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  1. Well the main feature I am looking for is some way to play with your character after you beat the game ( you know just like Diablo, Save and Exit and after that you would have full spawn of monsters/champions ) only if something like this pops up I will be interested in buying the DLC. Otherwise, why would I spend extra money? For 1-2 hours of extra game-play and some enchant system? In my opinion if you don't have ruff monsters why would you waste time enchanting something? So I can click New Game and begin all the "hard work" again? Re-playability via story/dialogue choices is the worst thing ever, and on top of that this should be an Action RPG...go go combat, enchant, crafting, skills, gear and stuff like this and not 1 minute end-game cinematic that changes according the choices you make. And let's be honest there is nothing groundbreaking in Dungeon Siege III. Either way you will get where you are supposed to get.
  2. It may depend of Square Enix and Sony/Microsoft/Steam but despite all this we should be provided some info. Something small would suffice...but this silence is killing me. I just want to know what this DLC will do to the game-play...
  3. They should say something...my wild guess is that Obsidian did not finish this DLC in time. As far as I remember Obsidian announced this DLC almost at the same time with Eidos, Deus Ex Missing Link DLC. Eidos already offered a game-play demo while Obsidian is silent. But if this is true, then I start to believe that this up-coming DLC is something more then just a 1 hour experience.
  4. Indeed, on 7th September they released some info regarding a DLC but now 1 month past that announcement and still no news. They should say something, even if it's something like "Coming October" or "Coming soon". I wish i had more info about it tho, because if this DLC is something like 1 hour game-play I won't waste my money/time.
  5. I agree with everything... @Doctor Strange do share the info about the chaos Playing a game for 100+ hours does not necessarily need to have multi-player. I played Diablo II for 1 year in single player and Diablo Ii LoD for 2 years single player, after that I joined the battle.net. It all depends on the game and not necessarily the multi-player.
  6. 2: I think the church was formed after DS II because there was no such thing as churches in Dungeon Siege Lore 3: It seems occurred to me that followers of Azunai, defenders or Ebh would rally behind Jayne in order to destroy the Legion. After all the 10th Legion intrests where protect Ebh 4: So if the 10th Legion knows about Azunai and this followers why do they intend in killing them? Azunai church and the 10th Legion should have the same goals. In this kind of theme people where afraid of the Gods wrath therefor they would not dare to destroy their beliefs...only if they have a new God. But if something like this would happen why does this people still fight under Azunai banner? 5: Most of fantasy games revolve upon medieval themes but Dungeon Siege was unique. In DS II you had the Vaikesh race that where a secret organization that wanted to step up in the world so they started to worship Demons. The background story is much complex...It just seems wrong to bring the church in a Dungeon Siege theme and on top of everything those Azunai soldiers did not remind me of Azunai the Defender and his beliefs or anything, they just reminded me about Christianity and Templar Knights. For me it's wrong, just look at the world in DS I/DS I LoA/DS II and you will see a lot of fantasy "organizations" while in DS III you just see the Church 6: Why would Azunai not have "control" over his followers? This is so biblical, a lot of people "prey" to Azunai but in reality they just follow the orders of some High Priest. In Dungeon Siege universe Gods have a great impact upon mortals...look at the Seck Era. Overall everything seems a bit out of place...I mean remember in DS II you had all sort of people looking for powers in order to do something bad or good. The imprisoned mad mage, the Family Heirloom and so many unique fantasy themes that did not revolve around the all knowing medieval age.
  7. I think there are some missing links in the hole story of Dungeon Siege. Dungeon Siege I is about The Farmer and the Seck. 10th Legion was mentioned in the Lore but i found nowhere that The Farmer was part of the 10th Legion. Maybe after she saved the kingdom, I don't really remember the story. In Dungeon Siege II the story was about Zaramoth The Unmaker and Azunai The Defender. Azunai was a chieftain who had a magical shield and battled the evil Zaramoth in the past...and now Valdis thinks he is Zaramoth reborn ed and wants to destroy Ebh and re-build a world based on his own vision ( the plot is more complex but it's not about this ). Overall Azunai was a defender of Ehb, so how come in Dungeon Siege III there is a church? And on top of everything how come this church supports Jayne? The people who saw Azunai as a God worshiped him because he saved the kingdom and now they want to gather power to rule Ehb? And in that time the 10th Legion where a military organization that where "working" in order to keep Ehb safe and so on...hmm...if the 10th Legion knew The Farmer and all her companions how come they did not know Azunai or his deeds. I don't know it's pretty strange that you have to fight against Azunai Church. And to be honest Dungeon Siege should be a epic fantasy game and not some medieval game...we should have seen strange cults and secret organizations and not churches. And I saw someone saying that the Radiant Youth was the spirit of Azunai ( or was this info found in-game? not sure ) well if that is true how come "his" church defends Jayne? For me it's kinda strange and it looks like there are some loops in the story.
