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  1. You make for a poor Austin Powers, Architect. :x

  2. I don't get how Pi could have ticked you off. What happened? Architect on the other hand, well, I can easily think of a dozen things. :shifty:

  3. If you mean on the new page, I haven't even tried, it cant be put on that page. :(

  4. babydol, your links rarely work. o:)

  5. I wanted both a wallpaper for my user page and the video babydol linked, so I did this <

  6. How can I look at you? I don't see any pictures here. :shifty:

  7. I'm still stuck at the "nyan".

  8. You a crazed drunk too, Tale, up at all hours? :shifty:

  9. You moved states! :p

  10. Yes, lemons can agree with kiwis. :shifty:

  11. Please, you thought that was a good one, Architect? :p

  12. Forget Florida, bomb Finland and their damn Gorgeous delicious deculture!

  13. Awww. I wanted to see that... *cough*

  14. We want her for... non-military purposes... :shifty:

  15. Oh yeah? In response to your sig: jfnjgbjgbhjbdghdsbhb very djbgj,dsbgdsbfhds!!!

  16. No, just on your comments box. :)

  17. @Hell Kitty: read further comments.

    @Pixie: >_<

  18. You know, there is a "funny videos thread" but I think you prefer to give links of specific videos to specific people, no?


    Copying thing: I spammed "Whoo hoo" on everyone I could comments a month or so ago. :p

  19. You'd be just murdering millions of clueless old people, dumb***. :shifty:

  20. I wish the Pacific islands would freeze over. ALL of them. :devil:

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