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  1. Hmm... my story would make little sense to anyone but a stargate fan, and then It'd be a big twist...

  2. As the two teams in Atlantis waited, their UAV took footage of the hybrid-wraith Micheal's world, and his hideout. The UAV was soon shot down, and the wormhole cut...

  3. Atlantis. The magnicficent city of the anscestors. Sheppard and his team gathered in the control room for yet another jouney through the great alein gate. Only this time it was a rescue mission...

  4. Whens the last time anyone has actually seen the Wizard of Oz?

  5. Accept is a troll? No hes not. :shifty:

  6. Whats that supposed mean, Tale? :lol:

  7. Really?... Thanks! Time to write that novel... :shifty:

  8. Don't tell them about my mother. :shifty:

  9. What are you talking about, babydol? :shifty:

  10. It was just odd that there was a bit missing. :p

  11. Wow, its the moron dialect of aboriginal Australia! You guy's linguist skills continue to amaze me! :shifty:

  12. You mean Good Friday. Like Ash Wednesday. Or Palm Sunday. I'll shut up now.

  13. Whoa! Here it goes AGAIN! :shifty:

  14. Wait, you live in Kansas, babydol?

  15. Idiot sirens! No, that was Sweden. :shifty:

  16. Wow, tell me the story. :p

  17. Ha. Under your description, certain Youtube channels sure look like Myspace. :shifty:

  18. As Krookie said,

    "Since when has this become Myspace?"

  19. Yeah but for how long? :shifty: Have fun on Dxun!

  20. Going to stay in the desert forever? :shifty: At first I thought you were Saudi. Then I thought otherwise after reading more posts and studying your avatar. I discovered you're probably a traveler. Why do you travel?

  21. Who is kitty hiding from? Architect? :shifty:

  22. You contradict yourself in each new drunk rant, Architect. :shifty:

  23. Thats not the sad code anymore, dumb***. :shifty: Why didn't Archie think of that? ...Oh, right. :shifty:

  24. Oh no its Jason Bourne!

  25. If you weren't so smart you wouldn't be bored, right? :p

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