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  1. Whats up Pi? I've been away building a supergate for my cruisers so I can blow up yur babyz in another galaxy. What have you been doing?

  2. Chernobyl? That must be Archie's summer home. :shifty: Funny, here, its summer now. But it must be winter for those backward ***holes. :shifty:

  3. You *know* I don't know what that says. I can guess... "McDonald's"? :shifty:

  4. On subject of turrets, keep GOTOs turrets up. They shoot the mercenaries too. You still get XP. :)

  5. What do you mean? *Today* is the 14th, dumb***. Oh yeah, you're in backwards land. :shifty:

  6. Whoa. You're from "Чорнобильська зона"? Archie must live there. :shifty:

  7. :shrugz: The Hoff were raped by the Wraith, unfortunately.
  8. I couldn't spell the name of the planet on Stargate where there was a disease, either. I said "Hoth" but it was really "Hoff". o:)

  9. Place for spam? Awesome! Increase **** length with my product. Only $59.99! PM me!

  10. Dr. Walkerguy is currently busy treating the AIDS infection brought from cyber-Tongo. Please hold. :shifty:

  11. Friend approved, want teh K3! Its going to be odd talking with you with such a name. :p

  12. Interesting avatar, F.

  13. Archie, you're a cruel cruel man. Don't worry, i want k3, I'll be your friend.

  14. I hate swamps, thank you. Oh well. The same suffering Zealanders take about sheep I must suffer for gators. Damn it. :lol:

  15. You always call me pooh face because John Sheppard comes to mind or what? :shifty::p

  16. You mean: "Ego voco 'salveo.'" DN?

  17. "Alternate I call Hello" is as close as I can translate with google. :mystified:

  18. Hey, I'm from Rome. You know that right? 2nd Century B.C. Roman citizen right here babe! Ha. Whats wrong? Got a lisp with your English, DN? :shifty:

  19. BTW all: Nobody "took" the charger, it broke.

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