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  1. Many thanks for your quick reply - this is good news So I think this is valid of any kind of ability that one should have, but isn´t listed.
  2. Hi everyone, I received an item called Cipher´s shackle and it gives the Additional Effect Shattered Chains (resistance to dexterity afflictions). However, after I equipped it, it didn´t show under "current effects" (on the character page). Is the effect nevertheless working? Greetings lead
  3. Hi everyone, I am playing the game on a I7-2600k, 8 GB Ram and a Geforce 970 GTX. And while the fps performance is great, I am always getting short "loading stutters" - for example when in battle I cast a spell. It appears that the CPU has to load the graphical effects and it stutters. But sometimes the stuttering also occurs when moving around the map. Is there something I could do about that? Thanks in advance. lead
  4. Thanks for your good replies. So to summarize: do you think the daeva statue in the temple (Aranoi Desert) will get easier, when I return later again (maybe on level 35 and with better equipment)? I have another question - maybe I will open a separate thread for that: I found some times for Lucas - for example the Fallen Keepers Scimitar or the Lion
  5. Now I am having (since yesterday) an extremely hard time with Reinhart/Katarina regarding the Deava Statue (hardcore). First I thought I could finish her easily using the empowered decoy and this circle of destruction. For about half up to two thirds of her life this works, then suddenly she turns her attacks (especially these homing "missiles") towards me - independent of the empowered decoy nearby. Is this some kind of bug? The problem is I never manage to survive this last stage of the battle. Blocking is useless - I manage to survive one missile, the second kills me (I am at level 32 with 1650 life). With Elishevas Shield I survive maybe two. Dodging is an option: however eventually the empowered decoy will perish and Katarina die, and just from dodging the Deava won
  6. ok, thank you very much for your reply. I am playing Lucas and Reinhart and I must say that Reinhart has a significantly "easier" time in hardcore-mode than Lucas.
  7. Hi, I got two questions regarding gameplay: - one of my characters is Lucas, and he is being accompanied by Anjali. A time ago I invested some points in Anjalis ability "pillar of fire" which says that it summons a fire pillar ate a targeted location. However, when Anjali (my companion) uses it (quite rarely) she always uses it on herself (not on the enemies). Is this supposed to be that way? - Same constellation (Lucas with Anjali as NPC): I am currently playing Treasures of the Sun and the item dropping is extremely odd. While for Anjali almost nothing is dropping (a green item sometimes), for Reinhart (who I am not using with Lucas) already 6 legendary items (yellow colour) have dropped, for Katarina also 2 or 3. Is this just an odd coincidence or somehow intended? I am playing in hardcore mode. greetings lead
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