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  1. My bad mate, I thought you are talking about the Devas from the East Forest, forgot about that statue. I didn't understand if you are playing Lucas or Reinheart. Tips for Reinheart...hmm just plant GoA and teleport around while the statue takes damage and maybe you release a decoy. As for Lucas, I have no clue how things go on Hardcore. About those items, I never bothered to check if the stats work lol. Is this some indie game where you expect this kind of issues?
  2. When I talk about end-game area I am referring to the East Forest, with the Archons dropping from the sky and Devas ( or whatever they are called called ). You can access the DLC area from Stonebridge but I did not finish it then. Because I played the game before I knew the drops location and I got my Dunereaper Rifle from the Lascanzi "base" and ran to the Morloc cave ( Lascanzi Witch Quest ) to buy Desert/Viper Fang and on top of that I found a blue Necklace with 70 Doom at the shop. After that I went back to Stonebridge and continued my journey. After I released Flitch in the Spire and had
  3. I have no clue what items you are holding as Katarina, but my combo was R2+square+dodge and sometimes vs single targets R2+X. I say again at Lazar quest I did level 35 and I maxed Trill of Hunt very early, therefor it allowed me to spam Empowered Hear-seeking shot till everyone was dead. I had like 60%+ critical chance and my damage was around 5k vs. the last boss of the DLC. The fight with Jayne and her Archons was easy! Anjali died because I wanted to kill Jayne first for the trophy but it didn't work so I mass killed everyone .
  4. I have no idea how you got to the end game area at level 31 and 1.6k hp. I was level 35 after Lazar's quest and at end game with a glass cannon build I still managed to get 4k+ hp. My advice is go back to the desert and farm till you get level 35, in the meantime you may get some cool drops. As for tips for playing with Reinheart I can't help you because I despise mage class in any game, therefor I play as one very, very rarely.
  5. After Lazar Basilli quest Reinheart/Katarina go trough hardcore like Casual ( except the cheap deaths you may encounter from time to time ^^ . Maybe I will try doing Hardcore Lucas at some point but I'm tired of the game at this point.
  6. The Pillar of Fire is used like that by the NPC ( dumb AI ). All legendary drops are predetermined! As for Anjali I used some green Staff or Spear with high Attack, Assasin Arms ( drop in the desert ) and the rest plenty of green/blue items with loads of Agility because all her abilities are based on critical hits, even the healing talent. My ideea was to create an Anjali that can survive a little longer then me so she can revive me but in the end she became something kinda useful at doing damage/knockdown/resurrect.
  7. When I completed Hardcore I was with Katarina...and to be honest it was the last fight/encounter where I had tough times. In her second form the most dangerous things is those multiple spears...and I think that if you run after her, going "face 2 face" the chance for her to release those spears decreases. Apart from that I have no tips! Anyway with Lucas mostly you should expect a lot of cheap deaths. The last boss from the DLC in his second "form" hit me around 7k damage lol. After you beat Rajani make sure to go into the dungeon where the Hall of Heroes is and make level 35. I can't remember
  8. Indeed Lucas is a Focus based character but still with all the strategy's you will have a very, very hard life. Stun does not work vs bosses therefor it's an unreliable static, Block again does not work vs some mini bosses/bosses again it's something you can't actually rely on. And if you play Hardcore pff...you need massive damage to kill those bosses. I just did 2 complete games, one with Lucas on Normal and the second one with Katarina on Hardcore. I have to say that Trill of Hunt is damn OP. After you get that you simply spam Empowered Heart-seeking Shot and Game Over. Even Doom is kinda w
  9. I don't think anything will be done about this...Dungeon Siege III is a game based on shopping lol. There are some chests that drop "unique" stuff but it's not random. The old days of Dungeon Siege are over. And I simply can't believe there are not Set's...a lot of games in these days does not have Set Items. And this DLC did not add a crafting feature, it's just a very, very simple enchant system.
  10. My first play-trough on this DLC was on Normal with Lucas but to be honest the skills are pretty useless. First of all even at full sphere the duration of the shield is pretty low and the trade is not worth it in my opinion. The healing spell is the worst, full restore at the cost of all sphere, then what you do? Xeria's Fury deals pretty nice damage but most of the times you don't kill all enemies, therefor what you do next? The only good thing about this skills is that your companion are using them, and pretty often I can say...so overall the most useful skill for me was Xeria's Fury because
  11. I have a PS3 and I had no problem with this DLC...I believe this is a dumb question but did you enter the game? I mean did you not get DLC Tutorial when you created a new character? Since I installed this DLC I did not logged to PSN so I have no idea if it appears in the DLC section ( in-game ) but then again I say that for me it worked.
  12. I want to congratulate Obsidian for this DLC, they did a nice job overall but still it lacks some critical features. First of all I want to complain about the free roam, again I say that an Action RPG should have this. Second, about difficulty level, well...it's a nice addition but finishing the game on Hardcore does not involve player skill or anything related to it. In my opinion we should had a system like Dungeon Siege II ( at least ! ) where we could find items generated in relation with the game difficulty. It's pretty frustrating to find the same items but monsters to deal double damage
  13. Is there any way to play again or continue playing with your character after you finished the game? Can you kill some mini bosses or bosses again? Or it's just like the main game, you will get as reward some 1 minute cut-scene?
  14. Hello there, as far as I know the Playstation 3 is not region locked but some games are. So if you bought the game from korea I believe you will need to buy the DLC from korea. I think Dungeon Siege III is region blocked...
  15. Still no news about this DLC on Gamespot/IGN/Eurogamer/1UP/Obsidian/Square Enix and even PSN Stores. Maybe tonight when they will update the store they will add it. This DLC had very, very poor advertising. Only the ones that play the game on PC or follow this forum know about this DLC, otherwise it's just a ghost. -update- I did update my DS III version to 1.03 and I have the new trophes list but for now there is no DLC to download. It will hit the stores tonight, that I am 100% sure. Overall I need to say it once and again this DLC is a damn ghost.
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