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  1. You watch how you talk about carpets after they ate folks' babyz, Archie. :shifty:

  2. I meant Architect btw.

  3. Dammit people, stop copying me (Whoo hoo!) I'd didnt see your vid yet I'll check it out later. Only reason I hate youtube URL is the freaking mix of alpha-numerical randomness. :p

  4. Which video? The storm guy isn't yours is it?

  5. lulz, I cant believe DN is your friend.

  6. Where'd you live previously... Australia?



  7. Do you often speak in third person, Architect? :shifty:

  8. Hockey n00b.

  9. Your mom was an alt last night, DN.

  10. No, Architect. I wish to join this kiwi fight.

  11. Any URLs will be deleted and reposted to my about me


  12. Don't get defensive. I just don't want:


    In my comment box. I will delete URL and REPOST it in about me. :shifty:

  13. There, there, Marvin. Now you have a visitor. :shifty:

  14. 義淨, 三藏法師義淨 lol

  15. The only thing in New Zealand is overzealous sheep. :shifty:

  16. I vote your smiley #1.

  17. No, really though. And what person from Iowa likes Star Wars? :shifty:

  18. Pixie is accurate, then, in his statement. :p

  19. If you're from New Zealand I'm sure sleeping with the sheep will satisfy your needs. :shifty:

  20. Ha. I've never seen you anywhere but in people's comments. lulz

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