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  1. yes it is... I found US nor Jap DLC does not work in s.korea DS3 disc.
  2. Hi. First, I am using ps3 in s.korea. And bought Dungeon siege3 s.korea released version. (BLKS) I see in game message it has DLC and search PSN store, but does not appear in US psn or S.korea psn store, but in japan psn store it exist. So I bought it, and installed it, and still my game does not recognize it. (Already have patched to 1.03, newest) Maybe this because of DLC region code difference? So I just wasted Y1000, 13.14$. Any other relief for my case? And Question, is this ps3 DLC has region code? Because my DS3 game has english voice/subtitle, so I think this is version based on worldwide or USA version. Then, maybe USA psn's DLC can be worked in my game?
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