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  1. Ravens may be yet another form of the Radiant Youth, watching over and guiding the Legionnaires to their destiny. Haha, IDK, I just made that up, but it sounded nice.
  2. You can, but it's easier if you switch to Archon jsut to build up Focus. I use basically all Human form abilities because they are cheap and create awesome burst damage. I retreat and Archon form just to restock my Focus meter, then switch back to human form for burst damage again. Occasionally I like to throw down an Empowered Immolation and dance around it in Human form while I beat down on weakling with Spin Kick. Immolation is really the only ability I use in Fire Form. Nothing beats power up Volatile Barrier, dropping in with Fall from the Heavens and dishing out 1k+ damage (I've critted at a little over 3k with it without Doom stacking), Spin Kicking left over mobs, then Spear Throwing the left over tank melee a couple times until Volatile Barrier pops for another 1k, retreat, Archon Forming for a three attack Focus buildup and repeating. It's Brutal...
  3. Warth of The First Sister Basic Strategy: Heavy Burst Damage Build. Throw on your Volatile Barrier then leap into battle like a Final Fantasy Dragoon using Fall from the Heavens. Follow that up with a Spin Kick (for a group of enemies) and Hurl Spear (for Casters/High Health enemies). You need not worry about blocking, as you want your damage shield to break in the skirmish to generate more damage, more focus and more power spheres. When out of focus, retreat and activate Fire Form, regenerate focus and repeat. For bosses, use the same strategy, however, throwing down an Empower Immolation helps add DPS to your all ready potent Burst Damage Arensal for some extra Umpth (overkill anyone?) The reason I chose to spec Human Form over Fire Form is that Anjali's abilities in Human Form cost much less focus, therefore allowing you to use more abilities and generate more power spheres. Power spheres = More Volatile Barrier. Volatile Barrier allows you to spam Fall From the Heavens/Spin Kick in groups of enemies without having to worry about getting hurt due to a low armor score. I thought of this build as one that requires heavy use of switching stances and dodge. I just don't like block because it drains focus. Primary Attributes - Attack/Will (Use items that have the best combined score for highest Damage output) AND Stamina. Best used with Lucas to contain enemies in a small area for maximum damage. Levels - Ability/Proficiency/Talent Level 2 Inner Warmth/Fire Dance/Radiant Will Level 3 Fire Dance/Radiant Will Level 4 Fire Dance/Radiant Will Level 5 Hurl Spear/Fire Dance/Fire Dance/Radiant Will/Radiant Will Level 6 Fiery Presence/Phoenix's Warmth Level 7 Fiery Presence/Phoenix's Warmth Level 8 Flaming Weapons/Fiery Presence/Phoenix's Warmth Level 9 Fiery Presence/Phoenix's Warmth Level 10 Fiery Presence/Fury of Fire Level 11 Incendiary Javelin/Fury of Fire Level 12 Fall From the Heavens/Incendiary Javelin/Fury of Fire Level 13 Incendiary Javelin/Fury of Fire Level 14 Incendiary Javelin/Fury of Fire Level 15 Volatile Barrier/Incendiary Javelin/Phoenix's Warmth Level 16 Heaven's Fury/Militancy Level 17 Pillar of Fire/Heaven's Fury/Militancy Level 18 Heaven's Fury/Militancy Level 19 Heaven's Fury/Militancy Level 20 Heaven's Fury/Militancy Level 21 Fiery Backlash/Reprisal Level 22 Fiery Backlash/Reprisal Level 23 Fiery Backlash/Reprisal Level 24 Fiery Backlash/Reprisal Level 25 Fiery Backlash/Reprisal Level 26 Rejuvenating Spark/Radiance Level 27 Rejuvenating Spark/Radiance Level 28 Rejuvenating Spark/Radiance Level 29 Rejuvenating Spark/Radiance Level 30 Rejuvenating Spark/Radiance
  4. Yup. You're right. I hadn't spared that Archons playing as Anjali yet.
  5. Anyone else get the feeling that Anjali is the mother of Jeyne Kassynder? If you are playing as another PC other than Anjali, upon meeting the Radiant Youth in the Mournweald, the youth speaks of carrying Anjali out of the forest.. After defeating Rajani, the defeated archon says she's seen Anjali before; this by itself does not mean anything as Archons are ageless and are "sisters". But following that observation, Ranjai believe that Anjali is a "False Prophet" sent to lead her astray. In addition, at the game's conclusion, if you spare the Archons and spare Jeyne's life, the Archons begin to follow Anjali as the "First Sister"... So, anyone else think that Anjali is Jeyne's mother?
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