  8. This decisions are not groundbreaking...the game-play is not 180 degree changed. From what I saw the only changes you see is in the end-game clip. Pretty stupid and time consuming, I rather had Obsidian working harder on other aspects rather on dialogue choice and end-game clip scenarios.
  9. It's impossible to do 500 something damage at an early stage. And about Attack being something this big it's pretty vague. Let's look at the build section and you will see people playing as Reinheart that went glass cannon Will ftw. At end game they had like 400+ Will. The game mechanics are not different from class to class, the same rules apply for everyone, therefor if you play as a Mage and you pump Will like crazy you will be doing an insane amount of damage. From this I conclude that if you play with Lucas/Katarina/Anjali you will receive the same results if you pump Will. Dungeon Siege III is an easy game, when you open your character screen you will that the most highlighted sections are Attack Damage and Ability Damage...as in anything the more the number is at the Ability Damage section the more damage you will deal. It may be some formula Attack+Ability DPS=overall damage but maybe this is in theory because in practice if you give away 40 Attack for 40 Will your damage will greatly increase.
  10. Torchlight II will be something awesome. And the most important thing to remember is that Runic Studios does not have the same budget as Blizzard, but the people that are working there are mostly ex.Blizzard North, developers of Diablo series.
  11. There is no need for a ss, I believe we all know Dungeon Siege II game mechanics.
  12. Diablo II is alive and kicking for 11 years...this is no adventure game, after you finish the game you have no purpose to play it again. RPG genre is no.1 when it comes re playability, Obsidian failed at this point so it will die. If Obsidian wanted to make a game just to hold the "front" for one month they should have sell it via Steam/PSN/XboxLive for 15
  13. Alpha Protocol is a pretty bad game...and because of this of course the forums have died because there is nothing to talk about. The same goes for Dungeon Siege III, I told this kind of stuff to the developers/community 1 week after the release of the game. If Obsidian does not come with an expansion pack that will solve all the major drawbacks the game will die very fast. But I will never judge a game based of the forum activity, I will at least rent the game. Maybe the game is that good that users don't have time to log-in to forums and waste time trolling around. Double edge sword active
  14. Your request will create chaos! But it is a fact that this forum is kinda/allmost dead. Dungeon Siege III didn't perform that well and now with Skyrim, Dark Souls and so many other rpg's coming out it will struggle to keep up. I'm just hoping the up-coming DLC will bring major game play changes because otherwise it's Game Over for good. As a side note, I would always take this kind of game over Skyrim/Dark Souls but indeed it must a good one.
  15. Well we shall see what is going with the announced DLC. Obsidian say ed that the level of customization with increase. If this does not happen and most of all some sort of NewGame+ I will sell this game. It does have a very good combat system but it lacks a lot of other major features, and for me it's not good enough...You can see deeper ARPG games 10-12 years ago maybe more, so for 2011 this level of complexity is embarrassing.
  16. Hmm the only thing that I'm sure is that Lucas was build around Will/Stamina. I will do some checking and maybe I will be able to find out something. o.O and by the way 512 critical? I used to do 1k+ !
  17. I don't know why I have this feeling, but I believe it will be released at the beginning of the month. I hope I am right but still the developers could give us some hints on what they are working...
  18. It may say in the tutorial that attack dps is added to your skill damage but the rewards are pretty weak. In my first play trough as Lucas I equiped my Lucas mainly with Will and Stamina, of course sometimes I would got an extra attack/agility but that was like a bonus for me. On my second play trough as Lucas I wanted to try someones build based on Doom, so my main stat was Doom and after attack but I was so disappointed by the results. Doing 300-400 dmg/crit vs. Azunai Knights was very, very poor so I swap to my Will gear...after that welcome to the world of 1k+ critical damage. Overall I still say that Will>everything in terms of offensive. Still I would love to do some tests but it's not possible because of the game design.
