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  1. Pi, drugs will mess with your head. Don't do speed. Talk to Accept, he'll tell you his quit story. :shifty x 2:

  2. $5/OBO for Pi

    Any takers? :shifty:

  3. *Blaster bolts fly past you*

  4. You insult Rodney! Shame! I'll probably do an Obi-Wan Ronan Dex soon... :evil laugh:

  5. Jedi Wookie = Racism

  6. Is it Dr. Rodney McFett or Dr. Boba McKay? Hmm...

  7. Everything is now McKay style. Sorry! Even changed my sig. :shifty:

  8. Even dumber than before, ***head. :shifty:

  9. That slogan generator is awesome. "Go to heaven with Gfted1" and then your avatar... HAHAHA

  10. Thanks, Xard!

  11. **** = your rating of Stargate, Xard? Thanks!

    Accept, your comment doesn't even make sense. o:)

  12. Distractions? Ok. I'll more formally introduce my characters in some fanfic. When I've got a good amount I'll PM you. :thum^:

  13. Thats not funny. How could love such a beast? :shifty:

  14. My turn to listen to you. Should I change my avatar? If so, should I keep Sheppard in it? (Yes you think he is hot but I *have* overused him.) :p

  15. Hey Archie, you're spamming Pi's comments so bad I can't see your insult on my little story. Moron. :shifty:

  16. I shall give the gift of BBcode.

  17. Accept is a hairy drunk hobo, wheras Archie is only a depressed and divorced popcorn vendor. Go for Architect. :shifty:

    If I was to give her an Atlantis gift, I'd give her a Replicator. :shifty:

  18. Tale, mean that you don't care about me. :sad face:

  19. I don't want to sound picky... :(

    Be back, likely, on Monday. And I won't come back in a hurry, Architect. :p

  20. Remember the URL rant? :shifty: I'll save your URL in my notebook. To visit my notebook, click Atlantis. :lol: That sounds weird. :p

  21. Actually this is off the top of my head :p I have fanfic for Halo which I've talked about before, as you know. I'll consider writing stargate fic, as for the halo fic, well, its not posted on the internet. Maybe I'll get that up in a few days - and read yours. :p

  22. This variation of sga episode "Last Man" will be continued... if you're still interested. Happy weekend!

  23. Suddenly, the Stargate was dialed again, with a missing teammate, Lorne stepping through. Apparently he had hit a solar flare and was temporarily stranded 48,000 years into the future. What that wasn't the half of it. As the doctor Rodney McKay looked at the stargate readouts...

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