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  1. Yea something aint right. I can't seem to hit them with the mint mallet anymore but the spider fang and insect axe still work. Those are the only weapons/tools I have on hand at the moment, haven't tested the ones you mentioned.
  2. Idk about Stranded Deep but Ark certainly has the option. bDisableStructurePlacementCollision=true. There's nothing wrong with providing the players with the options to play how they want to play. (Especially when PvP isn't a thing.) Adding a similar toggle to Grounded hurts nobody and helps people like OP.
  3. That's a LOT of effort (on the devs part) when a simple toggle to be used at the host's discretion would suffice. Almost every sandbox survival has these options accessible in one form or another. They should provide it in Grounded as well.
  4. Some modders are currently looking into the possibility of outright disabling this restriction (A common mod/setting for just about any survival game), but I agree that the option should be supported by the devs. Especially since there is no PvP and it doesn't seem like PvP is going to be on the roadmap either. Double especially since you can already break the system and bypass these restrictions & support requirements anyway.
  5. The differences are how the data is handled and subsequently how it is represented to the player. In OP's example the player would apply skins (with perks to match, as to avoid issues like the 3pc HumanAnt trait), and in your example you swap stats to retain the visuals and perks. The former allows players drag 'n drop armors (or skins), while the latter requires you to "learn" an additional thing to achieve the same effect.
  6. Vanity. Plenty of games allow you to skin equipment for additional customization. There's often a meta for your given playstyle and strictly tying the visuals of an outfit to its stats means everyone looks the same. (This has always been a pet peeve of mine.) The only issue I see with this becoming a feature in Grounded are the bonus perks like: Ant Armor's passive to make Warrior Ants non-hostile, but you've skinned it look like a Koi set.
  7. The Grass Wall and Sturdy Wall both require 4 grass planks but sturdy also requires 1 weed stem. The Stem Wall doesn't use grass planks. I'd like to see this added it'd be a nice QoL improvement. Maybe via an Upgrade Tool, like the Repair Tool but for upgrades.
  8. Less random generation and more flipping a coin. You either get a hotdog or apple core. Maybe they'll add more items to that list though.
  9. I don't think it can actually be downloaded yet. They said they'd provide the link when it's ready.
  10. Tuned Wolf Spider hearing and investigation AI to creep on the player less frequently.
  11. Depends on your definition of cheese. 1v1 I use an Insect Bow with venom arrows (3-5) before I commit to melee with a Mint Mallet. Parry when possible, block when you can't, and the fight is usually over in a minute or two. Early game just avoid them, but once you're geared they're really not that big of a deal. 4v1 I assumed would be easier but after digging around the files a bit I noticed a .uasset that hinted toward scaling enemies by # of players. So maybe 1v1 is the "easiest" way to do it?
  12. Cuddly Creatures. Who could possibly be afraid of this lil fella:
  13. A garden snake would be a viable addition. Even at scale it wouldn't be too big. (and they could take some liberty with scale and shrink em a bit)
  14. I'd like the ability to dual wield 1h weapons simply due to their durability being equivalent to a wet roll of toilet paper...
  15. Good analogy. We don't need an ARK-like taming system to give aphids/ants/bees/water striders utility when a simple stick and carrot would suffice. Combine that with AI behaviors/reactions and you could do a lot, with very little, to achieve the sense of taming something. Even if it's only temporary. I have a feeling things are going to get a little techie though given the story. Probably not like ARK what with bombardiers as turrets but like actual tech. Resources and recipes hint toward things going in that direction.
  16. The ants and spiders in-game do though. Ants remember you based on your actions and wolf spiders actively hunt your base. If games mimic real life to closely they're not fun. The entire point of gamification in game design is to remove the mundane/difficulty out of real life to create something more engaging. The "Reactive Environment" would be pretty dull if the AI only react based on the concepts of instinct and self preservation imo.
  17. Yep, the foundation already exists and I was suggesting that it could be expanded upon to include tamed-like behaviors for more than just ants.
  18. The clover one is kinda what I had in mind but I'm really digging those suits. Amazing work Tekno!
  19. Taming in the ARK sense of the word would have its pros & cons. Mounting a spider just seems silly to me though. Personally I'd like to see something more immersive based on their reactive environment approach to AI. If I attack an Ant it will remember me and the hive will retaliate, if I feed an Ant it will eventually come back for more. Why not just build on that? E.G: Keep feeding "tames" things they like, ants->food bees->pollen, and build a reputation eventually they'll come bearing gifts, or follow you around and carry grass/weeds. Assist you in battle. Possibly learn a f
  20. I want to fight a Mantis but at scale they would be Huuuge! Perhaps as a raid/boss fight?
  21. Ant Queen, Bee Queen, Mantis. There's a lot of potential for some really cool raid ideas. I feel like they should flesh out mechanics like Armor perks and Smoothies a little first though, before tackling tiered/end-game content.
  22. I feel you. You technically have enough time to recover, block, and regain control of the fight but the window to do so is small. Even a tiny adjustment - like increasing the CD between Ladybug attacks by 500ms would help prevent getting stun locked.
  23. The system needs work. Support is needed to build a floor/ceiling. However, you don't actually have to build the support. You can place a single scaffold blueprint then just start building floating bases/bridges but if that support is ever canceled the supported structure is demolished.
  24. These are great! I'd love to see a glider of some sort. (Wing suit/Hang glider)
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