 2 weeks in real time, now that is a damn Open World! Of course those guys spend like 5 years to develop the game with pretty low budget and so many obstacles and now with all this tech and support from Square Enix, Obsidian was able to deliver this? I don't hate the game, i like it very much but items are simple, level 30 cap ( lol ) and no way to go in-game with the same character that you beat the final boss? Why would i create a new character? Choices? Let's be serious..."o.O last time i gave the Mansion to the witch and now i will chose to keep it" hmm i just got 2 different Deeds. There is nothing game braking in those choices and this is the reason i hate Choice related RPG because this tech it's still at the beginning and overall a waste of time. Will, there well spoken!
  17. Heh it's funny and sad at the same time, everyone say that the gaming industry evolved so much and bla bla but we still talk about games like Kotor II, Diablo, NwN, Baldurs Gate and so on...something is wrong! And most of the forums are full of phrases such "consoled games" but if those people would just think for 5 minutes maybe they will realize that in the past years the Multi-Platform trend just rose and if you check the market devs stooped caring for games from a very,very long time ago. Do the consoles stop devs to make a game manual? Do the consoles stop devs to create a map more complex then some roads? There are different problems in this industry and community because the mass accepted this treatment, paying for half finished games, bugs, etc and after buying tons of DLC.
  18. I would so love to play with my end-game character...the arena reminds me of Dungeon Siege II . Umm a free expansion pack yes but to pay Obsidian to add stuff that where supposed to be in-game already no. I am not a fan of reviews, rankings, scores and stuff like this but 90% I agree with the people from IGN. Check this out because they pointed out all the missing things:
  19. +1 AnjyBelle RPG should last 100 hours minimum...we are not playing Need for Speed or some Adventure game where we finish it in 10 hours. Dungeon Crawler games are all about leveling up/items and stuff like that, this is the reason there are many types of rpgs out there but from an ARPG i expect NewGame+ and common factors tot his genre. If i connect to battle.net and play Diablo II LoD i can still kill some monster/champion/boss and get exp/loot. In Diablo II LoD every patch came with new items ( Runewords, Unique Charm Annihillus, Special Boss for Torch ) i simply don't understand why do i need to pay for a DLC. So i can add features that where supposed to already be there? I hate DLC, gives me the impression that devs are lazy and they just want to rob me for some lol content...let's just look at Dragon Age Origins, tons and tons of DLC that where worth like 1h gameplay...silly. Anytime i would buy an Add-on/Expansion but DLC hmm...
  20. Indeed...in RPG's re spawn is ok but in a Dungeon Crawler is a must...
  21. Not all enemies, no boss re spawn and after you kill the Elder God you have no way to continue playing with that character. Bottom line until they fix this issues i will not buy any DLC or anything related to Dungeon Siege III.
  22. I don't mind the save points in front of bosses, my problem is if you go back, past the save point you don't find anything to kill, therefor no exp, loot. All i am saying is that monsters should re spawn and not that your character should re spawn in the nearest town if it dies. Not having some enchant system/socket did not kill my experience but the gear is fairly simple. My issue is that if you look at older games you find tons and tons to tweak your character and I always hoped that if time passed games will become more and more complex but in fact everything now is simple. Nowadays you can barely see a decent Stat System...all i want is monsters/mobs, items and various ways to tweak my character. If i have all the above you will be able to see 3-4 types of Warriors using different weapons/tactics/skills...but i believe it's too much to ask in 2011, we had this in the 90s when devs actually gave a damn about a game...where you would find a fine story, strong lore, re playability, random things, secrets and many other things but now we evolved so much that you have to pay a shipload of money for some DLC in order to have a decent gameplay.
  23. Obsidian needs to solve the re spawn issue via patch and not DLC. Dungeon Siege III is an Action RPG/Dungeon Crawler and because of this we should not see Game Over for a character...now why would i buy a DLC for this "feature"? In this kind of games little things count a lot...all i wanted from Dungeon Siege III was a game with tons of items ( not just Green/Blue/Gold) where i could kill monsters and bosses in order to tweak my character...but at the moment Obsidian invested so much time in that Choice Dialog and neglected the basics of this genre. I want sockets, enchanting and stuff like this...Why would I invest time leveling up/buying/making gold for a character that i cannot play after 10 hours? It's retarded! And Obsidian you have an unlimited area to work, Kingdom of Ehb...you could have made a damn large map and even add some places from Dungeon Siege I/II for the fans...old memories. I don't know there where/are so many options.
  24. With all the bashing that is going on here i hope that Obsidian will do something very soon. Dungeon Siege III is a great game and has a lot of potential, but time will tell if Obsidian will use the infinite amount of tools to improve this game or it will abandon it. Cheers !
  25. o.O i don't even want to start talking about the necessity of % info for those statics...as for your question i believe Stamina is much more important then Armor because the Healing Spell heals you 50% in 30 sec, in other words that healing restores an amount of HP/sec. Bottom line is that the more HP you have the bigger that HP/sec will be, and in my opinion that is better. If you play as Lucas and enchant the Healing Spell for Life Leach, you will even get 25%/swing and that is bad ass...when you release an Empowered Dash in a crowed of enemies you will have 80% HP most of the time. Well this is what happened to me at the final boss...but because i got a nice Game Over after i defeated the Elder God i could not try other builds and stuff like so. Cheers !
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