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  1. +1 FaceGoober, finally someone who knows what a Action RPG/Dungeon Crawler is and most important what Dungeon Siege is. I do hope the devs will come realy soon with some news about a patch that will fix this "Game Over" issue that is game braking. In this genre this "feature" is a must tho it's missing from games for some years. Take a look at Torchlight, you have monster re spawn but no bosses. It feels kinda pointless...and even that low budget game from Gameloft Dungeon Hunter Alliance has monster re spawn including the final boss...this games are for people who like to level up and loot monsters, Treasure Hunters!
  2. @Lucasla i don't know what kind of Dungeon Siege fan are you and to be honest i am not sure how many people played all the series of Dungeon Siege. Dungeon Siege I / Legends of Aranna was not about skill trees, if you remember you just used Normal Attack as a Warrior/Archer only the Mage had a few spells, the biggest + was doing level 250 and looting monsters, Dungeon Siege I/Legends of Aranna was a Dungeon Crawler! Dungeon Siege II came with a "wide" variety of skills but in reality there where a bunch of Passive Skills that where useless, in the end you would end up with 3-4 ACTIVE SKILLS and of course loot. My problem with Dungeon Siege II was the same as with Dungeon Siege III, you had no monster re-spawn, you had no possibility of getting all the unique items and stuff like that. The purpose of this kind of games are to go in-game, kill monsters and get new loot. o.O by the way Dungeon Siege III has 9 active skills + another 9 Overpowered witch are different because you have different effects and consume Power Spheres. This game can use some tweaks and i hope that Square Enix will take action! I am saying this because at the moment only Jap devs have the ideea of post-game gameplay...
  3. I just don't get you people...why would you like to create a new character? So you can chose to kill Jane at the end? I for one chose for her to rebuild the kingdom. I like this game, and with a little imagination it can be done something truly amazing but at this moment is kinda gimped. Dungeon Siege is all about new items and level up, if you don't like that go play something else. My only problem is that there is no way to play with my Lucas after i finished the game. I want to play with the character i invested 13 hours of gameplay, with my deeds, my items, my companion and his items. Dungeon Siege is about this...i ain't gone stand by and wait for some 10 quid DLC so i can add 1 hour gameplay...Dragon Age. In this moment i want to play Dungeon Siege III but i can't because the game doesn't allow it. I didn't ask for random generated maps or different game mechanics just for a lousy re spawn...Action RPG/Dungeon Crawlers are all about level up, items, bosses and stuff like this. I don't know what you played till now if you don't know this. And i would like a dev to come and tell me what to do, i want to continue and play the game as my level 28 Lucas! Can't believe i am having this conversations about a game like this, it's not some adventure game or God knows what. If the devs wanted people to replay the game so they can take other decisions why bother adding items, levels, skills if you can't keep them and one last thing as an RPG fan i wish to have a proper reward for killing the final boss not a 3 minute "cinematic".
  4. No worry mate, the thing is Dungeon Siege is about grinding. And i see no reason in killing monsters, gaining loot if i can't enjoy it. I like to play as a Warrior, so if i create a new Lucas all i will do is think about what items i had on the other Lucas, and just because of this it's pointless to play the game again because in the end i won't end up with nothing just a different narration. In Dungeon Siege II you could not get to maximum level because the monsters would no re spawn, now you can't even get in-game to see your gear or do something. It would have been nice after the final boss battle to be teleport in some Chapter house and be able to go everyone and kill monsters. This is all i am saying, if you find this boring, create a new character but it's your choice not the games.
  5. It's not about a game that suits me...it's about an Action RPG game where you kill the final boss and you get a big Game Over as a reward. I want to be able to go and kill all the bosses again and again for more loot, and the most important aspect is that i want to do this with the Lucas i created first. I care about my character, thats why is hard for me to create a new one. In Diablo after you kill Baal or Diablo it may be Game Over for you but it's very nice that you can go and kill it again, with the same character...maybe i want to kill some Cyclops in the Foundry what must i do? Create a new character play the game till i get to that point so i can go and kill those Cyclops? Let's not forget that in Dungeon Siege I you could reach the maximum level of 250 because you could kill monsters over and over again...this games are about level up and items but without monsters you can't do that so in my opinion this is a big issue. And by the way if you want to care so much about your characters go and play Dragon Age/Mass Effect where the hole game is about dialogues. And what i want with the devs? Well i am quite curios about their opinion and how come in all the old games of the same genre of course you have this tiny small thing that keeps the flame on while in 2011 we have an Action RPG with a game duration of 13 hours...even in that low game White Knight Chronicles i still got 100+ hours because after you finish the game you can go and still kill stuff or even kill the final boss for how many times you want.
  6. Hello, i will get straight to the point and try not to write a story. Dungeon Siege franchise is all about level up, loot...nothing more really, with Dungeon Siege III you brought new features to this franchise but you left a few things out. My biggest issue is the same thing i encountered with Dungeon Siege II, after you finish the game there is no way of going back and kill more monsters, collect more loot. Dungeon Siege III it's not an Adventure game where you get a Game Over after you beat the final boss and thats it, you should be able to go back and tweak your character. In 13 hours i managed to finish the game on Normal difficulty and after that my only option is to create a new character, i don't want this...i want to make maximum level and collect every Gold Item that is to be found, unfortunately i cannot do this. I believe you can make all monsters/bosses to re spawn with a simple patch. If i take a game like Diablo I for example that was made in 1996, even if you play it for like 20 years you could still go into some dungeon and kill something, get loot. Because of the Causeways you could make this possible and on top of that you can add new areas/monsters/bosses via DLC ( i am against DLC's but still i would buy something for an Action RPG ) and you can make regular updates ( you know the free version of DLC ) where you could add new items, sets and stuff like this. By this actions alone you would make players to insert Dungeon Siege III Blu-Ray/DvD and play the game for an unlimited amount of time and not be forgotten. This game is not Dragon Age, Mass Effect where you play it again because you want to see what is going on if you chose something different...i want to continue to level up my character and find new gear for my Lucas but i cannot. In my opinion it is unacceptable for this kind of game. As I say ed before, all this things can be achieved with some patches because you have all the tools and everything you need, now it's a matter of: Does Obsidian care about Dungeon Siege III or not? And because of the causeways you can add another "road" to some region from Dungeon Siege I/II for the franchise fans...but give me the ability to play this game. Even that epic fail Loki had the feature of re spawn... I made this topic because i wish for a reply from the devs! Best regards, Sasha_Je p.s. the reply value of an Action RPG game does not stand in how many times will you create a new character so you can juggle with some answers
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