  19. You are not alone but wasting your/my time doing this? Why did I play 35
  20. It's not about having stronger monsters or something related to this, the problem is the game itself. Technically it offers the possibility to play as you like but when it comes to the actual game-play the only viable way is pure offensive. If you want to make Lucas a "tank" in order to protect your companion/party it's not possible because there is no damage reduce stat on items or anything apart from the Shield Wall or whatever is called that can be used on party also and it gives 20% def. This is just a basic example, remember how in DS II you could make a character with a shield and use Provocation? And this was the basic, you could evolve with some counter stuns and stuff like this. DS III is limited...this is what I always say ed about this game...Obsidian didn't even took the time to make a difference between Physical and Magical damage. Your character gets physical/magical defense from Armor...lol...for a 2011 RPG it's pretty weak, if you take a sneak peak at rpg's from 10-15 years ago you will find this stuff, the basis.
  21. Blizzard is primitive...all they did in the past years is World of Warcraft, they have no experience in Diablo universe. The ones that developed Diablo series where Blizzard North and sadly they are no more. So Blizzard got stuck with a bunch of people that all they did was developing for WoW and you can see that in the skill names, inventory, even "new" classes are either Warcraft universe inspired or revamped ones. But with all this drawbacks after you beat the final boss you receive a reward in items and if you want to kill it again you don't have to start the game from scratch ( New Game, New Character, No Items) all you get is a "cinematic". Again for an Action RPG/Dungeon Crawler it's pretty disappointing and let be fair even if you play the game again 70-80% of the gear will be the same because all Gold items are via shops and some very good Blue ones are via quest reward. In my first play-trough I kept all the Gold items because I like to collect loot in order to try new builds and stuff like this but I was very, very disappointed when I never got a Gold item via drop ( o.O yeah the Golden Needle pistol you find every time in the Foundry )...I was hoping to find an endless hack and slash action with tons of different items, not that junk that 99.9% of it you sell it and some cool enchant/crafting system. This is why DS III will be forgotten because you have no interest in playing it again...why would I do that? To make different minor choices that lead to different replies from the same NPC's and yes to earn Deeds...I like the idea but 2 Stamina and 5 Will is something you don't even care and even if you chose something different you will get a different Deed but because of the minor reward it's just something there. I will always take a game with epic narrated story rather then wasting my time with this stuff in an Action RPG....this kind of games are for leveling up, finding tons of different loot and tweak that character of yours until it becomes so powerful that you can 1 hit the final boss. Obsidian/SE could have made tons of money with this kind of game and it would have been so easy to keep it on the market even with Diablo III on the way.
  22. +1 Matt-C this is a major drawback of DS III...developers keep the flags high that this game is an Action-RPG/Dungeon Crawler but it's not. It lacks a lot of the basic mechanics to be that game. The gear/items are just a joke, it's just something to keep you busy after you are killing some monsters, no enchant/craft system ( new DLC comeing with some sort of enchant system...anyway) and something critical is that this game has no Newgame+ option or something like that. If you finish the game that's it...if you clear a area job done, no more monsters in most parts. So in order to kill more you need to start a new game, new character and yes change the story with the dialogue system. Diablo III will crush this game and even Diablo II does that... Of course Diablo II forums are not dead, people still create new and unique builds after 11 years...now that is re-playability.
  23. Well it's allmost October and to be honest I wish I had more info about this DLC. The enchant system, what type of new items can we expect? Will we have Golden items by drop? Or just by shop...and what about this new legionnaire? In DS III all legionnaires are playable characters, does this mean we will get a new character? Or just some new NPC? Overall more info would be nice... Cheers !
  24. Blah I did ignore Attack...and I had no trouble in beating the game...not even on Hardcore. It may be some formulas on some skills or all skills that the value of Attack is involved but to be honest I didn't notice anything major. I can even say that Will>Doom...actually Doom is one of the most useless stats in the hole game. I made a build on Lucas based on Doom and the damage on critical hits was horrible.
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