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  1. ... I have loved both of those... (um, what do you call them?) links for a long time and cannot see at all what anyone would find creepy about them. Bao-Dur's is especially enjoyable and Atton's is just hysterical. Y'all are weird... or boys... or something...
  2. How's your vacation going? Having fun sleeping while I'm working? :D

  3. Eh, it couldn't possibly be myspace... no one has any obnoxious page layouts and I don't have any goofy pictures of myself posted.

  4. I don't know about that... I'm not quite so bored today, but I couldn't think of anything else to put into my profile... :p

  5. You see what I'm doing? Uh oh... why do I suddenly have the feeling you're the helpdesk guy I just talked to on the phone...

  6. I'm not sure, which Tale are you at the moment? ;)

  7. Oh, I guess the other Tale will get to have his "mind" blown then... :p

  8. Ahem... I quote:


    A girl turned on by math and fire?

    Marry me.

    9th May 2008 - 11:54 AM "

    Don't even *try* to get out of this one... :p

  9. Yeah, Tale, when's the wedding? hrrrmmmm?

  10. If you're on playing on the PC, I think there's some sort of mod / download thing that will give you an armband that can help you go through locked doors. That doesn't guarantee that the guys will be on the other side, but it's worth a try...
  11. Ooohh! I think this solves the weird problem I've been having... thanks guys!
  12. Well, I don't know about mind-blown, but my mind is completely fried right now... I must have had too much caffeine or something...

  13. Well, Archie said he was gonna murder me... but he only said it in a semi-funny way...

  14. Do you see the things people are saying to me? Are you going to let them talk to me that way??? :p

  15. Of course not, dear... :shifty:

  16. I just want to go on the record as saying that I have played as a male, and I prefer the female story line. Yes, the guys get more finished stuff... but I just don't think it works as well... I know I've said all this before so I guess I'll leave it at that.
  17. Yes, it sounds like you do, indeed, deserve a vacation... I don't deserve one, but I want one anyway! *pout*

  18. 2 weeks?? geez talk about not fair! If I weren't at home now, I'd be sad... as it is it'll have to wait until Monday!

  19. OMG! I love Red Pandas! When I was a kid I had a magazine that had a huge article on them and a poster... you're right, they're awesome... I'm bored too... but I get to leave work early today... woot!

  20. Just tried it, it's still giving me the black box.
  21. Actually, it was creating the .tga files before and after the enablescreenshots variable was changed. It was also allowing me to just do a simple print screen and paste into a word document for the first 10 or so shots I took. After that it started giving me the black boxes instead. It's still not letting me do a print screen and paste, so my guess is it won't work on the movies either... but that's ok, it's not as important now that I can get the other ones.
  22. According to this poll http://forums.obsidianent.com/index.php?showtopic=49615 most of us prefer to play female exile... And yes, you lose the whole Atris / Handmaiden thing, but honestly, I didn't find that compelling at all. I didn't like the Handmaiden or Atris... bleh. Visas is bland as can be and Mira turns you down flat. I think if you're a guardian the dialogue between Kavar and the Exile is *very* interesting and has a lot of implications if you're female... at least I'm assuming that it's being a guardian that triggers it, since I didn't get it my last playthrough... which surprised me. And while Sion's love was minor, it has fascinating implications... Anyhow... spoilers... Kreia does wind up leaving your party at the end... but you play through most of the end game with a set party. On the Ravager you have to take Mandalore and Visas and on Malachor you're by yourself. I think, though, that TSLRP will make it so you can take party members with you onto Malachor... I think. Kreia won't go with you on Korriban and Atton won't go with you on your first visit to Onderon/Dxun. I think that's all the party limitations though.
  23. While I have to agree that Disciple sucks, that doesn't mean you shouldn't play female. I personally feel the whole story works better that way... I found it much less intriguing on my male playthroughs. That being said... there is no way you can experience everything in this game on one play through... so... pick whatever looks most interesting and then be sure to play again with other options. Being a female guardian, I think you get extra dialogue options with Kavar, but other than that I don't think it much matters what class you pick... like Xard says, the game is easy.
  24. OK, it turns out it was creating .tga files in the game directory. I found a program to view them now... so I'm good. Thanks for the help.
  25. Well, that only made me more confused as I have no idea what changing the swkotor.ini file has to do with taking screen shots... Is there a line I'm supposed to add to that file? I've already set up having full control of that directory, so changing the file isn't a problem.
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